Who Owns Boston Market

Boston Market is owned by private equity firm Sun Capital Partners, Inc. The company was originally founded in 1985 as Boston Chicken by Steven Kolow and Eric B. Smith. In October 2000, McDonald’s purchased the chain for $173 million and then sold it to Sun Capital in August 2007 for approximately $170 million.

Sun Capital has since been focused on revitalizing the brand through expansion of its product offerings, remodeling existing stores and expanding into new markets. As of 2020, there are over 470 locations operating across 35 states with a focus on serving fresh rotisserie chicken meals prepared from scratch each day using simple ingredients like real butter and whole herbs & spices.

Boston Market was founded in 1984, and is now owned by the private equity firm Sun Capital Partners. Sun Capital purchased Boston Market from McDonald’s Corporation in 2007 for $577.5 million dollars. The company operates over 500 locations nationwide and specializes in rotisserie chicken, turkey, and other classic home-style meals.

With its commitment to quality food at a good value, it’s no wonder that this popular chain has become such a success with customers across the country!

The Decline of Boston Market…What Happened?

Boston Market Scandal

In 2002, Boston Market faced a scandal when it was discovered that the company had been underreporting its income to reduce taxes owed. This resulted in the resignation of CEO George Michel, and he later pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges. The company also paid $50 million in fines for the offense.

Since then, Boston Market has taken several steps to ensure transparency in their operations and finances.

Who is the New Owner of Boston Market?

The new owner of Boston Market is a private equity firm called Sun Capital Partners. The deal was announced in late October 2020, with the sale being completed on November 10th, 2020. The transaction ended 36 years of ownership by McDonald’s Corporation and marked Boston Market’s return to independent status after having been acquired by McDonald’s in 1984.

Under its new ownership, Boston Market will have access to additional resources to enhance its menu offerings and customer experience as well as expand into new markets across the United States. Sun Capital has an impressive portfolio of restaurant investments including Arby’s, Friendly’s Restaurants LLC., Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery Inc., Bakers Square Restaurant & Pies, Friendly Ice Cream Corp., Miller’s Ale House Restaurants LLC.

, Wingstop Inc., Sprinkles Cupcakes & Ice Cream Shop Inc., Carvel Corporation and more. They are committed to investing further into their restaurant portfolio so we can expect exciting things from Boston Market over the coming months!

Did Mcdonald’S Own Boston Market?

No, McDonald’s did not own Boston Market. The two companies have been competitors since the 1980s, when Boston Chicken (which later became Boston Market) was founded by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores in Newton, Massachusetts. While both McDonald’s and Boston Market are fast-casual restaurants that specialize in chicken dishes, their menus have always had different focuses – McDonald’s is known for its burgers and fries while Boston Market offers a variety of freshly prepared home-style meals such as rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese.

Despite the competitive nature of their rivalry over the years, there has never been any evidence to suggest that either company owned or merged with one another.

What Does Rohan Group Own?

Rohan Group is a business conglomerate based in India that has its presence in various industries. The group was founded by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and his wife Rekha Jhunjhunwala in 1987, with headquarters located in Mumbai. The group owns several businesses across sectors such as commodities trading, real estate, hospitality, manufacturing and technology services.

In the commodity trading sector, it operates a futures exchange called MCX-SX which facilitates the buying and selling of different types of commodities including gold, silver, copper and oil. It also has an online stockbroking arm through which individuals can trade stocks on major Indian exchanges like NSE & BSE. In the real estate space, Rohan Group owns many residential properties across India through its subsidiary Rohan Builders Pvt Ltd.

It also runs budget hotels under two brands: Regal Residency & Royal Estates by Rohan Group Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd., where visitors can enjoy comfortable lodging at affordable prices. The group also has interests in manufacturing – it produces quality steel products for industries ranging from automotive to construction under its unit – Steelman Industries Pvt Ltd (SIPL). Additionally SIPL provides technology services to companies worldwide with its IT outsourcing division Technoforge Solutions Pvt ltd..

Through all these businesses put together ,the Rohan Group strives to provide superior value creation for customers while upholding high standards of ethical behavior .

Who Owns Rohan Group of Companies?

The Rohan Group of Companies is an international conglomerate owned by the billionaire business tycoon, Mr. Rohan Jain. Mr. Jain started the company in 1988, and has since grown it into one of the world’s leading conglomerates with operations across several countries and multiple industries including real estate development, construction, hospitality services, energy solutions, technology innovation and more. In addition to his position as CEO of the group, he also serves as Chairman and Co-founder of its subsidiary companies such as Rohan Properties Inc., Rohan Construction Services Ltd., Evergreen Energy Solutions and many others.

Under his leadership over the past three decades or so, The Rohan Group has seen tremendous growth which can be attributed to his sharp business acumen coupled with a commitment to excellence in all aspects of operation. He continues to oversee every aspect of their operations while striving for greater heights in order to keep up with industry trends and technological advancements that are constantly reshaping modern businesses today.


Overall, Boston Market has had a long and interesting history. Starting out as one small restaurant in 1984, it has grown to become a multi-million dollar business with locations across the United States. The chain is now owned by private equity firm Sun Capital Partners, Inc., which acquired Boston Market for $170 million in 2007.

Even after changing hands multiple times over the years, Boston Market continues to be a popular destination for families looking for delicious home-style meals cooked from scratch.

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