Who Owns Bubba Raceway Park

Bubba Raceway Park is owned by Bubba and Corinne Pollard. The racetrack, located in Ocala, Florida, was purchased by the couple in 1997. They had been racing at the track since 1991 and wanted to own it rather than just race on it.

The park offers a variety of services such as karting tracks, motocross tracks, drag strips and go-karts for adults and children alike. It also hosts events such as Monster Jam truck shows throughout the year that attract thousands of spectators from all over the country. In addition to this, they offer camping facilities with RV hookups available so guests can stay overnight while attending an event or simply enjoying their time at the track.

With its unique features and services offered, Bubba Raceway Park has become one of Florida’s premier motorsport venues for both professional drivers and casual enthusiasts alike.

Bubba Raceway Park is a race track located in Ocala, Florida. Owned and operated by Bubba and Kathy Watson since the early 2000s, the raceway has become one of the most popular speedways in central Florida. From sprint car racing to stock car racing, drivers from all over come here to compete on its 3/8-mile dirt oval track that is made up of clay and sand mix making it perfect for high-speed action.

Catchfence Torn Up In Scary Crash | USAC Sprints at Bubba Raceway Park

Bubba Raceway Park 2023 Schedule

Bubba Raceway Park’s 2023 schedule is set to be an exciting one. Fans of all kinds of racing can look forward to 24 different events, ranging from local dirt races to national touring series. Highlights include the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series and the USAC Silver Crown Championship Race.

With a variety of high-profile drivers on tap for each event, Bubba Raceway Park promises plenty of edge-of-your-seat action in 2023!

Does Bubba the Love Sponge Own a Race Track?

No, Bubba the Love Sponge does not own a race track. He is an American radio and media personality who hosts The Bubba the Love Sponge Show, a syndicated morning talk show broadcast from Tampa, Florida. Since 2004, he has been broadcasting on terrestrial radio stations throughout America as well as XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio networks.

His show focuses on shock jock-style humor with topics ranging from current events to celebrity gossip. He also owns several other businesses including his own record label called Big 3 Records and various merchandise stores like B3 Merchandise & Apparel and B3 Gear & Accessories which sell apparel featuring his logo. While Bubba may not own a race track himself, he often visits local tracks in order to meet fans and promote his business interests.

Who Owns East Bay Raceway?

East Bay Raceway, located in Gibsonton, Florida is owned and operated by the family of Gary Yeomans. The racetrack has been in operation since 1978 and features Late Model Stock Car races on Friday nights as well as Sprint cars, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks and other special events throughout the year. With a seating capacity of over 6,000 people, East Bay Raceway Park hosts some of the most exciting racing action around!

Gary Yeomans purchased the track from its original owners back in 1989 with his sons Craig and Chris joining him to help run it shortly thereafter. Together they have worked hard to make East Bay Raceway one of the top race tracks in Florida for more than 20 years. From hosting large-scale national events such as World of Outlaws Sprint Cars Series to weekly local races featuring rising stars from all across Central Florida – East Bay Raceway continues to be a destination for true racing fans!

How Big is Bubba Raceway Park?

Bubba Raceway Park is one of the largest motorsports entertainment complexes in the United States. Located in Ocala, Florida, it covers an area of over 600 acres and includes multiple tracks for a variety of racing events including NASCAR-sanctioned races as well as drag racing and dirt track motorcycling competitions. The park also boasts a 10,000 seat grandstand with state-of-the-art amenities such as Wi-Fi, HD video screens and PA systems.

In addition to its size and facilities, Bubba Raceway Park also offers special promotions throughout the year that attract fans from across the country. From interactive fan zones to live music performances and family fun days, there’s something for everyone at this amazing venue!

Who Won at Bubba Raceway Park Today?

Today was an exciting day at Bubba Raceway Park! After a thrilling race, it was driver Mike Smith who took home the top prize. He managed to power through the competition and take first place by nearly a lap, showing that his skill behind the wheel is unparalleled.

It’s no surprise that he won today as he has been on a winning streak lately with several victories in other races leading up to this one. His performance today proves that he is truly one of the best drivers around and will likely continue to dominate for some time to come! Congratulations to Mike Smith on his great win at Bubba Raceway Park today!


In conclusion, Bubba Raceway Park has a long and storied history that goes back to the early days of stock car racing. The track has been owned by different people over the years, with its current owners being Mike and Teresa Hillman. It is an important part of American motorsport culture and continues to provide exciting entertainment for fans all over the world.

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