Who Owns 1 Hotels

1 Hotels is a hotel chain based in the United States. It was founded in 2014 by Barry Sternlicht, chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group. The brand is owned by Starwood Capital Group and managed by SH Hotels & Resorts, with its flagship property located at Times Square in New York City.

1 Hotels has properties across North America, including locations in Miami Beach, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Los Angeles Sunset Boulevard, Sanya China and Cabo San Lucas Mexico. Each location offers unique design elements to create an organic experience for guests that focus on sustainability and wellness.

1 Hotels is a boutique hotel chain owned by Barry Sternlicht, founder of Starwood Capital Group. Founded in 2015 with the opening of its flagship location in New York City, 1 Hotels has since expanded to include locations around the world from Miami Beach to Sanya, China. With a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, 1 Hotels strives to provide guests with an unforgettable experience that minimizes environmental impact without sacrificing luxury or convenience.

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1 Hotel Group

1 Hotel Group is a hotel chain with properties located around the world. It offers luxury experiences to its guests, with amenities such as organic bedding and spa treatments. 1 Hotels’ focus on sustainability also sets it apart from other hotel groups; its green initiatives include using energy-saving lighting, recycled materials in guest rooms, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Who is the Owner of 1 Hotels?

The owner of 1 Hotels is Barry Sternlicht, a real estate entrepreneur and founder/chairman of Starwood Capital Group. A lifelong traveler, he was inspired to create the 1 Hotels brand after observing the lack of hotels that were true to their environment while on trips around the world. After seeing how much potential there was in creating eco-friendly accommodations that could be both luxurious and sustainable, Sternlicht set out with a mission to build hotels that embody this purposeful lifestyle.

He has since built an award-winning portfolio of luxury properties focused on sustainability and modern design, ranging from beachfront resorts located in some of the world’s most coveted destinations to urban boutique locations within bustling cities like New York City and Miami Beach. As part of his commitment to environmental stewardship, Sternlicht founded TerraPass—a company dedicated to helping people reduce their carbon footprints through offsetting emissions created by air travel—and serves as its chairman today.

What Chain is 1 Hotel Part Of?

1 Hotels is a chain of luxury eco-friendly hotels that has quickly become one of the most sought after destinations for travelers looking to stay in style while helping to protect the environment. The 1 Hotel brand is part of SH Group, which was founded by Barry Sternlicht in 1985 and owns several other hospitality brands including Baccarat Hotels & Resorts, W Hotels & Resorts, Westin Hotels & Resorts, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts and Element by Westin. With nearly 50 properties across North America and Europe, 1 Hotel offers guests luxurious amenities such as organic room service menus, high-end furniture crafted from reclaimed materials like oak whiskey barrels, rainforest showers and bathtubs made from recycled glass bottles.

As a company grounded in sustainability practices since its founding more than 30 years ago, SH Group continues to push the envelope when it comes to progressive environmental initiatives at all of their hotel properties around the world.

Who Owns Starwood Capital Group?

Starwood Capital Group is a private investment firm founded in 1991 by Barry Sternlicht. The company has invested over $60 billion of equity capital into various industries, including real estate, hospitality, energy and infrastructure development. In 2005, Starwood acquired Westin Hotels & Resorts for $14 billion to become one of the largest international hotel companies in the world.

More recently, Starwood purchased Strategic Hotels and Resorts from Blackstone Group for approximately $6 billion dollars and has since gone on to make several more acquisitions within the industry. As of 2020, Sternlicht remains Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group where he continues to lead investments across multiple asset classes around the globe.

How Much is the 1 Hotel Worth?

The 1 Hotel is an extremely exclusive hotel located in the heart of a bustling city. It’s worth hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars. The 1 Hotel features some of the most luxurious amenities and services that money can buy, including a private helicopter pad, infinity pool with breathtaking views of the city skyline and world-renowned restaurants and bars.

The hotel also boasts stunning suites with marble bathrooms and top-of-the-line furnishings. Guests can enjoy personal butlers available 24 hours a day to cater to their every need as well as five star service from staff who are dedicated to making sure each stay is perfect in every way. All this comes at an undeniably hefty price tag – one night’s stay at the 1 Hotel can cost anywhere between $500-$1,000 depending on room availability and time booked so it’s safe to say that this opulent accommodation isn’t for everyone!

With its incredible beauty combined with its exorbitant cost though, it’s no wonder why the 1 Hotel is easily worth hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars.


This blog post has provided insight into 1 Hotels and its ownership. It is clear that the company is owned by Barry Sternlicht, who is also the Chairman and CEO of Starwood Capital Group. He has used his extensive experience in real estate to create a unique hotel concept with sustainability at its core.

In addition, he has leveraged his resources to develop a world-class collection of properties across multiple countries around the globe. The success of 1 Hotels speaks volumes about Barry Sternlicht’s business acumen as an entrepreneur and industry leader in real estate investments.

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