Who Owns Vitamin Water 50 Cent

Vitamin Water was founded in 1996 by a company called Energy Brands. The company was purchased by Coca-Cola in 2007, and 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) became an owner of the Vitamin Water brand when he signed a deal with Coke that same year. He received 10% stake of the soft drink giant’s purchase price for his involvement as a celebrity endorser of the product.

Although it has been reported that this percentage is worth $400 million, 50 Cent has stated publicly that he is not worth anywhere near that amount due to taxes and other factors. Regardless, he still retains ownership over his portion of Vitamin Water and continues to promote it through various media channels today.

One of the most successful hip hop moguls in recent memory, 50 Cent has diversified his portfolio to include ownership of Vitamin Water. The rapper first caught wind of the brand from a friend and was so taken with it that he decided to invest in it. His investment eventually led to him becoming one of its major shareholders, as well as serving on its board.

As a result, 50 Cent has seen immense success from this venture and is now considered one of the leading figures behind Vitamin Water’s rise.

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Who Owned Vitamin Water before Coke

Prior to Coca-Cola’s acquisition in 2007, Vitaminwater was owned by Glacéau, a company founded by entrepreneur J. Darius Bikoff in 1996. The brand quickly grew and expanded its distribution network nationwide just three years after launch. In fact, Glacéau enjoyed such success that it became the fastest growing beverage company of its time before being acquired by Coke for $4.1 billion in cash.

How Much of Vitaminwater Does 50 Cent Own?

Vitaminwater, the popular beverage brand owned by The Coca-Cola Company, is one of 50 Cent’s many business ventures. In 2004, he became an investor in Vitaminwater and a spokesperson for the brand. His stake in the company was estimated to have been around 10%, which would give him a net worth of over $400 million when The Coca-Cola Company purchased Glaceau (the parent company of Vitaminwater) for $4.1 billion dollars in 2007.

After his involvement with Vitaminwater, 50 Cent continued to collaborate with various brands and invest in select projects while also working on his music career and acting gigs. He has since established himself as a successful entrepreneur beyond just music and entertainment ventures—Vitaminwater being one of his most lucrative investments to date.

Who is Vitaminwater Owned By?

Vitaminwater is a flavored water beverage owned by The Coca-Cola Company. It was founded in 1996 and acquired by Coca-Cola in 2007 for $4.1 billion dollars. Vitaminwater is produced and distributed by the company Glacéau, which was founded by J. Darius Bikoff who created the original formula in his kitchen with natural ingredients and sweeteners, including cane sugar or crystalline fructose depending on the variety of drink.

The beverages come in various flavors such as acai-blueberry-pomegranate, dragonfruit, kiwi strawberry, lemonade twist, orange mango and many others that have been introduced over time to keep up with consumer trends. Additionally, Vitaminwater offers products that are enhanced with vitamins A through C to provide an extra benefit to consumers while they enjoy their favorite flavor of this popular beverage brand. With its acquisition under The Coca-Cola Company’s umbrella of brands like Dasani® and SmartWater®, Vitaminwater continues to be one of America’s most beloved and successful flavored waters today.

What Brands Does 50 Cent Own?

50 Cent has built an impressive portfolio of businesses and investments over the past two decades. The rap icon is a savvy businessman who has his hands in everything from music to fashion, spirits to media production. 50 Cent’s brand ownership include: SK Energy Shots, Effen Vodka, Street King energy drinks, G-Unit Clothing Company, SMS Audio headphones and earbuds; G-Unity Foundation Inc., which works with inner city youth; Frigo Revolution Wear luxury underwear line; Thisis50.com website; Vitamin Water (which he earned a reported $100 million as part of Coca Cola’s purchase); SMS Promotions boxing promotion company; Cheetah Vision Films production company.

In addition to these brands owned by 50 Cent himself or through his holding companies known as G Unit Brands Inc., the rapper also holds various business partnerships including those with Reebok for shoe lines and Entourage Beverage Company for its LeCheminant wines.

When Did 50 Cent Sell Vitaminwater to Coca-Cola?

In 2004, iconic American rapper 50 Cent made a successful move into the business world when he sold his stake in Vitaminwater to Coca-Cola for an impressive amount of $4.1 billion dollars. The deal saw him pocketing around $100 million as part of the proceeds from the sale – a huge sum for someone who had only recently come out of poverty and inner city life in Queens, New York City. While many people were surprised by this huge financial windfall for 50 Cent, it was actually a savvy business move that proved to be hugely beneficial both financially and reputationally.

By selling his stake in Vitaminwater, 50 Cent not only secured himself an incredible payday but also helped start what has now become one of the most popular drinks worldwide: Coca-Cola’s Vitaminwater brand.


In conclusion, Vitamin Water 50 Cent is an incredibly successful and impressive brand. Not only has it been around for over a decade, but it has also become a household name through its clever marketing strategies. With strong ties to the music industry, this product is sure to continue appealing to its customers in the years ahead.

In addition, with fifty percent of sales going towards charitable causes, Vitamin Water 50 Cent truly shows that their heart is in the right place when it comes to helping others.

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