Who Owns American Airlines Center

The American Airlines Center (AAC) is located in Dallas, Texas and owned by the City of Dallas. It was built as a joint venture between the city and local business leaders for the purpose of providing a venue for professional sports teams, concerts, conventions, family shows and other events. The AAC is operated under lease from the City of Dallas by MMPI Inc., one of North America’s leading facility management companies.

After completing construction on June 19th 2001 with an official opening date set at July 28th 2001, it has become home to both NHL’s Dallas Stars & NBA’s Mavericks with additional tenants such as college basketball tournaments & minor league hockey team Texas Legends.

The American Airlines Center is a multi-purpose arena in Dallas, Texas that serves as the home of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and NHL’s Dallas Stars. It was opened in 2001 and owned by several different entities including Hillwood Properties, Tom Hicks’ sports group (which includes the Mavs and Stars), and AEG Worldwide, who owns the operating rights to run events at the venue. The arena has become a major attraction for tourists visiting Texas as it hosts some of most exciting sporting events in town along with popular concerts.

Inside the DALLAS MAVERICKS’ $606,000,000 American Airlines Center Facility | Royal Key

Dallas Mavericks Arena Capacity

The American Airlines Center, home to the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, has a capacity of up to 19,200 for basketball games. The arena is also used by other events such as concerts and shows, with a seating capacity then being expanded to around 21,000 depending on the event type.

Does Mark Cuban Own the Dallas Stars?

Mark Cuban is the proud owner of the NHL franchise, the Dallas Stars. He bought the team in January 2000 and has been a very successful owner ever since. Under his ownership, the Dallas Stars have made it to two Stanley Cup Finals, winning one in 1999 and narrowly missing out on another in 2020.

The team also won several division titles and was even featured in an HBO documentary series called 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic that followed their journey through one of their more successful seasons. Since taking over as owner, Mark Cuban has invested heavily into making sure that his players have all they need for success on and off the ice. This includes hiring top coaches like Ken Hitchcock and Jim Nill as well as signing some of hockey’s biggest stars such as Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin and Alexander Radulov to long-term contracts.

His commitment to excellence has paid off with numerous playoff appearances over the years which culminated with a championship banner being raised at American Airlines Center during his tenure as Owner & Governor of The Dallas Stars organization – something every fan will remember forever!

When Did Mark Cuban Buy the Mavs?

Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and investor, purchased the Dallas Mavericks in January 2000. The sale was approved by NBA owners on February 9th of that same year. Cuban paid $285 million for the team at a time when it was struggling to reach .500 during its 24-year tenure as an NBA franchise.

Since then, he has poured countless resources into revamping the organization and transforming them into one of the league’s most successful teams. Under his ownership, they won their first championship in 2011 with Dirk Nowitzki leading them to victory over LeBron James’ Miami Heat. In addition to winning a title, Cuban has also established himself as one of the top owners in sports – bringing energy and enthusiasm to every game while utilizing innovative strategies to help build a strong fan base around Mavs basketball.

His commitment has been rewarded with seven playoff runs since 2001 and four 50-win seasons (including two 60+ win seasons). It’s clear that Mark Cuban’s purchase of the Mavericks is still paying off today!

When was American Airlines Center Built?

American Airlines Center, located in Dallas, Texas was constructed in 2001. The arena is home to the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and NHL’s Dallas Stars. It replaced Reunion Arena as the home of both franchises and was built at a cost of $420 million dollars.

It holds over 19,000 people for basketball games and up to 18,500 fans for hockey matches. The American Airlines Center has hosted many musical acts such as Jay-Z, Paul McCartney, U2, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift throughout its history. Besides sporting events it also houses special events like conventions and concerts along with WWE wrestling shows held annually since 2002.

In addition to the main arena there is an attached practice facility that serves both teams along with a theatre style seating area known as “The Plaza” which can accommodate up to 6500 guests for smaller events on site or be used as a pre-game gathering spot before major sports contests take place inside the main arena itself.

Where Does Mark Cuban Sit?

Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor who has achieved immense success in the world of business. He is best known as the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, Magnolia Pictures, and AXS TV. But where does he sit?

Well, Mark Cuban can often be found sitting courtside at a Dallas Mavericks game or in his luxury suite at American Airlines Center. Aside from attending Mavericks games, Mark also sits on multiple boards including Shark Tank, HDNet Movies Advisory Board and National Basketball Players Association Executive Committee. Additionally, he frequently takes part in venture capital investments and philanthropic efforts such as donating to charities like The Fallen Patriot Fund which provides relief for families of fallen US military members killed or injured during service since 9/11 terrorist attacks.

In short, wherever there’s a chance to make money or do good in business – you’ll find Mark Cuban sitting right there!


In conclusion, the American Airlines Center is an important asset to the city of Dallas and its surrounding areas. The center plays host to a variety of events from concerts to professional sports games, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue for the state each year. With its prime location and amenities, it’s no wonder why so many people flock to this venue on a regular basis.

The arena is owned by AEG Worldwide, one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, which ensures that they will continue providing top-notch experiences for years to come.

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