Who Owns Keystone Rv

Keystone RV is owned by Thor Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles throughout the United States and Canada. Thor Industries was founded in 1980 and has become one of the largest manufacturers of RV’s worldwide. Keystone RV is a division of Thor, producing towable recreation vehicles for over 40 years.

Since its founding, Keystone has been focused on creating high-quality RVs that are designed to fit every lifestyle and budget with innovative features and amenities for customers to enjoy their time on the road. They offer a variety of travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, destination trailers and more from lightweight models up to luxury options with all the latest features. From couples seeking adventure or families wanting quality bonding time away from home – Keystone’s products provide an ideal solution no matter what your needs may be.

Keystone RV is a leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles in the United States, with their headquarters located in Goshen, Indiana. Founded in 1996 by John and Pat McEntire, Keystone RV has grown to become one of the largest RV companies in North America. The company’s products include travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, destination trailers and more – all designed for comfortable living on the go.

With over 2 million units sold since its inception and an expansive network of dealerships across the US and Canada, Keystone RV is truly “America’s #1 Selling Brand” when it comes to RVs.

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Who Owns Thor Industries

Thor Industries is the world’s largest recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer. It was founded in 1980 by Peter Busch Orthwein and Wade Thompson, who remain its Chairman of the Board and President/CEO respectively. Thor Industries has remained a family-run business ever since, with private equity firm KKR & Co.

L.P owning a minority stake in the company since 2017.

Who Bought Out Keystone Rv?

In March 2021, Thor Industries acquired Keystone RV Company in a $1 billion deal. The acquisition of Keystone RV will add to Thor’s already expansive list of recreational vehicle brands and solidify its position as the top producer of towable RVs in North America. Founded in 1996, Keystone has become one of the most recognizable names among outdoor adventurers looking for quality travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers.

Its products are known for their value-packed features such as aluminum superstructure construction and high-end interior appointments. With the addition of Keystone RV Company, Thor can now offer customers an even wider array of options when it comes to selecting their perfect mobile home away from home. This move is sure to benefit both manufacturers and consumers alike with increased product selection at competitive prices that make enjoying time on the road easier than ever before!

Who is the Parent Company of Keystone?

The parent company of Keystone is The Valspar Corporation, a global leader in the paint and coatings industry. Founded in 1806 as an independent American company, Valspar has grown to become one of the world’s largest and most respected suppliers of liquid paints, stains, lacquers and other protective coatings. With more than 10 manufacturing locations around the globe, including three plants located in Pennsylvania alone—one near Philadelphia and two near Pittsburgh—Valspar can quickly supply customers with its high-quality products no matter their location.

As part of its commitment to customer service excellence, the company offers extensive technical support for all its products so buyers can be sure they are getting only top-of-the line materials that will last for years. In addition to providing superior product quality and performance, Valspar also aims to provide outstanding customer service through courteous professionals who are dedicated to helping customers find exactly what they need at a price that fits their budget.

Does Thor Own Keystone?

No, Thor does not own Keystone. Keystone is owned by Vail Resorts, Inc., the largest ski resort operator in the world. Located in Summit County, Colorado, Keystone Resort was opened in 1970 and has grown to become one of the most popular resorts for skiers and snowboarders alike.

The resort offers over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain for every ability level with a variety of activities and amenities such as lodging options, dining experiences, nightlife entertainment venues, shopping centers and more. With an average annual snowfall rate of nearly 300 inches per year at its summit elevation of 11400 feet above sea level combined with an expansive network of lifts that can transport up to 27000 people per hour around the mountain there is something for everyone at this premier destination spot!

Are Dutchmen And Keystone the Same Company?

No, Dutchmen and Keystone are not the same company. Dutchmen is a privately owned RV manufacturer based in Goshen, Indiana that designs and builds recreational vehicles for both short-term trips and extended vacations. They have been in business since 1988, producing high quality towable RVs ranging from ultra-lightweight travel trailers to luxurious fifth wheels.

On the other hand, Keystone is one of the largest manufacturers of towable recreational vehicles in North America with factories located across the US and Canada. It was founded by two entrepreneurs back in 1996 who wanted to create an RV manufacturing company that could provide customer satisfaction while also delivering value for money. While both companies produce similar products such as travel trailers and fifth wheels, their design styles differ significantly with each brand having its own unique look which customers identify it with.

Additionally, Keystone has recently ventured into motorhome production whereas this is not something Dutchmen currently offers so there are no similarities between these two brands on this front either!


Overall, it is clear that Keystone RV Company is a reputable and trusted manufacturer of recreational vehicles. With their long history in the industry and commitment to quality craftsmanship, they have become one of the most popular manufacturers in the United States. Their dedication to customer service and satisfaction ensures that everyone who purchases from them will be completely happy with their purchase.

If you are looking for an RV that has all the features you need at a reasonable price, then Keystone RV should definitely be your first choice.

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