Who Owns at Home Superstore

At Home is an American big-box home decor superstore chain owned by the private equity firm, Ares Management Corporation. Founded in 1979 as Garden Ridge Pottery, At Home has grown to become of one of the leading home décor retailers in America with more than 180 stores across 35 states and a growing presence online at athome.com. The company offers a wide array of products for every room, style and budget which includes furniture, rugs, curtains, wall art and other decorative items.

They also have seasonal offerings such as outdoor living items during summer months or Christmas decorations during festive season.

At Home Superstore is a home decor and furniture retailer that has become one of the nation’s leading specialty retailers. The company was founded in 1979 by Leon Chen and his family, who still own and operate it today. At Home Superstore offers customers an expansive selection of quality products for every room of the house, from furniture to decorative accents.

With over 200 stores across 35 states, At Home Superstore is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality merchandise at affordable prices.

Who Can Make a Better Store at Home?

Is at Home Owned by T.J. Maxx

No, At Home is not owned by TJ Maxx. While both stores are part of the same parent company, The TJX Companies Inc., At Home is a separate subsidiary that focuses on home décor and furniture products. It operates over 200 stores in 36 states across the US and continues to grow as more shoppers look for budget-friendly home décor options.

Who is at Home Parent Company?

The Home Parent Company is a family owned and operated company based in California. Founded in 2010, they specialize in providing parents with home-based care services for their children. Their mission is to make sure that families have the support they need to ensure their children are safe, healthy, and happy at home.

They provide personalized services tailored to each family’s individual needs by offering flexible schedules and customized plans. From daily nannies and babysitters to part time or full time help, The Home Parent Company can accommodate all types of family arrangements. Furthermore, they strive to create relationships between parents and caregivers that extend beyond simple duties such as feeding, bathing or changing diapers – instead fostering an environment of trust so that children feel comfortable with those taking care of them.

With safety always a priority for The Home Parent Company team members are thoroughly vetted which includes background checks prior before starting any assignment with clients.

Did at Home Get Bought Out?

No, At Home has not been bought out. In fact, it is thriving as a leading home décor superstore. Founded in 1979 by Gene and Laura Heitz in Plano, Texas, the company now boasts more than 180 stores across 35 states.

It offers an extensive selection of furniture, rugs, lamps and other stylish home accessories at unbeatable prices with exceptional customer service. With its commitment to providing quality products at great value for customers’ homes and everyday living needs—as well as its diverse product lines ranging from housewares to storage solutions—At Home has become one of the fastest-growing retailers in the U.S., achieving double-digit sales growth each year since 2017 and expanding into new markets and categories such as outdoor goods over time. The success of At Home can be credited largely to its unique shopping experience that combines convenience with affordability while creating an inspiring atmosphere full of possibilities for customers.

So despite rumors circulating online about a potential acquisition or buyout offer from another retailer or investment firm, there are no signs that suggest At Home will be taken over anytime soon; instead it looks set to continue growing stronger every day!

Who is the Ceo of at Home Store?

The CEO of the At Home store is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Lee Bird. He founded the business in 1979 and has since grown it into a leading home décor superstore with over 180 stores across 36 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. In addition to his role as CEO, Mr. Bird also serves on the Board of Directors for At Home Group Inc., which includes several other At Home-related companies such as Decorator’s Supply Corporation (DSC).

Throughout his career Mr. Bird has been recognized for his extensive contribution to retailing in both industry awards and press features including being named one of Chain Store Age Magazine’s “Retailers of the Year” in 2018. Under Mr. Bird’s leadership, At Home has become a leader amongst its peers by offering a wide selection of products at unbeatable prices along with exceptional customer service—allowing customers to create their dream home without breaking their budget!

Are at Home And Homegoods are Owned by the Same Company?

No, HomeGoods and At Home stores are not owned by the same company. HomeGoods is a subsidiary of TJX Companies, Inc., one of the largest off-price retailers in the world; while At Home stores are owned by an independent company called Garden Ridge LLC. Both companies specialize in home decor items such as furniture, rugs, lamps, kitchenware and more at discounted prices.

While they may appear similar on the surface due to their focus on home furnishings and décor, each store actually offers quite different products and shopping experiences which appeal to different types of customers. For example, although both offer plenty of choices for budget shoppers looking for good values in basic furnishings or decorative accents; At Home places greater emphasis on modern trends with collections that change frequently throughout the year while HomeGoods tends to stock more classic styles that remain consistent throughout its locations.


In conclusion, Home Superstore is a great place to shop for home goods. With an expansive selection of products and competitive prices, it’s easy to see why they are one of the most popular retailers in the industry. They offer convenience with their online store and even better deals when you sign up for their loyalty program.

Whether you’re looking for furniture, appliances or decor items, Home Superstore has something for everyone at every budget level.

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