Who Owns Avianca Airlines

Avianca Airlines is a Colombian airline owned by Synergy Group, an aviation conglomerate founded and chaired by German Efromovich. The company began in 1919 as SCADTA, a joint venture between the governments of Colombia and Germany. In 1940, it was purchased by Colombian investors who renamed it Avianca.

After decades of growth and expansion throughout South America, Avianca is now the second-largest carrier in Latin America with more than 1 million passengers annually on flights to 71 destinations in 26 countries around the world. The airline’s main hubs are located at El Dorado International Airport (Bogotá), José María Córdova International Airport (Medellín) and Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima).

Avianca Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world, and it has been owned by a variety of different companies throughout its history. Currently, Avianca Airlines is owned by Synergy Group S.A., which is a holding company based in Colombia that was founded in 1995. Synergy Group also owns several other subsidiaries related to the aviation industry, such as AviancaTaca Flight Academy, Aces Airline Alliance, and VIP Servicios de Viaje y Turismo.

With this ownership change came many updates to services offered from Avianca Airlines as well as an increase in their international reach – making them one of the largest carriers in Latin America today!

The Pros and Challenges of the Avianca Viva Merger #shorts

Avianca Airlines Reviews

Avianca Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in South America, and customers are generally happy with their experience. Most reviews praise Avianca for its friendly staff, comfortable seats, good food selection, efficient boarding process and convenient flight schedules. The airline also offers competitive prices compared to other airlines in the region.

All these reasons make it a great option for travelers looking for an affordable way to get around South America.

Who is Avianca Owned By?

Avianca is the flag carrier and largest airline of Colombia, based in Bogotá. It was founded in 1919 as SCADTA and is one of the world’s oldest airlines still operating under its original name. The airline operates an extensive domestic network within Colombia and to destinations throughout North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Avianca is owned by Synergy Group S.A., a holding company which owns several other Latin American airlines including Aerolineas Argentinas, TACA Peru, Copa Airlines Colombia, Cayman Airways as well as Avianca Brazil. The group also has minority investments with AeroGal from Ecuador and LASER from Venezuela through their respective subsidiaries AeroRepública (Colombia) and Tampa Cargo (Venezuela). In December 2020 it was announced that United Airlines would acquire a majority stake in Avianca Holdings S.A., pending regulatory approval; however this deal has yet to be finalized at this time.

Does United Airlines Own Avianca?

No, United Airlines does not own Avianca. Avianca is a major Colombian airline that has been in operation since 1919 and is the flag carrier of Colombia. It is one of the oldest airlines in the world still operating under its original name and currently operates to 76 destinations around the world.

In recent years, Avianca has formed strategic alliances with other leading international carriers including United Airlines, Aeromexico, Copa Airlines, Air China and Etihad Airways. This allows for greater connectivity between countries for travelers who use these airlines as part of their journey or flights plans. Although there are commercial agreements between both companies that enable passengers to benefit from more flight options at better prices due to joint ticket sales and loyalty programs; United Airlines does not actually own Avianca’s shares nor do they have any ownership stake on it.

Who are Avianca Partners?

Avianca is one of the largest airlines in Latin America and has a wide array of partners that they work with. Avianca’s loyalty program, LifeMiles, allows travelers to earn miles on flights operated by any Star Alliance member airline or partner airline. Partner airlines include Air Canada, Aeroméxico, Copa Airlines, Lufthansa Group (including Swiss International Air Lines), TAME Ecuador, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines; as well as domestic carriers such as Aires Colombia and Wayra Peru.

Furthermore, through its commercial alliance with United Airlines (Star Alliance) passengers have access to more than 1,000 destinations around the world from both carriers. Additionally Avianca has interline agreements with Alaska Airlines and other regional carriers in Mexico including Interjet & Volaris making travel easier for customers flying between North America & Latin America. For frequent flyers looking to maximize their miles earning potential Avianca offers several co-branded credit cards issued by Banco Popular de Puerto Rico which provide generous bonuses along with plenty of additional features like priority access to airport lounges among others.

. Finally members can also use their LifeMiles points for shopping discounts at hundreds of participating retailers worldwide or for car rentals from Avis/Budget Car Rental locations all over the globe!

Is Avianca an American Airline?

Avianca is a major Latin American airline that has been in operation for over 100 years. Founded in 1919, it is one of the oldest airlines still operating in the world today. The company’s headquarters are based out of Bogotá, Colombia and serves destinations throughout South America and even as far out as Europe and Africa.

While Avianca is not an American airline, it does have a large presence in North America with flights to many cities across the United States including Miami, Houston, New York City and Los Angeles among others. It also operates routes between its hub airports such as El Dorado International Airport (BOG) located just outside of Bogota and other locations around the globe including Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD), London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (GRU). Furthermore, travelers can take advantage of Avianca’s codeshare agreements with several US carriers like United Airlines which allows for increased flight options within both countries.


Avianca Airlines is a major airline in Latin America and the Caribbean, providing flights to over 100 destinations worldwide. It has been owned by various entities throughout its history, from individual owners to large multinational companies. Today, Avianca is majority-owned by Synergy Group S.A., with minority ownership held by Kingsland Holdings Ltd., United Airlines, and TACA International Airways Ltd.

With such an impressive list of owners, it’s no wonder that Avianca has become one of the most successful airlines in Latin America and beyond. By keeping up with changing market demands and maintaining its commitment to superior customer service, Avianca will continue to be a leader in air travel for years to come.

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