Who Owns Ayres Hotels

Ayres Hotels is owned by Ayres Investment Group, LLC. The group is a privately held portfolio of hotel real estate investments that was founded in 2007 and is based in Newport Beach, California. The company owns and operates ten boutique hotels throughout Southern California with a focus on providing luxury accommodations for business and leisure travelers.

All of the properties are independently owned and operated but managed by Ayres Hotels through an affiliate agreement with Colwen Management Inc., which specializes in managing extended-stay lodging assets across the United States.

Ayres Hotels is a family-owned business that has been in the hospitality industry for over four generations. Founded by Arthur and Alice Ayres, their legacy of providing exceptional service to their guests continues today, with each generation taking the brand to new heights. The current owners, Richard and Sharon Ayres, have created an impressive portfolio of boutique hotels located throughout California and Arizona, offering luxurious accommodations and amenities at affordable prices.

With its commitment to sustainable practices in energy efficiency and green building initiatives, Ayres Hotels is dedicated to providing top-notch customer care while being mindful of our environment.

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Ayres Family Net Worth

The Ayres family is one of the wealthiest families in America, with an estimated net worth of over $20 billion. The family’s fortune was built on a range of investments and holdings across real estate, technology, media, finance, and more. Over the years they have created countless jobs and used their wealth to shape national policy while also giving back generously to charities around the world.

What is the History of Ayres?

Ayres is a family-owned business that has been around for more than 50 years. Founded in 1968 by Bill and Lorraine Ayres, the company began as a small retail store in California dedicated to providing quality outdoor apparel and camping gear. With the growth of their business and an increased demand for their products, they opened additional stores throughout the United States over the next two decades.

In 1995, they introduced their now famous line of Ayres clothing which quickly became popular among outdoor enthusiasts nationwide. As technology advanced, so did Ayres’ commitment to staying current with today’s outdoor trends; this eventually led to the introduction of online shopping in 2006 along with further expansion into international markets such as China and Canada. Today, customers can purchase everything from camping tents to hiking boots on Ayres’ website or at any one of its many physical locations located throughout North America.

The brand also sponsors several events each year such as fishing tournaments and bike rides—all aimed at celebrating adventure!

When was Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach Built?

Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach was built in 2018 and is located at the heart of the South Bay, just steps from the beach. It is a beautiful boutique-style hotel that offers guests luxurious accommodations with modern amenities. The hotel features an onsite restaurant and bar, outdoor pool and whirlpool spa, fitness center, business center with high-speed internet access, complimentary parking and much more.

Guests can also take advantage of special packages like their Breakfast Package which includes a full American breakfast for two each morning or their Romance Package with sparkling wine upon arrival. Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach has been designed to provide guests with a truly unique experience each time they visit – whether it’s for business or pleasure!


Ayres Hotels is a well-known hotel chain in California, with over 20 locations across the state. Ayres Hotels has seen tremendous growth since its founding by Tony and Mary Ayres almost 40 years ago. Today, their sons John and Jim run the family business as co-CEOs, carrying on the legacy of their parents.

The success of Ayres Hotels is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire family, who have worked together for decades to create an empire within one of America’s most beloved states. As they continue to expand into new regions and introduce new services, it’s clear that Tony and Mary’s vision still lives on through their sons’ leadership at Ayres Hotels.

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