Who Owns Azamara Cruises

Azamara Cruises is a luxury cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean Group. It was founded in 2007 and its headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. The brand operates two mid-sized ships, Azamara Journey and Azamara Pursuit, which offer over 300 ports of call around the world.

In 2020, Royal Caribbean Group acquired the remaining shares it did not already own to become the sole owner of Azamara Cruises. The company offers unique experiences such as sailing between countries that most other lines do not have access to as well as land excursions with specialized guides who help guests get an insider’s look at some of the world’s greatest cities.

Azamara Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean Group, one of the world’s largest cruise companies. The company was created in 2007 when Royal Caribbean acquired Azamara Club Cruises, a boutique cruising line that had been founded three years prior. With its acquisition of Azamara, Royal Caribbean gained access to a unique brand that offers intimate and luxurious voyages to exotic destinations around the world.

From its home base in Miami, Florida, Azamara sails to over 300 ports throughout Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East and North America on three ships – Azamara Journey®, Azamara Quest® and the new ship -Azmara Pursuit™.

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Azamara New Ownership

Azamara, a luxury cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean Group, has recently been sold to Sycamore Partners for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition is expected to help the brand expand its presence in the upscale cruise market and extend its offerings beyond Europe and North America. With plans to invest in new ships and itineraries over the next three years, Azamara looks set to become one of the most exciting players in the industry.

What Cruise Line Owns Azamara?

Azamara is a cruise line owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, one of the world’s leading global cruise companies. Azamara was established in 2007 as part of Royal Caribbean’s family of brands, and offers an intimate boutique-style experience aboard its small to mid-sized ships. As part of the Royal Caribbean International portfolio, Azamara passengers have access to some of the most exciting destinations around the globe – from South America to Europe and beyond!

With an emphasis on immersive experiences at every port, Azamara provides unique opportunities for guests to explore authentic cultures through overnight stays or extended visits ashore. Their fleet consists of three luxurious vessels – each offering personalized service with attentive staff members that are passionate about delivering exceptional hospitality. From adventurous excursions like snorkeling and kayaking in remote locations to indulging in fine dining and spa treatments onboard; guests can expect only the very best when sailing with Azamara!

Why Did Royal Sell Azamara?

Royal Caribbean initially acquired Azamara Club Cruises in 2007 as part of its effort to expand into the luxury cruise market. However, despite their best efforts, Royal Caribbean found that the costs associated with maintaining a separate brand and operating two fleets was too high for them to continue indefinitely. In an attempt to reduce those expenses, Royal Caribbean opted to sell Azamara Club Cruises in 2018.

The move allowed Royal Caribbean to focus more on their core brands—Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises—and streamline operations by eliminating redundancies between the two fleets. Additionally, divesting itself of Azamara Club Cruises provided Royal Caribbean with much needed capital which it invested back into its primary brands so they could offer new features and experiences while continuing to provide exemplary service across both companies’ fleets. Ultimately, selling off Azamara Club Cruises allowed Royal Caribbean not only save money but also reinvest those funds into other areas of their business so they can better serve their guests now and into the future.

Who are the New Owners of Azamara?

The new owners of Azamara are Sycamore Partners and Apollo Global Management. The companies have jointly acquired the cruise line from Royal Caribbean Group for $201 million dollars, with Sycamore taking a majority stake in the company. The deal was announced on October 28th, 2020 and is one that both sides hope will bring about a renewed focus on the brand’s core values of offering intimate, immersive experiences to its guests.

Both Sycamore and Apollo have extensive experience in managing mid-market travel brands – which makes them well-suited to take over as owners of Azamara. For now, it looks like they plan to keep all existing senior management in place while using their own expertise to guide further growth.

Is Azamara Still Part of Celebrity?

Yes, Azamara is still part of Celebrity Cruises. It is a luxury cruise line that was acquired by Royal Caribbean in 2007 and became part of the larger Celebrity brand in 2008. The idea behind the creation of Azamara was to provide guests with an intimate, luxurious experience that allowed them to explore some of the world’s most remarkable destinations up close.

All three ships are designed for smaller sized cruises so they can access ports that their larger counterparts cannot reach — allowing guests to truly get off-the-beaten path and discover hidden gems around the globe. With its exclusive amenities such as complimentary beverages, gratuities included for all services onboard, nightly entertainment options and more, it’s no surprise why many travelers prefer sailing with Azamara over other cruise lines.


In conclusion, it is clear that Azamara Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. The company has been a part of the Royal Caribbean family since 2007 and continues to be a leader in providing luxurious, high-end cruising experiences for its passengers. With its focus on destination immersion, personalized service and attention to detail, Azamara provides an unforgettable experience for all who sail with them.

Whether you are looking to explore distant lands or simply want to relax in exquisite comfort while traveling the world, Azamara offers something for everyone.

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