Who Owns Buckys Gas Stations

Bucky’s is a convenience store chain and motor fuel brand in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas. Bucky’s was founded in 1981 by the late Kenneth “Buck” Schuler Sr., who opened his first service station near Childress, Texas. The company is now owned by Schuler Family Holdings LLC (SFH), which is run by members of the Schuler family.

SFH owns numerous Bucky’s stores throughout the four states it serves. In addition to its own branded stores, SFH also franchises several non-branded gas stations under other brands such as Shell Oil Company and Valero Energy Corporation.

Bucky’s Gas Stations are a privately owned and operated chain of gas stations located throughout the United States. The company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and was founded by Buckminster “Bucky” Wright in 1933. Bucky’s currently operates over 400 stores across 18 states, offering top-tier fuel at competitive prices.

Customers can also find a variety of convenience store items such as snacks, beverages and other essential products at their local Bucky’s store. With its commitment to customer service, quality products and value for money, it’s no wonder why Bucky’s continues to be a favorite amongst American motorists!

Welcome to Buc-ee’s

Who Owns Bucky’S Gas Stations near San Antonio, Tx

Bucky’s Gas Stations near San Antonio, TX are owned and operated by Bucky’s Convenience Stores Inc. The company operates a chain of convenience stores throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. They offer a wide range of products including gas stations with fuel pumps, convenience stores with food items for sale and car washes for customers to use.

Their mission is to provide quality service at competitive prices in order to meet the needs of their customers.

Is Bucky’S Privately Owned?

Bucky’s is a privately owned company that has been in business since 1932. It is an American based, family-owned and operated restaurant chain that sells hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and other fast food items. Bucky’s operates over 150 locations throughout the United States as well as several international locations including Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.

The company was founded by John “Buck” Teller who opened his first location in Flint Michigan in 1932. Since then it has become a popular destination for fast food lovers everywhere with its unique recipes and friendly customer service. Despite the fact that Bucky’s is privately owned, it still prides itself on providing quality food at competitive prices to its customers worldwide.

Is Bucees a Franchise?

Bucees is a Texas-based convenience store chain, and while it may not be recognizable as an international franchise, it has certainly become a hit in the Lone Star State. Founded by the late George Bucee in 1992, Bucees offers a unique selection of convenience store items such as snacks, drinks, fuel and grocery staples. What sets Bucees apart from other convenience stores is their famous Bee Cave – an indoor/outdoor area with picnic tables where customers can enjoy hot food (such as hamburgers or tacos) that’s prepared fresh daily.

In addition to its unusual dining space, Bucees also offers more than 120 varieties of beer and wine for purchase. While there are currently no plans for franchising this popular business model outside of Texas, customers all over the country can still experience some of what makes Bucees special through online ordering or visiting one of their many locations throughout the state.

Where Does Bucees Gas Come From?

Buc-ee’s gas is sourced from an array of suppliers, both local and international. While Buc-ee’s has locations in Texas and Alabama, they source their fuel from across the United States. This includes 25 different states that provide gasoline to Buc-ee’s stores.

The majority of their fuel comes from refineries located in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. However, some of these states are only for certain types of gasoline such as diesel or premium fuels. To ensure reliability and consistent quality control standards all over the country, Buc-ees also sources its supply from international sources including Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

Not only does this help with pricing but ensures a steady stream of top quality fuel at competitive prices for customers no matter where they choose to visit a store location..

Who is the Founder of Buc Ee’S?

Founded in 1982 by Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and Don Wasek, Buc-ee’s is a Texas-based chain of convenience stores known for its expansive size, wide variety of products, car washes and clean restrooms. Founded in Lake Jackson, the company now has more than 40 locations throughout Texas and Alabama with plans to expand even further across the Southeast. The original store – still open today – was built on 8 acres off Highway 288 near Angleton and established itself as an iconic roadside attraction.

What makes it unique? Well firstly it offers a massive selection of all kinds of products from food items like jerky and fudge to automotive supplies like oil filters and antifreeze; secondly they are renowned for their spotless bathrooms which have earned them multiple awards over the years; thirdly they boast free Wi-Fi at each location so customers can browse online while stocking up on snacks! And last but not least – you’ll find plenty of friendly staff members who always make sure customers have everything they need.


In conclusion, it is clear that Bucky’s Gas Stations are owned by a variety of different entities. From large corporations to private owners, Bucky’s has been able to remain successful due to the diversity of its ownership base. Regardless of who owns them, however, one thing remains constant: customers can be assured that they will always receive quality service and competitive prices when they visit any Bucky’s Gas Station.

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