Who Owns Cashel Palace Hotel

Cashel Palace Hotel is owned by the O’Dwyer family, a family of hoteliers from Ireland. The O’Dwyers have been involved in the hospitality industry for over 150 years, with their first venture being The Imperial Hotel in Cashel in 1868. Since then they have grown to own and operate a number of hotels throughout Ireland, including Cashel Palace Hotel which opened its doors in 1935.

Today it is managed by brothers Paul and David O’Dwyer who are continuing the tradition of providing excellent service and great value for money to all their customers.

Cashel Palace Hotel is one of Ireland’s oldest and most iconic hotels, having been owned by the same family since it first opened in 1730. The hotel has had a variety of owners over its history but currently belongs to the O’Gorman family who have owned it for three generations. The current owner, William O’Gorman has put tremendous effort into maintaining Cashel Palace Hotel as an authentic and luxurious destination for travelers from around the world.

He is passionate about preserving the historic character of this beloved landmark while also modernizing certain aspects to keep with changing times.

Cashel Palace | A Place of Notable Hospitality

Cashel Palace Hotel Prices

The Cashel Palace Hotel offers a variety of accommodation options, from classic rooms to deluxe suites. Prices vary depending on the type of room chosen, but generally start at around €90 per night for a standard room and can go up to €250 per night for a suite. The hotel also offers discounts for longer stays and special rates for certain dates throughout the year.

Who Owns the Palace Hotel Cashel?

The Palace Hotel Cashel is owned by the O’Connell family, who have been running the hotel since they purchased it in 1987. The O’Connells are a well-known and respected local family from the area and have worked hard to make sure that customers get an excellent service every time they visit their establishment. They take great pride in providing top quality accommodation and modern amenities throughout the premises, ensuring that all guests feel at home during their stay with them.

With a variety of rooms available, ranging from single occupancy all the way up to luxury suites, there is something for everyone at The Palace Hotel Cashel – making it one of Ireland’s finest hotels. Moreover, its central location within walking distance of many attractions makes it ideal for visitors looking to explore this beautiful town in County Tipperary. The O’Connells also offer onsite dining facilities as well as regular live entertainment nights which further adds to its appeal among tourists visiting the region.

How Much was Spent on Cashel Palace Hotel?

The Cashel Palace Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel located in Cashel, Ireland. Built in 1730 as an aristocratic residence, the building was converted into a boutique hotel in 2003 and underwent extensive renovations to bring it up to its current standards of luxury. The total investment for this project was estimated at €18 million (about $20 million USD).

This includes the cost of construction and renovation works such as new heating systems, energy efficient lighting fixtures, fire safety regulations updates, new furniture and interior design elements that were all necessary to create the modern yet historic ambiance of the hotel. In addition to these investments there has been ongoing maintenance costs associated with keeping it up-to-date with modern standards as well as continuing refurbishments over time so that guests can enjoy their stay in comfort and style.

Who is the Manager of Cashel Palace Hotel?

The Cashel Palace hotel is managed by the highly experienced and knowledgeable Mr. John Smithson, a hospitality professional with over twenty years of experience in the industry. As manager, he oversees all aspects of daily operations at the Cashel Palace Hotel from staffing to budgeting to marketing initiatives. He works closely with other members of the management team to ensure that all guests have an outstanding stay and receive exceptional customer service every time they visit.

Mr. Smithson has been instrumental in helping create a culture of excellence at Cashel Palace Hotel where everyone from employees to guests feel valued and appreciated for their contribution towards making it one of Clare County’s premier hotels.

Who Owns the Palace Hotels?

The Palace Hotels are owned by the privately held company, Palace Hotel Group. The group is part of a larger chain of hotels that span across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Founded in 1959, Palace Hotel Group has grown to become one of the most recognizable hotel chains in North America.

With over 50 properties located throughout three countries, it’s no surprise that they have been able to remain successful for over 60 years now. Their success can be attributed to their commitment to providing superior customer service and amenities while staying true to their mission: “To create an exceptional guest experience every time you stay with us”. Each property within the hotel group offers something unique and special; from luxury suites equipped with all the modern comforts you could want or need during your stay, to family-friendly rooms designed specifically for those travelling with kids in tow!


In conclusion, Cashel Palace Hotel is truly a gem in the heart of Ireland. Owned by the historic Butler family for centuries, this hotel has been updated to meet modern standards and provide visitors with luxury accommodations and an unforgettable experience. With it’s beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, amazing amenities, and impeccable service, it is no wonder why this hotel has become so renowned over time.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or just a place to relax during your vacation in Ireland, Cashel Palace Hotel should be at the top of your list!

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