Who Owns Cheddars Restaurant

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is an American restaurant chain based in Irving, Texas. The company was founded in 1979 by Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers who purchased a bar and grill located in Arlington, Texas. As of 2019, Cheddar’s has over 170 locations across 28 states.

All restaurants are owned by Darden Restaurants Inc., which acquired the business from its original founders for $780 million dollars back in 2017. Darden Restaurants Inc. is one of the world’s largest full-service dining companies that also owns other popular restaurant chains such as Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze and more.

Cheddars Restaurant is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc. which is the world’s largest full-service restaurant company. Founded in 1968, Cheddars has grown to become a leader in casual dining with over 170 locations across 30 states. The menu features classic American favorites such as salads, burgers and sandwiches alongside regional dishes from all around the country like shrimp and grits or fried green tomatoes.

With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and generous portions at reasonable prices, Cheddars provides guests with a delicious meal every time they visit!

Dirty Dining: Inspectors had to visit Cheddar’s 4 times before allowing it to re-open

Who Owns Cheddars Restaurant near Pflugerville, Tx

Cheddars Restaurant near Pflugerville, Texas is owned and operated by Darden Restaurants. This company operates many well-known restaurants in the United States including Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Yard House, Seasons 52, and Eddie V’s. Darden Restaurants has been providing quality casual dining experiences since 1968 when it opened its first restaurant in Orlando.

Are Cheddars And Olive Garden Owned by the Same Company?

No, Cheddars and Olive Garden are not owned by the same company. Cheddars is owned by Darden Restaurants Inc., a publicly traded corporation that owns several casual dining restaurant chains in the United States. Olive Garden is also owned by Darden Restaurants Inc.

; however, it operates under its own name as an independent subsidiary of the company. While both restaurants offer Italian-American cuisine and share some common menu items, they have unique dishes and different atmospheres to provide customers with distinct experiences when they dine out. In addition, while Cheddars offers a full bar service, Olive Garden does not serve alcoholic beverages at all locations due to local laws or regulations.

Who Owns the Cheddars Franchise?

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is a chain of casual dining restaurants that are owned and operated by Darden Restaurants, Inc. Founded in 1979 in Arlington, Texas, Cheddar’s has grown to include over 160 locations across 28 states. The restaurants feature classic American fare such as steaks, seafood, burgers, sandwiches and salads at reasonable prices.

They also offer an extensive selection of beer and wine for adults to enjoy along with their meal. While the menu varies slightly from location to location due to regional preferences and tastes, all Cheddars feature scratch-made recipes for appetizers like potato skins or fried pickles as well as desserts like pecan pie or molten lava cake. All meals are cooked fresh when ordered so guests can expect quality food every time they visit one of these popular eateries.

With its delicious meals made from scratch using only high quality ingredients coupled with attentive service and comfortable atmosphere; it’s easy to see why Cheddar’s continues to thrive year after year!

Who Owns Darden Group?

The Darden Group is a privately-owned corporation based in Orlando, Florida. The company was founded by Bill and Gayle Darden in 1968 and is currently owned by their son, Clarence Otis Jr., who serves as the Chairman & CEO of the company. The group operates many different restaurant brands across North America including Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Bahama Breeze Island Grille, Seasons 52 Fresh Grill and Yard House among others.

In addition to its restaurants division which employs over 200K people worldwide; the Darden Group also owns a real estate division that manages various properties in both urban and suburban markets throughout the United States. Its real estate portfolio includes shopping centers, office buildings, industrial parks and residential developments located near some of its iconic restaurant locations such as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. With over 1 thousand stores across all major U.S states; it’s no wonder why this family-owned business has become one of America’s largest casual dining companies for more than 50 years now!

Who Owned Cheddars before Darden?

Before Darden Restaurants acquired Cheddar’s in 2017, the restaurant was owned by two private equity firms – L&M Partners and Oak Investment Partners. The company began as a single location in Arlington, Texas opened by founders Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers. It quickly flourished into an expansive chain with over 150 locations across 29 states.

With its home-style comfort food dishes such as chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese, Cheddar’s has become an iconic American eatery beloved by diners everywhere. Prior to being purchased by Darden Restaurants in 2017 for $780 million, it had been under the ownership of L&M Partners since 2006 and then Oak Investment Partners from 2011-2017. Under their respective ownerships, Cheddar’s grew from 77 locations to 166 before being sold to Darden Restaurants in April of 2017.


In conclusion, it is clear that Cheddar’s Restaurant is owned by Darden Restaurants. Not only does the company own and operate nearly 800 restaurants across 44 states in the US, but they are also a leading full-service restaurant company with a focus on quality food and exceptional customer service. As such, their ownership of Cheddar’s makes perfect sense as they provide guests with an array of delicious dishes at a reasonable price point.

With this information in mind, if you’re looking for some great comfort food, then look no further than Cheddar’s!

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