Who Owns Christies Auction House

Christie’s auction house is a privately owned company that operates as an art business. The majority shareholder of the company is Groupe Artémis, a French holding company founded by François Pinault in 1992.The chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Christie’s is Patrice Rambourg, who has been with Christie’s since 2007. Other shareholders include the Pinault family and various other individuals and companies from around the world.

In addition to its headquarters in London, Christie’s also operates offices in New York City; Paris; Geneva; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Singapore; Los Angeles; Rome; Madrid and Mumbai.

Christie’s is one of the world’s oldest and most famous fine art auction houses, founded in 1766 by James Christie. It has become the premier destination for collectors around the world to buy and sell some of the highest quality works of art from all eras. From classic historic pieces to contemporary masterpieces, Christie’s has long been known as a leader in the global art market.

Today, it is owned by Groupe Artémis, a holding company controlled by French billionaire François Pinault and his family. The company operates out of its headquarters in London and New York City with salesrooms located worldwide.

How Two Companies Dominate The $67 Billion Art World

Christie’S Auction Catalogue

Christie’s Auction Catalogue is an archive of all the art, jewelry, and other items that have been auctioned off at Christie’s throughout its history. It provides detailed information on each item, including provenance (history) and condition. The catalogue also features images of the items being sold so potential buyers can get a better idea of what they’re bidding on.

In addition to providing valuable historical records for collectors and researchers alike, Christie’s catalogue is an invaluable source for those looking to buy unique pieces from around the world.

Is Christies Private Or Public?

Christie’s is an internationally renowned auction house that has been selling art, antiques and jewelry since 1766. It is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious fine art auctioneers, with sales in over 30 countries each year. But is Christie’s a private or public company?

The answer may surprise you – it is actually both! Although Christie’s operates as a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: CRI) since 1998, its ownership structure has remained relatively unchanged. As of 2020, the majority stakeholder remains François Pinault, who owns 97% of all shares through his holding company Artemis S.A..

This makes Christie’s technically a private corporation within a publicly traded entity – meaning that while it can raise capital from investors on stock markets like LSE and NASDAQ, its boardroom decisions are ultimately made by the owner himself.

Who is Bigger Christie’S Or Sotheby’S?

When it comes to the two biggest auction houses in the world, many people may not know which is bigger: Christie’s or Sotheby’s? The answer really depends on what criteria are being used to determine size. In terms of financials, Christie’s is larger than Sotheby’s.

According to their 2018 financial reports, Christie’s had a turnover of £4.9 billion compared to Sotheby’s £3billion. Also when looking at market capitalization (or the total value of all issued shares) as listed on the London Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange respectively, Christie’s has been consistently higher with a current value of $2.5 billion versus less than half that for Sotheby’s ($1 billion). When it comes to global presence however they are actually quite similar; both have locations in major cities all around the world such as Hong Kong, Paris and Los Angeles just to name a few but neither truly dominates one region over another so there isn’t much difference here either.

Ultimately though if you’re looking for who reign supreme in world-wide auctions then its safe to say that Christie’s wins this battle by a slight margin due largely due their higher financial standing and more dominant presence on international markets like China and Russia where they have been able establish themselves better than their rival company over recent years .

Who Bought Christie’S?

In June 2019, the French luxury conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (LVMH) announced that it had acquired Christie’s auction house for $3.7 billion in cash. This was the most expensive acquisition ever made for an auction house and it marked a new era for the iconic company. Founded by James Christie in 1766, Christie’s has been at the forefront of art auctions since its inception and is now regarded as one of the world’s leading fine art dealers renowned for selling some of history’s most valuable treasures.

The deal will allow LVMH to expand their presence in high-end art markets while also bringing together two major players within both fashion and arts industries under one umbrella.

Who is the Head of Christies Auction House?

Christie’s is a world-renowned auction house, known for its auctions of fine art and luxury goods. The current head of Christie’s is Guillaume Cerutti, who was appointed Chief Executive Officer in February 2015. Prior to his current role, Mr Cerutti held several senior positions within the company including Head of Business Development and Managing Director France & Switzerland.

He has also previously worked at Sotheby’s and Credit Suisse First Boston. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr Cerutti is responsible for all aspects of the day-to-day running of Christie’s business operations worldwide including strategy, marketing, sales and administration as well as overseeing regional offices in over 30 countries around the globe. Under his leadership since 2015, Christie’s has seen significant growth both financially and artistically with record US$7 billion sales achieved across all categories from jewellery to contemporary art in 2017 alone.


In conclusion, Christie’s Auction House has been a major player in the art world since 1766. It is currently owned by Groupe Artémis, a holding company based in France that also owns several other luxury brands. The auction house continues to be one of the most successful and well-known businesses of its kind and plays an important role in the art market.

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