Who Owns Cobblestone Hotels

Cobblestone Hotels is owned by Cobblestone Hotel & Suites LLC, which is a subsidiary of the Wisconsin-based hospitality company Choice Hotels International, Inc. Choice Hotels International owns and franchises more than 6,800 hotels across 40 countries worldwide. It was founded in 1980 as Quality Inns International, Inc., before being renamed to its current name in 2008.

The company provides hotel owners with marketing support services such as reservation systems and advertising campaigns, while also providing amenities for guests including free Wi-Fi access and complimentary breakfast offerings. Cobblestone Hotel & Suites operates over 130 properties throughout the United States that are all independently owned and operated by franchisees who enter into agreements with Choice Hotels International for their franchising rights.

Cobblestone Hotels is a hotel chain owned by Cobblestone Hotels LLC, which is a subsidiary of the Choice Hotels International family. Founded in 2006, the company focuses on providing value-oriented accommodations to guests while focusing on customer service and satisfaction. The properties offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complimentary hot breakfasts, microwaves and mini refrigerators in every room, fitness centers and business centers for those who need them.

Additionally, each hotel has its own unique style that fits within the Cobblestone vibe—whether it’s modern or rustic—and all are equipped with cozy furnishings that make you feel right at home.

Cobblestone Hotels & Suites nears the 10-year mark

Cobblestone Hotels Corporate Office

Cobblestone Hotels is a hotel chain that specializes in providing convenient, comfortable and affordable accommodations. Their corporate office is located in Neenah, Wisconsin and was founded by Brian Wogernese in 2006. They have grown to over 150 locations across the United States with plans to expand their offerings even further.

The Cobblestone Hotel brand offers guests an enjoyable stay with all of the amenities they need at great value prices.

Who is Cobblestone Hotels Owned By?

Cobblestone Hotels is a hotel chain that operates across the United States and Canada, owned by Cobblestone Hotel Group LLC. Founded in 2006, it was acquired by Wyndham Worldwide Corporation in 2013. The chain has over 200 properties with more than 10,000 rooms.

Its hotels offer features such as complimentary hot breakfast buffet service, high-speed internet access and snack centers. It also offers extended stay options for guests staying longer than four nights at select locations. Cobblestone Hotels aims to provide value to its customers through great experiences while providing comfortable accommodations at affordable prices.

What Hotel Chain is Cobblestone Part Of?

Cobblestone Hotels is part of the Choice Hotels family, one of the largest hotel chains in the world. With over 6,500 hotels worldwide and more than 500,000 rooms available for rental, Choice Hotels provides a diverse selection of accommodations to fit any traveler’s needs. The Cobblestone Hotel brand is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of smaller communities and travel stops throughout rural America.

Each property offers fantastic amenities such as free high-speed internet access, free hot breakfast buffets daily and comfortable guestrooms with luxurious bedding that ensures your restful sleep. Plus each location has its own unique charm reflecting the local heritage and culture from which it was created. Whether you are looking for an overnight stay or planning a longer getaway, a Cobblestone Hotel can provide you with everything you need to make your trip enjoyable and memorable!

Is Cobblestone Part of Wyndham?

No, Cobblestone is not part of Wyndham. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is the largest hotel franchising company in the world and a member of the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies. Its portfolio includes over 8,400 hotels located in nearly 80 countries across six continents under 15 brands including Ramada, Super 8, Days Inn and Howard Johnson.

Meanwhile, Cobblestone Hotels & Suites is a rapidly growing midscale hotel brand owned by Choice Hotels International that offers modern amenities to travelers looking for comfortable yet affordable accommodations while on their journeys. The chain has more than 150 properties in 24 states offering guests with free Wi-Fi access as well as complimentary hot breakfasts served daily.

Is Cobblestone Inn Part of a Chain?

Yes, Cobblestone Inn & Suites is part of a chain. The Wisconsin-based boutique hotel group was founded in 2008 and operates over 100 hotels across the United States. With locations in 21 different states, Cobblestone Inn & Suites offers charming and comfortable accommodations for travelers looking for an affordable option when on the road.

All of their hotels feature amenities such as complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi access, fitness centers, meeting spaces, and more. They also have special promotions throughout the year to ensure that guests get great value for their money when they stay at one of their properties. Whether you’re looking for a cozy place to rest your head while traveling or just want a convenient spot to stay while exploring new cities nationwide, Cobblestone Inn & Suites has plenty to offer!

What Rewards Program is Cobblestone?

Cobblestone is a rewards program that allows customers to save money on their purchases. The program works by offering discounts, coupon codes and other special offers when customers shop at participating stores. Customers also earn cash back for each purchase made using the Cobblestone card.

The amount of money earned depends on the store and the type of product purchased. For example, customers may get up to 20% off their total purchase at participating stores or they may receive free shipping with certain purchases. With Cobblestone, there are no expiration dates or minimum spending requirement – meaning that you can use your rewards whenever you want!

Plus, all points never expire so you can keep earning more savings over time!


In conclusion, Cobblestone Hotels is an interesting and unique hotel chain that is owned by a variety of investors. With its focus on providing superior customer service and amenities such as complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, it has become a popular choice for travelers looking for comfortable yet affordable accommodations. The company also provides franchise opportunities to individuals who are interested in owning their own Cobblestone Hotel.

Through the use of innovative technology and strategic partnerships, this rapidly growing business continues to expand across North America, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality lodging at an affordable price.

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