Who Owns Contour Airlines

Contour Airlines is owned and operated by the private holding company Corporate Flight Management, Inc. (CFM). CFM was founded in 1991 and is based in Brentwood, Tennessee. It provides aircraft management services to a variety of clients, including corporate flight departments, leasing companies and government entities.

Contour Airlines began operations as an air taxi service in 2014 and has since grown into a regional airline with flights to more than 25 cities throughout the United States. Its fleet includes Bombardier CRJ200s, Embraer ERJ 135s/145s, Mitsubishi MRJs and Cessna CJ4s. CFM also owns several other subsidiaries that provide additional aviation-related services such as maintenance & engineering support; pilot training; charter sales & marketing; interior design & completion services; parts distribution; equipment leasing & financing solutions; aircraft brokerage services; aircraft consulting & appraisals and ground transportation logistics.

Contour Airlines is a privately owned commercial airline based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded by CEO Matt Chaifetz and President Mike Pyron in 2016, the company has experienced rapid growth since its inception. Contour operates an extensive route network across 14 states within the US and offers flights to more than 30 destinations throughout North America, including Hawaii and Mexico City.

The airline is known for its affordable fares and excellent customer service, making it a popular choice among travelers looking for reliable low-cost air travel.

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Who is Contour Airlines Affiliated With

Contour Airlines is an American regional airline that operates around 60 domestic flights every day. It has codeshare agreements with several airlines, including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. In addition to this agreement, Contour also partners with over 100 airports across the United States to provide convenient connections for travelers.

The company was founded in 2018 and has since become one of the most reliable low-cost carriers in North America.

Is Contour Airlines Owned by American Airlines?

No, Contour Airlines is not owned by American Airlines. The two airlines are separate and independent entities. Contour Airlines was established in 2017 as a low-cost regional airline based in Nashville, Tennessee.

It operates regular scheduled flights to over 40 destinations across the United States and Caribbean, with more than 50 daily departures from its hub at Nashville International Airport (BNA). Despite being a relatively new entrant to the commercial aviation market, Contour has grown rapidly since launch, due in part to an innovative business model that offers passengers low fares while maintaining high standards of customer service and safety. The company is privately held and majority-owned by founders Bill Hutcheson and Jed Beecher who have considerable experience in the aviation industry through their work with other carriers including AirTran Airways, JetBlue Airways and Southwest Airlines.

Who Owns Contour Aviation?

Contour Aviation is a private aviation company that has been providing quality air services to clients since 1965. Founded in Phoenix, Arizona, the company is owned by its founder and majority shareholder, Robert H. Ferguson Jr., who also serves as President and CEO of the company. The company’s fleet consists of more than 70 aircraft ranging from executive jets to cargo planes and helicopters, which are used for a variety of purposes including business travel, charter flights, aerial surveying and photography, medical evacuation services and corporate aircraft sales.

Contour Aviation takes pride in its commitment to safety with an emphasis on training for all personnel operating their aircraft. They strive to provide superior customer service backed up by their team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping customers get where they need to go safely and efficiently with every flight they take. With offices located throughout the United States as well as Mexico City, Barbados Bridgetown International Airport (BGI) in Barbados—the number one Caribbean destination for private jet charters—Contour Aviation has established itself as one of the most trusted providers within aviation circles today.

What Aircraft Does Contour Airlines Fly?

Contour Airlines is a regional airline based in Nashville, Tennessee that operates scheduled commercial flights primarily within the United States. Their current fleet consists of Embraer ERJ-135 and Bombardier CRJ-200 jets with an average age of 17 years. The ERJ-135 is a medium range jet airliner designed to carry up to 37 passengers while the CRJ-200 can seat as many as 50 people.

Contour Airlines also offers charter services using their own aircraft or those leased from other airlines. Some of these charters have included medical evacuations, sports teams, and corporate travel trips for business executives. Regardless of the type of flight being taken, Contour Airlines always provides top notch safety standards and service on all their flights so you will be sure to arrive at your destination safely and comfortably!

Who is the Ceo of Contour Aviation Com?

The CEO of Contour Aviation com is Mr. Michael J. Stocker, a seasoned executive with over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry. He has held numerous positions throughout his career including Chief Executive Officer and President of various airlines, such as Sun Country Airlines, MyCargo Airlines, and ExpressJet Airlines. In addition to having extensive management experience in the airline industry he also holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from St Cloud State University.

Under his leadership Contour Aviation has become one of North America’s leading providers of air charter services for corporate clients, government agencies and private individuals alike since its founding in 1991 by Harry Smith Jr., who still serves as Chairman on the Board of Directors today. Mr Stocker has taken great strides to ensure that Contour remains at the top level when it comes to safety standards and customer service excellence which is why they have been awarded ARG/US Platinum Ratings for twenty consecutive years!


In conclusion, Contour Airlines is a great airline to consider when looking for an affordable and quality flight. With their innovative use of technology and attention to customer service, they are sure to deliver the best possible experience. Additionally, with a commitment to safety and sustainability, you can rest assured that your trip will be both enjoyable and environmentally friendly.

Whether flying domestically or internationally, Contour Airlines provides travelers with an exceptional value on all flights they take.

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