Who Owns Corner Market

The ownership of Corner Market depends on the particular store. Generally, it is owned by a local businessperson or company and operated as an independent store. Some larger Corner Markets may be part of a larger chain that is owned by a conglomerate or holding company.

The franchise model also exists for Corner Markets, where the individual stores are still independently owned but agree to use certain standards and branding established by the parent corporation in exchange for fees and benefits. In this case, the franchisor would own all trademarks associated with the brand name and have controlling rights over usage of them at each location.

Corner Market is owned and operated by the Corner Family, a multi-generational family business that has been providing grocery essentials to their local community for over 50 years. With an emphasis on fresh produce, quality groceries, and friendly customer service, they have become an integral part of the neighborhood. The Corner Family takes great pride in offering not just products but also a warm welcome to all who enter their store.

Their commitment to excellence has made them a trusted source of food for generations of families throughout their home town.

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Corner Market Corporate Office

The Corner Market Corporate Office is located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. The office serves as the headquarters for all operational and administrative operations for the company. Here, corporate executives are responsible for managing a wide range of activities such as setting product strategy, overseeing marketing efforts, and providing customer service support.

Additionally, this location also houses various departments including finance, human resources and information technology that play an integral role in helping to ensure continued success throughout the organization.

Who Owns Corner Market in Hattiesburg?

Corner Market in Hattiesburg is owned and operated by the Sartain family. The store has been serving the community since 1926, when it was first opened by John and Mary Sartain. Over the years, their descendants have continued to run the business with a focus on providing high-quality products at competitive prices for local customers.

Today, Corner Market is managed by fourth-generation owner Neely Sartain and her team of dedicated staff members who take great pride in offering outstanding customer service each time you visit. In addition to groceries, they also stock a wide range of home goods, health & beauty items, pet supplies and more – all delivered with excellent customer care! With its roots going back over 90 years ago, Corner Market remains an integral part of Hattiesburg’s history – something that Neely and her team are proud to uphold each day as they serve their loyal customers with quality products and friendly service.

Where Does the Word Corner Store Come From?

The origin of the term “corner store” can be traced back to the 19th century when corner stores were generally established in urban areas. These small, family-owned retail outlets typically stood on street corners and served as convenience stores for locals who needed quick access to everyday items like milk, bread and cigarettes. The first such establishments began appearing around 1840, soon becoming staples in many city neighborhoods.

As they grew in popularity, some entrepreneurs even started franchising their operations so that other businesses could open up corner stores in other parts of town. Over time, corner stores became a symbol of Americana culture and continue to remain popular today despite competition from larger retailers.


In conclusion, Corner Market is a great example of how small business owners can have an impact on their local community. It provides a unique shopping experience for its customers and has become an important part of the local economy. The fact that it is independently owned and operated helps to create jobs in the area and provide a valuable service to residents.

In addition, Corner Market offers products which are not available elsewhere, making it stand out from other stores in the vicinity. Overall, this store serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through hard work and dedication to providing quality goods at reasonable prices.

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