Who Owns Decor Market

Decor Market is an online store that specializes in home decor and furniture. The company was founded by husband-and-wife team, Jonathan and Aileen Dienstag in April 2020. Decor Market is a privately held company owned exclusively by the two founders, who are also its sole executives.

They oversee all aspects of the business from sourcing to marketing, sales, operations and customer service. Decor Market has quickly become a popular destination for shoppers looking for high quality yet affordable home furnishings and accessories with free shipping on orders over $50. The couple works closely with vendors to ensure customers have access to stylish products at great prices while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Decor Market is a website that specializes in selling home decor items, furniture, and more. It is owned by Decor Group Limited, a family-run business that has been around since 2008. The company strives to provide customers with the highest quality products at the best prices, while also offering exceptional customer service and fast delivery times.

They are committed to providing clients with an enjoyable shopping experience every time they visit their website or store locations. With its wide selection of unique items from all over the world, Decor Market is sure to have something that can help you spruce up your home!

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Who Owns Decor Market near Pflugerville, Tx

Decor Market is owned by Rick and Janice Stalec, a husband and wife team passionate about helping their customers create beautiful homes. The store opened in the summer of 2020 near Pflugerville, Texas and has quickly become a go-to destination for those looking to find unique home decor items. With an extensive selection of furniture, rugs, lighting fixtures, wall art, accent pillows and more – Decor Market offers something for everyone!

Is Decor Market a Real Company?

Decor Market is a real company that offers an extensive selection of stylish and affordable home goods. With more than two decades in the business, Decor Market has become one of the most popular online retailers for modern furniture and décor. Their catalog includes everything from sofas, chairs, beds, rugs, lighting fixtures to wall art pieces and decorative accessories.

They provide their customers with quality products at competitive prices without compromising on style or comfort. Furthermore, they offer free shipping on orders over $50 as well as various discounts throughout the year. In addition to their amazing collection of furniture and décor items, Decor Market also provides professional interior design services to help you create a unique look for your home no matter what your budget might be.

All in all, it’s easy to see why this reputable retailer is among the top players in the industry today when it comes to providing stylish yet affordable furnishings and décor solutions for any home or office space!

How Much is the Home Decor Market Worth?

The home decor market is worth an estimated $611 billion globally in 2020, according to a report from Grand View Research. This figure is expected to reach $947 billion by 2027 due to the rising demand for interior design services and increasing consumer spending on furniture and home accessories. The rapid growth of e-commerce has also been instrumental in driving up the value of this sector as online shopping has made it easier than ever before for consumers to source unique items that suit their individual tastes.

With many people now wanting to customize their living spaces more than ever before, the industry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, some experts predict that this global trend will only continue growing as technology advances and consumer preferences become increasingly diverse.

How Big is the Us Home Decor Market?

The US home decor market is a massive and rapidly growing industry. According to the latest research, the estimated size of the US home decor market in 2019 was over $167 billion and is expected to reach $229 billion by 2025, representing an estimated CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4.7% during that period. The key drivers behind this impressive growth are increasing disposable incomes, changing lifestyles, internet penetration and significant investments being made into e-commerce platforms for home decor products.

This trend has been further amplified by millennials who have become more interested in personalizing their living spaces with trendy furniture & accessories than ever before. Factors such as rising demand for luxury items, personalized services and convenience are also contributing significantly towards higher sales of home furnishing products in recent times across different channels including specialty stores, departmental stores, DIY stores etc. As a result of these trends we see that many established retailers along with new entrants have started offering digital shopping experiences which further adds to consumer convenience while purchasing decorative items online or through other mediums such as mobile devices etc., making it easier than ever before to shop around and find unique pieces at competitive prices.

How Big is the Wall Decor Market?

The wall decor market is growing significantly, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% since 2016. The global wall decor market was estimated to be valued at almost $ 48 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach nearly $ 69 billion by 2027, driven by the increasing demand for decorative items such as paintings, prints, tapestries, mirrors and much more. Consumers are increasingly looking for innovative products that can personalize their living spaces and make them look stylish.

With advancements in printing technology as well as an increase in disposable incomes across the globe have contributed to this rapid expansion of the industry. Additionally, increased awareness about interior design trends has also led to greater adoption of sophisticated decorative products like murals and 3D panels among consumers around the world.


This blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of Decor Market, who owns the company and what it is all about. From its unique concept to its wide variety of products, Decor Market offers customers an enjoyable shopping experience that can be personalized and tailored to their needs. With special discounts and promotions offered regularly and an impressive selection of home décor items from around the world, Decor Market provides shoppers with an excellent way to enhance their homes without breaking the bank.

As one of the fastest growing online retailers in this sector, Decor Market promises to continue providing quality products at affordable prices for years to come.

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