Who Owns Dedicated Senior Medical Center

Dedicated Senior Medical Center is a medical center that specializes in providing comprehensive healthcare services to senior citizens. The medical center is owned and operated by WellCare Health Plans, Inc., a Fortune 500 health care company based in Tampa, Florida. WellCare provides Medicare Advantage plans for seniors as well as Medicaid managed care plans for eligible individuals and families.

Dedicated Senior Medical Centers are located throughout the United States and provide primary care services such as preventive screenings, vaccinations, physical exams, lab tests and patient education. They also offer specialty services like cardiology, endocrinology and geriatric medicine to meet the needs of their patients.

Dedicated Senior Medical Center is a health care facility that caters exclusively to senior citizens. The center was founded in 2002 by Dr. Stephen Pohl and has since grown into one of the most respected providers of specialized geriatric services in the state of Florida. Dedicated Senior Medical Center is owned by Vero Beach based American Health Care Corporation, which owns several other medical centers throughout Florida as well.

Dedicated Senior Medical Center provides comprehensive medical services such as primary care, preventive screenings, lab tests, and vaccines for seniors while also offering behavioral health counseling and social work services.

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Who Owns Dedicated Senior Medical Center near Pflugerville, Tx

Dedicated Senior Medical Center near Pflugerville, TX is owned by the Deaconess Health System. This system provides a wide range of health care services and has been in operation since 1999. Dedicated Senior Medical Center specializes in providing senior care and offers numerous programs to meet their patient’s individual needs.

The center also works closely with local hospitals to ensure their patients receive the best possible care.


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Who Owns Dedicated Senior Medical Center

Dedicated Senior Medical Center is owned and operated by a team of experienced medical professionals who are committed to providing quality healthcare services to seniors in the Tampa Bay area. The center offers comprehensive care for seniors, including primary and preventive care, geriatric medicine, home health services, physical therapy and rehabilitation programs, hospice and palliative care services. Dedicated Senior Medical Center was founded in 2006 by Dr. Brian Karpinski who has many years of experience as a physician specializing in elderly patient care.

Dr. Karpinski’s vision is to create an environment where seniors can receive personalized treatment from caring staff members who understand their needs and respect them as patients with individual circumstances that require attention. To ensure this goal is achieved, the Dedicated Senior Medical Center employs highly trained physicians alongside knowledgeable nurses and medical technicians committed to delivering high-quality senior healthcare solutions tailored specifically to each patient’s unique situation.

Dedicated Senior Medical Center is Owned And Operated by Humana Inc

Dedicated Senior Medical Center is the latest addition to Humana Inc’s portfolio of health care providers. Operating in multiple locations across the United States, Dedicated Senior Medical Center provides comprehensive medical care for seniors and their families. Whether it’s routine check-ups, vaccinations or more complex treatments for chronic conditions like diabetes, Dedicated Senior Medical Center offers personalized care tailored specifically to senior needs from experienced and caring staff.

With onsite laboratory services as well as access to specialists such as nutritionists and physical therapists, patients receive comprehensive treatment plans that address both short-term goals and long-term wellness objectives. Furthermore, with its own pharmacy featuring fast prescriptions fills and home delivery options available in many cases, Dedicated Senior Medical Centers provide an all-encompassing approach to managing a patient’s healthcare needs. As part of Humana Inc., these centers are backed by decades of experience in providing quality service for seniors – ensuring you get reliable care when you need it most.

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In conclusion, Dedicated Senior Medical Centers are a great option for seniors looking for personalized care. They provide a range of services from routine checkups to complex medical treatments, and their commitment to providing quality care is evident. They have highly trained staff members who specialize in geriatric medicine and understand the unique needs of older adults.

The centers also offer online resources such as health information and appointment scheduling that can help make managing healthcare easier for seniors. Ultimately, Dedicated Senior Medical Centers provide comprehensive senior-focused medical care in an environment specifically designed to meet the needs of the elderly population.

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