Who Owns Drury Hotels

Drury Hotels is owned by the Drury family. It was founded in 1973 by one of the five siblings, Jim Drury, who started with a single hotel and grew it into a successful Midwest franchise. The other four siblings have since joined their brother in the business, creating an ownership team that spans multiple generations and includes more than 40 members of the extended family.

They are all actively involved in managing the company’s properties and ensuring its continued success through their commitment to providing excellent customer service, quality accommodations, and value-added amenities to guests at every location. Today there are over 150 Drury Hotels across 20 states throughout America.

Drury Hotels is a family-owned business that has been providing outstanding hospitality services since 1973. Founded by the Drury family, the company is still owned and operated by them today and currently operates over 150 hotels in 25 states throughout the United States. With their commitment to quality service, competitive pricing, and exceptional amenities, Drury Hotels continues to be one of America’s leading lodging providers.

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Is Drury Inn Part of Hilton

No, Drury Inn is not part of Hilton. It is a family-owned company with over 150 locations throughout the United States and Mexico. The company has been in operation since 1973 and provides guests with comfortable lodging at an affordable rate.

They offer amenities such as free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, complimentary evening snacks and beverages, as well as pet friendly rooms for those traveling with furry friends.

Is Drury Owned by Marriott?

No, Drury Hotels is not owned by Marriott. It is actually a family-owned business that was founded in Missouri in 1973. The company has grown to become one of the largest hotel chains in the Midwest and now operates more than 150 hotels across 24 different states.

All of their properties are independently owned and managed by Drury’s management team, giving them an edge over other national chain hotels when it comes to providing personalized service and amenities for guests. Although they do not have any formal affiliation with Marriott, many Drury properties offer similar services as those found at Marriott locations such as free breakfast and Wi-Fi access, swimming pools or fitness centers, room service options, meeting rooms, shuttle services to airports and nearby attractions/attractions within walking distance.

What Hotel Chain is Drury a Part Of?

Drury Hotels is a popular hotel chain with locations in almost 20 states across the United States. The Drury Hotel chain is part of the larger Drury Hotels Company, which was founded by brothers, Charles and Jack Drury over 40 years ago. With a focus on providing excellent customer service and comfortable accommodations at affordable prices, it’s no surprise that the company has grown to become one of the most recognizable hotels chains in America today.

From smaller inns located in rural areas to large resort-style properties situated close to major cities like Chicago and St. Louis, there’s something for everyone at any given Drury property. As well as offering guests their signature amenities such as free hot breakfast each morning, free Wi-Fi throughout their stay or evening popcorn and soda served every day from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM; they also have an extensive loyalty program called ‘Drury Rewards’ which helps guests save even more money when they book directly through them.

Is the Drury Family Catholic?

The Drury family is a large, diverse clan that traces their roots back to Ireland more than two hundred years ago. While many of the descendants have moved around since then and adopted different faiths, the majority of them still identify as Catholic. This is evidenced by both historical documents and anecdotal evidence from relatives all over the world who are part of this family tree.

The original immigrants left Ireland to escape religious persecution and brought with them an unyielding faith in Catholicism which has been passed down through generations. Even though they may not practice or attend services regularly, many members still consider themselves Catholic at heart. From baptisms to weddings to funerals, there are numerous occasions where the family gathers together in prayer and celebration – further proof that Catholicism remains strong within their lineage even after all these years.

Who is Chuck Drury?

Chuck Drury is a veteran of the business world, having held numerous executive positions over his career. He was most recently the CEO of Travelocity until he retired in 2015. Prior to that role, he served as President and COO for Sabre Holdings for four years, where he led its global travel businesses including Travelocity and lastminute.com.

Before joining Sabre, Chuck spent more than two decades at American Express where he had various leadership roles in marketing, operations, sales and technology management. His early career included stints at Nestle USA and Procter & Gamble Co., so it’s safe to say that Chuck has seen it all when it comes to running and leading successful companies through times of great change.


In conclusion, Drury Hotels is a successful hotel chain that has been around since 1973. It was founded by the Drury family and continues to be run by them today. The company offers affordable accommodations in many locations throughout the United States and are well-known for their hospitality and excellent service.

While it might not be as large or luxurious as some other chains, Drury Hotels provides travelers with a great experience at an affordable price which makes it a popular choice among both business and leisure travelers.

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