Who Owns Dutchmen Rv

Dutchmen RV is a subsidiary of the Thor Industries, Inc. group. The company was founded in 1988 and is based in Goshen, Indiana. Dutchmen RV manufactures several different types of recreational vehicles (RVs) including travel trailers, fifth wheels, folding camping trailers and toy haulers.

They also produce class A and C motorhomes as well as Class B van campers from its various manufacturing plants located across the United States. In addition to their product line-up they offer service and parts for all of their products at dealerships throughout North America. Thor Industries purchased Dutchmen Manufacturing in 1991 which allowed them to expand their production capabilities by offering entry level RVs that met customer’s needs while maintaining quality standards with advanced engineering design methods used by experienced craftsman who are committed to building superior products at competitive prices .

Dutchmen RV is owned by Thor Industries, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana, Thor manufactures a wide variety of RVs across several different brands including Dutchmen RV. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Thor has built its reputation on providing quality products that customers can rely on for years to come.

Dutchmen RV Company

Who Owns Thor Industries

Thor Industries, Inc. is a publicly traded American manufacturer of recreational vehicles and related components based in Elkhart, Indiana. Founded in 1980, Thor Industries has grown to become the largest RV manufacturer in the United States with over 32,000 employees worldwide and annual revenue exceeding $14 billion. The company is owned by CEO Peter B. Orthwein and President/Executive Chairman Wade F. B. Thompson who are both major shareholders of Thor Industries stock.

Is Dutchmen Owned by Keystone?

No, Dutchmen is not owned by Keystone. Dutchmen has been producing recreational vehicles since 1988 and was founded by entrepreneur, Damon Corporation. The company currently produces a variety of travel trailers and fifth-wheel campers ranging from entry-level to mid-range as well as luxury models.

In 2017, Thor Industries acquired the company to become one of its 14 subsidiaries under their Thor Outdoors Group umbrella brand. This acquisition allows for more support and resources for Dutchmen’s current dealerships while also allowing them access to keystone’s expertise in product design and marketing which will help improve future products manufactured by Dutchman RV.

What Companies are Owned by Thor?

Thor Industries, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RVs). Established in 1980 by Wade F. B. Thompson and Peter Busch Orthwein, Thor has grown from a single brand to over 30 brands within six different segments: Motorhomes, Towables, Commercial Vehicles, Bus Conversions/Specialty Vehicles, Alternative Fuel Conversion and Aftermarket Parts & Accessories. In addition to their RV offerings, Thor also owns several smaller companies including K-Z Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Company; Cruiser RV LLC; DRV LLC; Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc.

; Entegra Coach LLC; CrossRoads RV Brands; Jayco Corporation; Livin’ Lite RV Inc.; Starcraft Marine Corp., an affiliate of Starcraft Marine Products Ltd.; and Venture Corporation in Canada.

With all these subsidiaries combined under its umbrella company, Thor provides a wide array of products for customers throughout North America.

Does Keystone Make Dutchman Campers?

No, Keystone does not make Dutchman campers. However, they do have a wide selection of travel trailers and fifth wheels for outdoor enthusiasts to choose from. Keystones offers a variety of sizes, floorplans and amenities in both types of RV’s so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for luxury or just want something simple that is comfortable but still has all the necessities, there is an option available from Keystone that will be sure to meet your needs. Plus with their affordable prices and long-term warranties, it’s easy to see why Keystone is one of America’s top manufacturers when it comes to recreational vehicles!

Was Jayco Bought Out by Thor?

No, Jayco has not been bought out by Thor. Jayco is one of the leading RV manufacturers in the world and a leader in innovation for more than 50 years. Founded in 1968, Jayco creates high-quality RVs that are designed to provide comfortable camping experiences for families across America.

In addition to its traditional travel trailers and fifth wheels, the company also produces pop-up campers, toy haulers and motorhomes. While Thor Industries is another popular name within the recreational vehicle industry, they have not acquired ownership of any other RV companies including Jayco. Instead, each manufacturer continues to produce their own unique products while competing against one another in terms of quality and price points.

With so many different models available from both brands—each with their own distinct features—consumers can always find an option that best meets their needs and budget requirements when shopping for an RV or camper trailer.


In conclusion, Dutchmen RV is a great manufacturer of recreational vehicles. They offer high-quality products that are designed to last. With a wide selection of models and floor plans to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you will be happy with your purchase every time. Whether you’re looking for an affordable camper or luxury motorhome, Dutchmen RV has something for everyone.

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