Who Owns Emerald Cruises

Emerald Cruises is owned by Emerald Waterways, which is a part of the Scenic Group. The Scenic Group was founded in 1986 and consists of three brands: Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, Evergreen Tours, and Emerald Waterways River Cruises. The company specializes in luxury river cruises through Europe and Southeast Asia.

Emerald Waterways offers a variety of cruise itineraries for travelers to explore cities along rivers such as the Rhine, Main, Moselle and Danube. They also have ocean-going vessels that sail around the Mediterranean Sea from Greece to Spain. All ships are staffed by experienced crews who ensure passengers have an enjoyable experience on board with access to amenities like fine dining restaurants and entertainment venues.

Emerald Cruises is a cruise line that offers luxurious vacations around the world. The company was founded in 2008 and has been owned by MSC Cruises since 2019, making it part of one of the largest cruise companies in Europe. With its parent company’s experience, Emerald Cruises offers top-notch services and amenities to its guests while providing a relaxed atmosphere aboard their ships.

From all-inclusive packages to themed cruises, there’s something for everyone on an Emerald Cruise.

Welcome on board Emerald Azzurra | Emerald Cruises

Emerald Cruises Reviews

Emerald Cruises reviews are generally positive, with customers praising the hospitality of the crew and staff, the quality of the food served onboard, and the beautiful destinations visited. The ships have been praised for their modern design and amenities that make guests feel pampered. Many travelers also report having an incredibly relaxing experience on board Emerald Cruises as they enjoy luxurious spa treatments, a wide range of activities to choose from, comfortable cabins with all necessary amenities included.

What is Happening With Emerald Cruises?

Emerald Cruises is a luxury cruise line that has been providing travelers with the ultimate vacation experience for over 20 years. From exciting itineraries, to delicious dining and entertainment options, Emerald Cruises offers something for everyone. Recently, Emerald Cruises announced that they are expanding their fleet of ships, adding two brand-new vessels in 2021.

These new vessels will be larger than any other ship in the fleet and will feature luxurious amenities such as private balconies and full-service spas. The expansion also includes upgrades to existing ships as well as more destinations for customers to explore. With these exciting changes, Emerald Cruises is taking steps towards becoming an even better provider of luxury cruises and unforgettable vacations!

What is the Difference between Scenic And Emerald?

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How Much Does an Emerald Yacht Cruise Cost?

An Emerald yacht cruise is a luxurious experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Prices for such a cruise vary depending on the type, length and destination of the trip. For example, if you choose to take a private charter around one of the beautiful islands in Thailand, it could cost anywhere from $3,000 USD to $10,000 USD per person for up to 10 days of cruising.

If you are looking for something larger and more extravagant such as an extended tour throughout Europe or Asia then prices can range upwards of $50,000 USD per person. No matter which route you decide upon though your Emerald yacht cruise will be an amazing experience full of adventure and luxury that will leave you with unforgettable memories and experiences!


In conclusion, Emerald Cruises is a luxury cruise line owned by the Carnival Corporation. The company offers several different types of cruises and destinations around the world, providing guests with excellent service and experiences. With their modern ships, new destinations, and state-of-the-art amenities, Emerald Cruises promises to be one of the top cruise lines in the industry for many years to come.

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