Who Owns First Key Homes

First Key Homes is a property management company owned by Cerberus Capital Management. The company, based in Jacksonville, FL was founded in 2013 and focuses on the rental of single family homes for income-producing investments. First Key Homes provides acquisition services, marketing support and asset management to investors looking to invest in real estate properties throughout the United States.

They are a fully integrated platform that offers end-to-end solutions for investors including detailed financial analysis, research reports, lease negotiation and execution services as well as a tenant screening process. They also offer an online portal which allows their clients access to all of their assets at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection. With more than 70 million dollars invested across over 6500 homes nationwide they have become one of the most trusted names in residential real estate investing today.

First Key Homes is a real estate company that specializes in providing affordable housing solutions for people with low-income. Founded by Niranjan Shah and his wife, Sima, this company has grown to become one of the leading providers of supportive housing services throughout the United States. With an extensive network of local partners and dedicated staff, First Key Homes offers rental homes that provide safe and comfortable living conditions at an affordable price.

They also offer counseling services to help individuals find long-term stability through financial literacy education as well as job training support. In addition, they work with government agencies across different states to ensure that all residents have access to quality housing that meets their needs.

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First Key Homes Lawsuit

Recently, First Key Homes LLC has been sued for misleading consumers and violating the federal Fair Housing Act. The lawsuit alleges that First Key Homes failed to disclose information about prior tenants’ criminal records and other important facts about the properties they were renting. This violation of consumer rights could result in serious financial penalties if found guilty.

How Many Employees Does Firstkey Homes Have?

FirstKey Homes is a leading provider of single family rental homes and managed services in the United States, with more than 100 employees across its organization. Founded in 2017 by experienced real estate professionals, FirstKey Homes has quickly grown to become one of the nation’s largest operators of single-family rental homes. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, FirstKey Homes is able to efficiently manage high quality properties for both large institutional investors as well as individual landlords.

The company currently has over 100 employees across its operations including staff at its corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas; regional offices around the US; and several other locations throughout North America. This team includes executives from major public companies such as Apple Inc., Home Depot Inc., and Amazon Inc., many seasoned real estate professionals with decades of experience managing residential investments portfolios, as well as experts in software engineering & analytics who are driving industry innovations through machine learning & artificial intelligence algorithms.

When was Firstkey Homes Founded?

FirstKey Homes was founded in 2016 by a team of experienced real estate professionals with the mission of providing quality homes to renters across America. The founders had extensive experience in various aspects of the real estate industry, including asset management and investment banking. They recognized an opportunity to provide renters with access to high-quality rental housing that met their needs without breaking their budgets.

FirstKey Homes has grown exponentially since its founding, now managing over 10,000 units nationwide and expanding into new markets every year. Their goal is to be the premier provider of single family rental homes for those who seek an alternative path towards homeownership or just need a great place to call home. With competitive rates, flexible lease terms and top notch customer service, FirstKey Homes continues to make renting easier than ever before.

Does Cerberus Own Firstkey?

The answer to the question of whether Cerberus owns FirstKey is a resounding no. Although both companies are involved in real estate finance, they have no direct relationship with one another. Cerberus Capital Management, founded in 1992, is a private equity and investment firm that focuses on distressed assets and special situations investments.

They also provide debt financing for corporate mergers and acquisitions, buyouts, recapitalizations, and financial restructurings. On the other hand, FirstKey was formed in 2018 as a joint venture between KKR & Co., Inc., Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), affiliates of Five Mile Capital Partners LLC, Medalist Partners LLC (MP) and Evercore Group L.L.C..


In conclusion, the blog post Who Owns First Key Homes provides a detailed overview of the company and its mission to make housing affordable. The organization has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2016, providing quality homes to hundreds of individuals across five states. With their commitment to customer service and affordability, First Key Homes is proving that home ownership can be attainable for anyone.

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