Who Owns First Watch Restaurant?

First Watch Restaurants, Inc. is a privately held company that owns and operates the First Watch restaurant chain. The company was founded in 1983 by two businessmen, Ken Pendery and Joe Guith, who opened their first restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana. First Watch now has over 300 locations across 28 states in the US.

Its headquarters are located in University Park, Florida. In 2018 it was acquired by private equity firm Advent International for an undisclosed amount of money.

First Watch Restaurants, Inc., headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, is a privately owned corporation that owns the popular breakfast and lunch restaurant chain of the same name. Founded in 1983 by John Sullivan and Ken Pendery, First Watch has grown to become one of the largest daytime-only restaurants with more than 300 locations across 29 states. The company continues to focus on serving high-quality food made with farm fresh ingredients and providing an exceptional customer experience at each location.

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First Watch Restaurant History

First Watch Restaurants have been around since 1983, when Ken Pendery opened the first location in Pacific Grove, California. Since then, First Watch has expanded to over 300 locations across 29 states and is known for its breakfast-brunch-lunch menu featuring fresh ingredients. With a focus on providing delicious meals made with conscientious sourcing practices, First Watch continues to be one of the top breakfast restaurants in the United States.

Who Owns First Watch Franchise?

First Watch is a franchise-based restaurant chain that focuses on breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Founded in 1983, First Watch has become one of the fastest-growing franchises in the United States with more than 300 locations nationwide. The company is owned by parent organization Xander Group Inc., which acquired First Watch Restaurants Inc. in 2018 from its previous owner, Sun Capital Partners Inc.

With its headquarters located in University Park, Florida, First Watch operates under several different brands including The Egg & I Restaurant and Goodberry’s Frozen Custard. As part of its mission to serve guests “the highest quality food and beverages with friendly service at an exceptional value,” each location offers selections like omelets made with cage-free eggs as well as sandwiches and salads prepared fresh daily using organic ingredients whenever possible.

Who Created First Watch Restaurant?

First Watch restaurant was created in 1983 by John Sullivan and Ken Pendery. They wanted to create a new breakfast concept with the idea of providing guests with an array of freshly prepared items made from scratch every morning, as well as healthier options like whole wheat pancakes and multi-grain muffins. The first location opened in Pacific Grove, California, serving up traditional American favorites for hungry customers.

Since then, First Watch has expanded to over 300 locations across 30 states and Canada where they proudly serve up their signature dishes such as the Sunriser sandwich and their award winning Bloody Marys. As one of America’s favorite breakfast chains, First Watch continues to impress its loyal customers with high quality food at reasonable prices while also promoting a vibrant atmosphere that keeps them coming back time after time!

Where Did First Watch Start?

First Watch, the popular breakfast-brunch restaurant chain known for its extensive selection of unique omelets and delicious pancakes, started in 1983 as a single location in Pacific Grove, California. Founded by Ken Pendery, First Watch was originally called “The Egg & I” before being rebranded to First Watch after it began expanding into other states. The first expansion happened when they opened their second store in Miami Beach just two years later in 1985.

By 1988, there were already nine locations across Florida and the company had changed ownership three times until Bob Denton bought it that same year and changed the name to First Watch Restaurants Inc.. Since then, First Watch has grown exponentially with over 300 restaurants located throughout 28 states including Arizona, Colorado, and Georgia. They are also proud of their commitment to freshness and sustainability as all ingredients used in their recipes are made from scratch using only natural foods with no artificial preservatives or trans fats added.

Where is First Watch Restaurant Headquarters?

First Watch is an American restaurant chain specializing in breakfast, brunch and lunch. Founded in 1983 by John Sullivan, Ken Pendery and Bradley Beecher in Pacific Grove, California, First Watch has since grown to become one of the largest daytime-only restaurants with over 300 locations across 26 states. The company’s headquarters is located in Bradenton, Florida where it was relocated after being acquired by its current parent company Freeman Spogli & Co., a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles back in 2006.

With their bright atmosphere and delicious menu items such as omelets, salads and sandwiches; First Watch has established itself as a leader within the fast casual dining industry.


First Watch Restaurant is a popular breakfast chain that has been around since the 1980s. It is still owned by its original founders and continues to be one of the most successful restaurant chains in America. With a focus on fresh ingredients, healthy options, and friendly service, First Watch offers something for everyone.

The company prides itself on providing quality food at reasonable prices, making it an attractive choice for customers looking for delicious meals at reasonable prices. As the company continues to expand and grow into new markets across the country, it’s clear that First Watch Restaurant will remain a leader in breakfast dining for many years to come.

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