Who Owns First Watch Restaurants

First Watch Restaurants is an American restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast, brunch and lunch. Founded in 1983 by Ken Pendery and John Sullivan, the company currently operates over 300 locations across 29 states. First Watch is owned by Sentinel Capital Partners, a private equity firm based out of New York City.

In 2019, Sentinel acquired First Watch from Advent International for an undisclosed amount to become the sole owner of the business. Today, Chris Tomasso serves as CEO of First Watch Restaurants with his leadership team overseeing operations for all corporate-owned restaurants and franchised locations throughout North America.

First Watch Restaurants is an American breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant chain owned by private equity firm Freeman Spogli & Co. Founded in 1983, First Watch has grown to become one of the most popular breakfast restaurants in the United States with over 350 locations across 28 states. At First Watch customers can enjoy a variety of traditional and innovative dishes made from scratch every day such as omelets, pancakes, salads and sandwiches; all served with fresh-squeezed orange juice.

The company also provides catering services for special events like birthdays or parties. With its commitment to quality ingredients and customer service, it’s no wonder why so many people are loyal fans of First Watch Restaurants!

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First Watch Restaurant History

First Watch is a breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant that was founded in 1983 in Pacific Grove, California. The restaurant chain has grown to over 300 locations across 29 states and specializes in fresh ingredients for their ever-changing menu of omelets, salads, sandwiches and more. First Watch is committed to providing an exceptional experience for its guests through superior food quality and excellent customer service.

Who Owns First Watch Franchise?

First Watch is a restaurant franchise that specializes in breakfast and brunch dishes. The company was founded in 1983 by John Sullivan and Ken Pendery, who opened the first location in Pacific Grove, California. Since then, First Watch has grown to over 350 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

Although it began as a single location eatery, First Watch has since expanded into an international chain of restaurants with locations across North America. Despite its growth, First Watch remains true to its roots—all their food is made from scratch every day using quality ingredients like cage-free eggs and real cheese and butter. Now owned by Compass Group USA Inc., First Watch continues to provide guests with delicious breakfast options plus lunch items such as salads, sandwiches, bowls and burgers while maintaining their commitment to freshness and service excellence.

Who Owns First Watch Chain?

First Watch is a restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast, lunch and brunch items. Founded in 1983 by Ken Pendery and Chris Tomasso, the company has grown to include over 350 locations across 26 states. The majority of these restaurants are franchised owned and operated, although First Watch also owns several corporate-owned locations as well.

In 2018, the brand was acquired by private equity firm Sentinel Capital Partners who now own and operate First Watch through their portfolio company JAE Restaurant Group LLC. As part of this acquisition, JAE appointed John A. Eucalitto as CEO for both First Watch and its sister concept The Egg & I Restaurants with plans to expand both brands nationally in 2019.

Who is the Ceo of First Watch?

The CEO of First Watch, the largest and most successful daytime cafe chain in the U.S., is Chris Tomasso. After more than 25 years of leadership experience in the restaurant industry, he has been at First Watch’s helm since 2012. Prior to joining First Watch, Mr. Tomasso served as executive vice president of operations for O’Charley’s Inc., a multi-concept family dining company with over 500 restaurants in 17 states.

He also held senior positions at Pizza Hut International and other leading national restaurant chains where he was responsible for driving performance improvements throughout their operations. During his tenure at First Watch, Mr. Tomasso has created an engaged culture focused on operational excellence that strives to create memorable experiences for guests every day through its commitment to quality food and service standards across all locations nationwide. In addition to overseeing daily operations at each location, he works closely with franchisees to ensure they are well supported so they can deliver great guest experiences that exceed expectations every time someone visits one of their cafes!

Who Founded First Watch?

First Watch was founded in 1983 by John Sullivan and Ken Pendery, two entrepreneurs who wanted to create a place where people could enjoy breakfast, brunch and lunch while relaxing with friends. The first restaurant opened in the small town of Pacific Grove, California. Since then, First Watch has grown into one of the largest daytime-dining franchise concepts in America with more than 300 locations across 27 states.

Known for its award-winning breakfast options such as Signature Breakfast Tacos, Pancake Puppies and French Toast Monte Cristo—the company is also known for its commitment to freshness and sustainability through partnerships with local farmers and purveyors. The restaurants feature a variety of items from scratch-made crepes to quinoa power bowls; all served up fast yet leisurely at an affordable price point. Furthermore, First Watch’s commitment to customer service can be seen not only through their dedication to quality food but also through their community outreach initiatives such as giving back meals during times of need or providing job opportunities for those on the path toward financial independence.

From humble beginnings, First Watch continues to thrive today thanks to its founders’ vision that still stands strong: To serve delicious food you can feel good about eating – all day long!

Where Did First Watch Restaurant Originate?

First Watch, a popular restaurant chain known for its breakfast and brunch offerings, first opened its doors in 1983. Founded by two friends from Pittsburgh, John Sullivan and Ken Pendery, First Watch was created as a place where people could come together to enjoy freshly-prepared food made with quality ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere. The name “First Watch” is an homage to the original idea of offering breakfast all day; like sailors who take the first watch of the day on board their ships, diners at First Watch can always count on delicious hot meals throughout the morning hours before they move on with their days.

Since opening its first location nearly four decades ago, First Watch has expanded across over 350 locations nationwide and has become one of America’s favorite places to go for breakfast!

Where is First Watch Restaurant Headquarters?

First Watch is the largest and most recognized breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant in the United States. With over 300 locations across 25 states, First Watch has become known for its award-winning menu featuring traditional favorites like pancakes, omelets and French toast as well as specialty items such as Farmer’s Hash and Avocado Toast. Despite its widespread success, many don’t know that First Watch is headquartered right here in Bradenton, Florida.

Founded in 1983 by Ken Pendery Sr., his son Ken Jr., John Sullivan and Chris Tomasso, what began as a small breakfast eatery has now blossomed into one of the nation’s top brunch spots with annual sales exceeding $320 million dollars. As a family-owned business dedicated to providing delicious food served quickly while upholding exceptional customer service standards – it’s no wonder why so many have come to love this popular spot!


First Watch Restaurants is a successful restaurant chain that has been around for over 35 years. It is owned by the founders, Ken Pendery and Chris Tomasso, who have worked hard to make the restaurant what it is today. They have invested their time and money into creating an enjoyable experience for customers at each of their locations across the US.

First Watch Restaurants’ dedication to quality ingredients and customer service has proven to be successful in maintaining loyal customers as well as attracting new ones. With its continued success, First Watch Restaurants looks forward to many more years of providing delicious food and excellent customer service!

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