Who Owns Hcb Yachts

Hcb Yachts is owned by C&C Group, a Brazilian luxury boating company. The group was founded in 1978 and has built yachts for more than 35 years. Hcb Yachts produces both motorized and sailing yachts ranging from 48 to 80 feet in length.

Their boats are designed with style and performance in mind, using the highest quality materials available. They have an extensive range of models that all offer superior craftsmanship as well as technological excellence. Hcb Yacht’s goal is to provide their customers with an unparalleled level of comfort and safety while out on the water, no matter where they may be cruising or racing around the world.

Hcb Yachts is a premier yacht manufacturing company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company was founded in 1994 by Fred Kiekhaefer and his son Vince Kiekhaefer. They specialize in creating custom-made yachts that offer superior performance, luxury, and style for their customers around the world.

Hcb Yachts is now owned by family members of the original founders with Vince Kiekhaefer heading up operations as President & CEO. Together they continue to craft high quality vessels that are designed for speed and comfort while maintaining an uncompromising commitment to excellence throughout every aspect of production.

HCB YACHTS | 2021 65′ Estrella Walkthrough

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With such an expansive set of investments under his belt, it’s no wonder that Elias De La Torre III has become one of the wealthiest businessmen in Mexico today!

Where are Hcb Yachts Built?

HCB yachts are built in the small city of Millington, Tennessee. The company was founded by a group of experienced craftsmen and engineers who wanted to create beautiful, reliable yachts with luxurious features. They chose Millington because of its close proximity to the Mississippi River and its excellent access to transportation networks like highways and railways – both essential for getting HCB Yacht’s boats where they need to go.

At HCB’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Millington, each yacht is crafted using high quality materials such as marine grade aluminum alloy components that are designed specifically for use on luxury motor yachts. This attention to detail means that owners can enjoy superior performance from their boat while also taking advantage of modern amenities such as air conditioning systems and LED lighting that help make boating more enjoyable and safer. With an impressive range of sizes from 35 feet up to 70 feet long, there is an HCB yacht perfect for every boater’s needs; whether it be cruising around your favorite body of water or venturing out into open seas!

Where is Hcb Boats Headquarters?

HCB boats are headquartered in South Carolina, and have been since their founding over 50 years ago. The company began as a family-owned business with the goal of creating high-quality custom boats for those who enjoy boating. Since then, they have expanded to include a full line of luxury performance yachts, sport fishing vessels, cruisers and more.

Their headquarters is located just outside Charleston on the Ashley River in Hanahan, SC. This location provides them with easy access to both local waterways and open ocean waters while still keeping them close enough to their customers that they can provide personal service and attention when needed. HCB Boats’ commitment to quality craftsmanship has made them one of the most respected boat manufacturers around today – something that everyone at their headquarters takes great pride in being part of!

What Does Hcb Yachts Stand For?

HCB Yachts is a global leader in the production of luxury, performance yachts that offer a truly unique boating experience. Founded by renowned Italian designer and builder Horacio Cordero Barrios, HCB stands for “Horacio Cordero Barrios” – an homage to the company’s founder and visionary. Since its inception in 2000, HCB has been dedicated to crafting custom-built vessels that combine classic styling with modern innovation.

The result? An exceptionally smooth ride with superior handling capabilities at any speed range from 20 knots up to 70+ knots. From center consoles to outboard models, each boat is designed and built with attention to detail – resulting in unparalleled quality craftsmanship and performance on the water.

Whether you’re looking for a fishing vessel or pleasure cruiser, HCB Yachts will have something perfect for your needs – no matter how big or small!

Is Hydra Sport Still in Business?

Hydra Sport is a boat manufacturing company that has been in business for over 30 years. Founded in 1986, Hydra Sport has been producing high-quality fishing boats and other types of watercrafts since its inception. It is well known for its superior craftsmanship, which has earned it many awards and accolades throughout the years.

Despite some tough times during the economic recession of 2008, Hydra Sport was able to remain afloat and stay in business. Today, they are still one of the leading manufacturers of fishing boats around the world, with dealerships located in multiple countries across Europe and North America. They also produce a wide range of recreational vessels such as ski boats and pontoon boats that cater to all kinds of boaters’ needs.

With their ongoing commitment to quality design and construction, Hydra Sports continues to be one of the most trusted names when it comes to buying quality watercrafts that will last for many years to come.


Overall, this blog post has provided an insightful overview of HCB Yachts and who owns them. It is clear that the company has been in business for over two decades, offering a wide range of top-quality custom made yachts to customers all around the world. The team behind HCB consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in boat building and design.

With their expertise and passion for creating beautiful vessels, they have kept HCB at the forefront of yacht manufacturing since its founding. From luxury models to specialized fishing boats, it is no wonder why people from all walks of life choose to invest in one of these magnificent yachts!

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