Who Owns Holiday Gas Stations

Holiday Gas Stations are owned and operated by the Holiday Stationstores, Inc. which is a subsidiary of the SuperValu Corporation. The company operates over 500 stations in 11 states across the Midwest and West Coast of the United States. It was founded in 1928 as Holiday Oil Company and its first station was opened in Minnesota that same year.

Since then, it has grown to become one of America’s leading fuel retailers with locations stretching from Alaska to New Jersey. In addition to offering convenient fueling services, many stores also feature car wash services, convenience store items such as snacks and beverages, lottery tickets, prepaid phone cards and other items like automotive supplies or gift cards.

Holiday Gas Stations have been a convenient stop for drivers in the Midwest since 1928. Owned by the Holiday Stationstores, Inc., these stations provide quality fuel and convenience items to customers across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana. Holiday Stationstores also owns SuperAmerica stores with locations throughout the same region.

Whether you need to fill up your tank or grab something on-the-go, Holiday gas stations are sure to be close by!


Who Owns Holiday Gas Stations near Pflugerville, Tx

Holiday Gas Stations near Pflugerville, Texas are owned and operated by the Holiday Companies, Inc. The parent company is located in Bloomington, Minnesota and has been operating since 1928. They own and operate over 800 gas stations in 13 states across the Midwest and Great Plains regions of the United States.

Holiday Gas Stations offer a wide variety of fuel options including regular unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel, E-85 ethanol blend gasoline, mid-grade gasoline, kerosene fuel oil as well as several convenience store items such as snacks and drinks.

Who Bought the Holiday Gas Stations?

The holiday gas station chain is now owned by the Marathon Petroleum Corporation, one of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry. The company purchased Holiday Stationstores, Inc., in 2017 for a reported $2.8 billion dollars. This acquisition made Marathon Petroleum one of the leading players on the convenience store market across 18 states in America’s Midwest and Northwest regions.

After completing this purchase, they proceeded to upgrade some of their new locations with expanding fresh food offerings such as sandwiches and salads while also introducing their own loyalty program which enables customers to receive discounts on fuel purchases when using certain payment methods. Holiday Gas Stations are known for offering high-quality gasoline at competitive prices compared to other competitors along with an extensive rewards program that gives loyal customers access to exclusive benefits like cashback options or discounts on car washes and snacks from inside stores.

What Company Owns Holiday?

Holiday is owned by the company, Holiday Stationstores. Founded in 1928, the Minnesota-based convenience store chain has grown to become one of the largest and most successful retail chains in the United States. With over 2,000 locations spanning 32 states and 4 Canadian provinces, Holiday has a long history of providing customers with quality products at competitive prices.

The company offers a wide selection of items including snacks, drinks, fuel, automotive supplies and more. In addition to its traditional stores, Holiday also owns several specialty stores such as SuperAmerica gas stations and car washes as well as Dairy Queen restaurants throughout their operating area. From its humble beginnings 90 years ago to its current status as an American icon; there’s little doubt that Holiday will continue to provide great service for many years to come.

Is Holiday Gas Station Changing Their Name?

The rumors of Holiday gas station changing their name have been floating around for some time now, and it appears that the change is finally happening. The company announced recently that they are officially changing their name from Holiday to Speedway. This rebranding comes after a merger between the two companies in 1999, which eventually resulted in all Holiday locations being owned and operated by Speedway LLC.

While this may come as a surprise to many customers who have grown accustomed to seeing the familiar yellow-and-green logo at their local gas station, it’s important to note that nothing else about the store will be changing—the same great products and services you’ve come to expect will still be available under the new brand. Additionally, customers can look forward to even more convenience with access to speedway rewards programs such as Speedy Cashback or MySpeedy Rewards. As always, we appreciate your loyalty throughout this transition period!

Are Holiday Gas Stations Franchised?

Holiday gas stations are a type of franchised convenience store and gasoline retailer. The company began in 1928 when the founder, Joe Holsted, opened his first service station in St. Paul, Minnesota. Holiday Gas Station is now one of the largest privately owned fuel marketers in the United States with more than 1,500 locations across 21 states.

Each location is independently owned and operated by an independent owner/operator who has purchased a franchise agreement from Holiday Stationstores Inc., which allows them to use the Holiday brand name and logo as well as other benefits such as pre-approved building designs that meet corporate standards for aesthetics and safety. These franchises provide customers with quality fuels at competitive prices while offering various services such as car washes, deli items and snacks to enhance their shopping experience. To ensure consistency throughout all its stores, Holiday Gas Station also provides extensive training programs for its employees so they can better serve their customers’ needs.


Overall, Holiday Gas Stations have been a staple in the Midwest since 1928. From being founded by Leo Johnson to being acquired by Tesoro Corporation in 2002, it has become one of the most popular gas station chains across many states. Although there is no single owner of all Holiday Gas Stations, Tesoro Corporation currently owns and operates many locations throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and North Dakota.

With its competitive prices and convenient locations, it’s easy to see why Holiday Gas Station remains an iconic part of the Midwest landscape.

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