Who Owns Home Title Lock

Home Title Lock is owned by LPS Applied Analytics, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial (FNF). Founded in 2013, Home Title Lock provides title protection services to homeowners. The company is based out of Jacksonville, Florida and offers nationwide coverage through its partner network.

The firm’s unique service helps protect homeowners from real estate fraud and identity theft by monitoring the public records associated with their property or home titles. By monitoring public records on an ongoing basis, they are able to provide alerts when suspicious activity occurs related to a customer’s title record. Home Title Lock has become one of the leading providers in title protection services due to their innovative approach and commitment to keeping customers safe from potential fraudsters.

Home Title Lock is a title protection service owned by Stewart Information Services Corporation. With over 140 years of experience, Stewart provides leading-edge real estate and title services to customers across the United States. Home Title Lock helps protect homebuyers from fraud and identity theft, helping them secure their purchase with peace of mind.

By monitoring public records for changes in ownership or encumbrances on clients’ properties, Home Title Lock can alert homeowners to potential threats before they become an issue. As one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the industry, Home Title Lock provides comprehensive protection that ensures homeowners are always safe when buying or selling property.

Is Home Title Lock really necessary?

How Legitimate is Home Title Lock

Home Title Lock is a legitimate service that helps protect homeowners from potential title fraud. By subscribing to their services, they monitor public records for changes and alert the homeowner if any suspicious activity appears in regards to their property. The company also provides additional protection such as identity theft monitoring and access to home insurance discounts.

Home Title Lock has been rated highly by many consumers who have used their services, making it an effective and reliable way to protect your home’s title.

Is Home Title Lock a Legitimate Business?

Home Title Lock is a legitimate business that provides an important service to homeowners. They offer title lock protection, which protects your home from fraudulent claims and potential identity theft by monitoring land records for any changes or threats of liens against your property. Home Title Lock will alert you if there are any suspicious activity on the title of your property so you can take action quickly and protect yourself from fraudsters.

Their services are backed by some of the top banks in the country, including Bank of America and Chase Manhattan Bank, ensuring their legitimacy as a business. With experienced security professionals who have been providing this type of protection for over 10 years, Home Title Lock is committed to protecting its customers’ homes from fraudsters and identity thieves.

Who is the Ceo of Home Title Lock?

The CEO of Home Title Lock is Robert L. Brown. He has been at the helm since 2011 and is a seasoned professional with over 25 years in the title industry. Prior to becoming CEO, he was President of LandAmerica Financial Group’s National Services Division and held executive positions at two other prominent title insurance companies.

He also served as an adjunct professor at University of Maryland College Park for six years teaching real estate law, commercial transactions and related topics. Under his leadership, Home Title Lock has grown from a small local business into one of the largest providers of property ownership protection services nationwide. They have earned numerous awards for innovation, customer service excellence and community involvement under his guidance; among them are Top 25 Companies to Work For in Maryland (2016), Inc 5000 Hall of Fame Member (2015) as well as ‘Top Rated’ titles by Consumer Reports Magazine (2014).

With such extensive experience in the industry combined with strong leadership skills and dedication to providing superior customer satisfaction, Robert L Brown is truly making Home Title Lock a leader in their field.

How Can You Prevent Title Theft?

Title theft is a serious issue that can cost you your identity and money. To protect yourself from title theft, you should take some simple precautions. First, always keep any paperwork associated with ownership of property in a secure place such as a safe or lockbox.

Secondly, never leave documents containing personal information in plain sight or where they could be easily stolen by criminals. Additionally, it is important to shred all documents that are no longer needed or contain sensitive information before disposing of them properly. You should also consider signing up for an identity-theft protection service if available to monitor your credit report and alert you when suspicious activity occurs.

Finally, make sure to regularly check the status of your title with the Department of Motor Vehicles or other governmental agencies responsible for maintaining records on vehicle titles so you can detect any fraudulent changes quickly and contact authorities immediately if something does not seem right. Taking these steps will help protect against title theft and give you peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned assets are secure from criminals who may try to steal them away from you!

Can Hackers Steal Your Home Title?

Hackers can potentially steal your home title if they gain access to sensitive information like bank account numbers, social security numbers and other personal details. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. It’s important to take steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime or identity theft.

One way to do that is by making sure all of your financial accounts are secure and protected with strong passwords that are regularly changed. Additionally, you should be cautious when sharing personal information online or in emails – never give out any banking details unless it’s absolutely necessary for a legitimate purpose. If you suspect someone may have gained access to your home title records, contact the appropriate authorities immediately so they can investigate the situation further and help prevent such thefts from happening again in the future.


In conclusion, Home Title Lock is an important service that helps protect homeowners from the costly and devastating effects of title fraud. With its comprehensive coverage plan and proactive approach to protecting your home’s title, Home Title Lock provides a valuable service for homeowners who are looking for peace of mind knowing their property is protected. The company also offers helpful resources to provide additional information about how you can protect your home’s title.

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