Who Owns House of Highlights

House of Highlights is owned by Bleacher Report, a Turner Broadcasting System company. The House of Highlights brand was established in August 2015 and acquired by Bleacher Report on April 3, 2017. It was created as an Instagram page to showcase the best highlights from sports events around the world.

The page now has over 17 million followers and serves as a platform for entertaining content related to sports like never before with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to athletes’ lives, unique storytelling and coverage of major athletic events. As part of its multimedia portfolio, House of Highlights focuses on creating original videos that bring fans closer than ever before to their favorite teams, players and moments in sports history — all through engaging video content delivered across digital channels including YouTube, Facebook Watch and Twitter.

House of Highlights is an Instagram page that was founded in 2015 by Omar Raja, a graduate from the University of Miami. With its iconic orange and white branding, House of Highlights posts clips from basketball games around the world on its page and currently boasts over 24 million followers. Raja has since built a media empire off the success of his account, including podcasts, websites, live events and even content partnerships with major sports networks like ESPN and Fox Sports.

How did House of Highlights end up on a NBA court?

Omar Raja Net Worth

Omar Raja is an entrepreneur, public speaker and internet celebrity with a net worth estimated to be around $5 million. He is best known for creating the popular sports website House of Highlights, which he sold in 2019 for a reported $100 million. In addition to his online success, Omar has also appeared on television shows such as The Ellen Degeneres Show and CNBC’s Power Lunch.

As of 2021, he continues to use his platform to help inspire others through motivational speaking engagements and philanthropy efforts.

Who Bought House of Highlights?

House of Highlights was recently bought by Bleacher Report, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia News & Sports. The purchase marks an important milestone for House of Highlights, which has become one of the most influential sports media platforms on social media since it launched in 2015. Founded by HoH creator Omar Raja and former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, House of Highlights quickly grew to include more than 8 million followers across Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

With this acquisition, Bleacher Report will now be able to leverage their resources to help House Of Highlights reach even greater heights in the future. Fans can expect enhanced coverage from their favorite teams and players as well as new content that is tailored specifically for each platform. This acquisition also allows both companies to take advantage of each other’s strengths with Bleacher Report providing its expertise in production and distribution while House Of Highlight’s maintains its focus on creating compelling fan experiences through user generated highlights.


Is House of Highlights Owned by Nba?

No, House of Highlights is not owned by the NBA. The media company was founded in 2017 by Omar Raja, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Florida. His idea for the platform was to provide a space where sports fans could come together to celebrate some of the most memorable highlights and moments in basketball history.

As such, he sought out partnerships with various players and teams throughout the league in order to bring exclusive content directly to viewers. He also made deals with other companies like ESPN and Bleacher Report that allowed him access to their archives as well. Although Raja has built strong relationships within the NBA community — he’s had multiple stars appear on his show — House of Highlights remains an independent operation unaffiliated with any official league organization or brand.

How Much Did Omar Sell House of Highlights?

Omar Raja, the founder of House of Highlights (HoH), recently sold the media brand to Bleacher Report in a deal worth $20 million. HoH was founded in 2015 as an Instagram page and quickly grew into one of the most popular accounts on social media with more than 20 million followers. The account featured clips from sports highlights, often times going viral after being viewed by millions.

In 2017, Raja took his success even further when he got hired by Turner Sports to help launch their new NBA digital channel called “The Players’ Lounge” which gained over 2 million subscribers in less than 6 months. After seeing success at Turner Sports, Bleacher Report acquired HoH for $20 million and now has plans to develop it into a full-fledged media outlet that will feature original content and commentary from some of the biggest stars in sports today. With this acquisition, Omar Raja not only proved himself as an innovative creator but also earned himself a pretty penny too!

How Much Money Does House of Highlights Make?

House of Highlights, the brainchild of HoH founder Omar Raja, is one of the most popular sports media outlets on social media. Since its launch in 2015, House of Highlights has grown into a multi-million dollar business with more than 18 million followers across Instagram and Twitter. According to Forbes Magazine, House of Highlight made an estimated $2.6 million in revenue from June 2018 to August 2019 alone!

That’s an impressive amount for just two years since its launch! As House of Highlights continues to grow and expand its reach through different platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, it can be expected that their revenues will increase exponentially over time. The future looks bright for this innovative company whose mission is to bring “highlights” – both literal and figurative – to millions around the world every day!


In conclusion, Who Owns House of Highlights is a great resource to learn more about the company behind one of the most popular sports platforms. From its humble beginnings as a small basketball page on Instagram to becoming an internet sensation with millions of subscribers, House of Highlights has come a long way and could not have been achieved without its hard-working founder Omar Raja. The success story proves that anything can be accomplished if you put your heart and soul into it.

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