Who Owns Jenni Riveras Mansion

Jenni Rivera’s mansion is owned by her estate. After her death in 2012, Jenni’s father Pedro and brother Juan successfully won a legal battle to retain control over the estate. The house was originally purchased by Rivera in 2002 for $2.5 million and is currently assessed at almost double that amount.

It features six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, two kitchens, an elevator, game room, theater room and other luxurious amenities. The property also includes a pool area with Jacuzzi spa tubs plus several fountains around the grounds as well as parking for up to 15 cars on-site. Since its purchase by Jenni’s family members in 2014 it has become an important part of their memories of the late singer-songwriter who tragically passed away just 11 years after buying it.

Jenni Rivera’s mansion is owned by her estate, which is managed by her children and trustees. The property was purchased in 2013 for an estimated $3 million and has since become a memorial to the late singer. It features a recording studio, guest house, private pool, and spa among other amenities.

Fans of Jenni Rivera can visit the mansion located near Encino California to pay their respects or take part in one of the many events hosted at the location throughout the year.

Esta era la mansión de Jenni Rivera que pasó a manos de otro famoso tras su trágica muerte | GYF

What Happened to Jenni Rivera Corona House

In December 2019, the Jenni Rivera Corona House was sold and is no longer owned by her family. The house had been in foreclosure since 2013 and was purchased with the goal of preserving it as a place to celebrate Rivera’s legacy. However, due to financial difficulties associated with maintaining the property, it has now been sold and is no longer a part of her estate.

Jenni Rivera’s fans are still able to visit the house in Lake Elsinore, California as it serves as a memorial for their beloved artist.

Who Owns Jenni Rivera’S Old Mansion?

Jenni Rivera’s old mansion, located in Encino, California, is owned by her estate. The home was purchased for $3.8 million back in 2006 and has since been maintained to keep the late singer-songwriter’s memory alive. Jenni Rivera tragically passed away in December 2012 after a plane crash, but her family and fans continue to honor her legacy with visits to what once was her home.

While we can never truly replace such an inspirational woman who touched so many lives around the world, it still provides comfort knowing that this place will always be connected to Jenni Rivera forevermore.

Did Nick Lachey Sell Jenni Rivera House?

No, Nick Lachey did not sell Jenni Rivera’s house. In 2018, the late singer’s family put her Encino estate on the market for $5.5 million and it was sold to another buyer in 2019. The 20,000-square-foot residence features eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms as well as a pool, spa, gym and game room.

Although Nick Lachey had a brief relationship with Jenni Rivera from October 2012 until May 2013, he was never involved in any real estate dealings concerning her home or assets. Instead of selling Jenni’s house himself, he reportedly helped support the late singer’s five children during his time with her by paying for their private school tuition and other fees associated with their upbringing.

Who Kept Jenni Rivera’S Estate?

Jenni Rivera, the beloved singer and actress who tragically passed away in a plane crash in 2012, left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. Her estate has been managed by her sons, Michael and Juan Angel, along with Jenni’s sister Rosie. The two brothers have worked together to ensure that their mother’s memory is kept alive and they are committed to managing her estate in an ethical manner while preserving as much of her legacy as possible.

They have taken steps such as setting up a foundation for education, creating memorabilia collections from personal items found after the accident, and establishing other ways for fans to remember Jenni and celebrate her life. In addition, they are working hard to make sure that all legal matters surrounding their mother’s death are resolved fairly so that she can rest peacefully knowing everything was handled properly during this difficult time. With these efforts being made by Michael and Juan Angel on behalf of Jenni Rivera’s estate it is apparent why she was so loved by millions around the world; even now her impact lives on through them both.

How Much Did Jenni Rivera Pay for Her Mansion?

Jenni Rivera, a late Mexican-American singer and songwriter, was known for her luxury lifestyle. She even owned a mansion in Encino, California that cost an incredible $3.2 million. The luxurious home had many amenities including five bedrooms and six bathrooms spread over 5,500 square feet of space.

It also featured an outdoor pool area with a spa and waterfall for entertaining guests or simply relaxing on the weekends. The inside of the house was just as breathtaking as the exterior views with high ceilings, ornate chandeliers throughout and beautiful marble floors in each room. Jenni Rivera used this house to showcase her lavish lifestyle which included hosting parties attended by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek among others.


In conclusion, Jenni Rivera’s mansion was recently purchased by an anonymous buyer. While the identity of the buyer remains unknown, it is clear that they paid a significant sum for the luxurious estate. Despite her untimely passing in 2012, Jenni Rivera still has an enduring legacy and this mansion will continue to be associated with her memory.

The new owner may choose to refurbish or remodel parts of the property; however, it will always remain as a tribute to one of Mexico’s most beloved singers.

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