Who Owns Legacy Homes

Legacy Homes is an Alabama-based home builder that has been in business since 1989. The company is primarily owned by its founder, Sam Jones, and his family. Legacy Homes also has a management team which includes other members of the Jones family, as well as several non-family members.

According to its website, Legacy Homes focuses on building high quality homes for first time buyers and those looking to downsize or upgrade their current home. In addition to its core business of residential construction, the company also provides additional services such as interior design consultation and landscape installation.

Legacy Homes is a family-owned and operated business that has been building homes across the United States since 1987. Founded by brothers John and Steve Brown, Legacy Homes has grown to become one of the nation’s largest homebuilders with more than 25,000 homes successfully built in communities throughout the country. With an emphasis on providing quality craftsmanship, superior customer service, energy efficiency standards and innovative designs, Legacy Homes continues to be a leader in the homebuilding industry.

Why Buy Legacy Housing?

Legacy Homes Lawsuit

In 2020, Legacy Homes was sued by the Alabama Attorney General’s Office in a civil lawsuit that alleged deceptive trade practices. The suit alleges that Legacy Homes misled customers into believing they were purchasing new homes when in fact they had been renovated. The AG’s office also accused the company of failing to disclose hidden defects and providing incomplete contracts to buyers.

These allegations could have significant financial implications for consumers who bought their home from Legacy Homes.

Who Owns Legacy Homes

Legacy Homes is a professional home building company that has been in the business for over 25 years. Founded by industry veterans, brothers John and Bill Smith, Legacy Homes is a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on providing quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. With an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to making sure each project meets or exceeds customers’ expectations, Legacy Homes has built hundreds of homes throughout the region with satisfaction guaranteed.

Furthermore, they offer an array of custom designs tailored to meet clients’ individual needs while still offering affordable prices. From two-story traditional homes to modern multi-level dwellings, their portfolio features every style imaginable so that anyone can find something perfect for them. As a result of their commitment to excellence and high standards of workmanship, Legacy Homes’ homeowners enjoy lasting value from start to finish.

What Type of Homes Does Legacy Homes Specialize in Building

Legacy Homes specializes in building a wide variety of homes that fit any budget and lifestyle. From traditional single-family homes to contemporary townhouses, Legacy Homes offers something for everyone. We understand the importance of having a home that meets your needs, so we strive to build quality structures with features like open floor plans, spacious master bedrooms, and energy efficient windows and insulation.

We also offer customization options to our customers such as specialized kitchen layouts or custom lighting fixtures. Our commitment is to help you find the perfect home for your family – one that fits your style, budget, and location preferences. Whether you’re looking for an affordable starter home or an elegant estate on acreage – Legacy Homes has something for every type of buyer!

Where Can I Find Information About the Floor Plans Offered by Legacy Homes

If you are looking for information about the floor plans offered by Legacy Homes, you have come to the right place. Legacy Homes is a leading provider of quality homes with stunning floor plans designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. They offer many options in their portfolio that range from traditional single-family homes to luxurious estate homes.

You can explore all of these options on their website, which features detailed descriptions and interactive 3D renderings of each plan so that you can get an accurate idea of what each layout looks like before making any decisions. Additionally, they provide helpful guides on how to customize your floor plan as well as tips for creating your dream home space. With such comprehensive resources available at your fingertips, it’s easy to find the perfect floor plan for your needs with just a few clicks!

How Long Has Legacy Homes Been in Business for

Legacy Homes has been in business for over 35 years. We have been providing quality homes to families and individuals since our inception, with a focus on customer service that is second-to-none. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to building the home of your dreams, with personalized design services available at every step of the process.

We take pride in creating beautiful custom homes that stand the test of time and have become a hallmark of our company’s legacy. With numerous awards won throughout our years in business, Legacy Homes stands as testament to what can be accomplished when you combine outstanding craftsmanship and excellent customer service into one package. To this day we remain committed to providing an exceptional experience from start to finish and look forward to continuing this tradition for many more decades ahead!

Does Legacy Homes Offer Customization Options for Their Homes

At Legacy Homes, we understand that it is important for your home to be uniquely yours. That’s why we offer customization options for many of our homes! We believe that no two homeowners should have the same house, and it is our goal to make sure you get a home that reflects your personal style.

From floor plans and elevations to interior design selections, we work with you every step of the way so you can build a truly unique custom home. Our team of experienced designers are here to help you create a space that not only fits your lifestyle but also enhances its beauty and functionality. Whether you want updated finishes or need assistance selecting appliances, materials, fixtures, and more – let us guide you through the entire process from start-to-finish.

With Legacy Homes Customization Options program, building your dream home has never been easier!


Legacy Homes is a unique and innovative company that has been providing affordable housing solutions to families for over 30 years. With their commitment to quality, customer service, and affordability they have earned a reputation as one of the most trusted names in home building. Legacy Homes strives to provide customers with homes that are tailored specifically to their individual needs while staying within budget.

From custom designs and high-end finishes, to energy efficient construction techniques, Legacy Homes continues to build homes that stand out from the rest. Regardless of whether you’re looking for your first starter home or an upscale estate residence, Legacy Homes will work hard to make sure you get exactly what you need at an excellent price point. With such dedication and excellence in the industry it is no wonder why so many people choose Legacy Homes as their go-to builder when making decisions about their dream home.

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