Who Owns Loretta Lynns Childhood Home

Loretta Lynn’s childhood home is owned by the Loretta Lynn Ranch and Campground. The ranch, located in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, was purchased by Loretta and her husband Mooney in 1966 as a vacation spot for their family. In 1982 it was opened to the public as a campground and music venue.

Today, the ranch covers over 1,000 acres of land and includes a museum dedicated to Loretta’s life and career. Visitors can take guided tours of her childhood home which has been preserved just as it looked when she lived there during her formative years. Additionally, guests can stay overnight at one of many cabins or enjoy live performances in an outdoor amphitheater on site.

Loretta Lynn’s childhood home is located in Butcher Holler, Kentucky and has been passed down through generations of the Webb family. The property is owned today by Loretta Lynn’s son, Ernest Ray “Ernie” Lynn Jr., who still makes his home in the area with his wife and children. Although the house isn’t open to visitors, it serves as a reminder of Loretta Lynn’s humble beginnings and her rise to country music fame.

Tour of Butcher Hollow- Loretta Lynn’s Childhood Home- Part 1

Is Loretta Lynn’S Childhood Home Still Standing

Loretta Lynn’s childhood home, located in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, is still standing today. Built in 1936 by her father Melvin Webb and his brother-in-law Charles Parton, the house has been restored to its original condition and is now open for public tours. Visitors can see the small two-room house with a wood stove for heat and a well outside for water—just as it was when Loretta Lynn lived there as a child.

Who Owns the Loretta Lynn Ranch?

The Loretta Lynn Ranch, located in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, is owned by the country music legend herself. The ranch was purchased by Loretta and her husband Doolittle “Mooney” Lynn in 1966 when they decided to move from their home in Washington State to seek a simpler lifestyle. Today, it serves as both a tourist destination and an active working farm where visitors can indulge in activities such as fishing, horseback riding, swimming and more while learning about the history of this beloved singer-songwriter.

In addition to being open for tours throughout the year, the ranch also plays host to numerous events including concerts featuring some of today’s most popular artists and festivals celebrating all things country music. From its humble beginnings over 50 years ago to its current status as one of the top attractions in middle Tennessee; it is clear that Loretta Lynn has made sure that her legacy will live on through this property for many years to come!

What Happened to Loretta Lynn’S Home?

In 2012, Loretta Lynn’s beloved home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee was devastated by a tornado. The storm ripped through the property and destroyed much of it including the main house, an outdoor stage area and other buildings. Many of her prized possessions were lost in the wreckage but thankfully no one was hurt.

In recent years there has been a massive effort to rebuild and restore Lynn’s childhood home which she once described as “a place I could go when things weren’t going right”. With help from fellow country stars including Blake Shelton and Alan Jackson, Lynn oversaw the re-construction of everything that had been lost. She even went so far as to replicate every detail from its original state using old photographs for reference material.

Today, Loretta Lynn’s home is better than ever with a few modern updates such as solar-panels for energy efficiency and new structures like cabins for guests to stay in while visiting the legendary singer at her now restored property.

Who Gets Loretta Lynn’S House?

Loretta Lynn is an iconic figure in country music, and her house has become a symbol of her successful career. Recently, Lynn announced that she will be giving away her house to a lucky fan. The winner will get the keys to the home and all its contents, including furniture, antiques, photographs and other memorabilia.

The only catch is that they must move into the house within 30 days of winning it. This generous offer from Loretta Lynn has been met with excitement from both die-hard fans and those who may not have heard of her before but are eager to win such an amazing prize. While it’s unclear exactly who will end up getting the keys to this beloved property, one thing is certain – whoever does will have an incredible opportunity to live in a piece of country music history!

Where is Loretta Lynn Parents Buried?

Loretta Lynn’s parents, Melvin Theodore “Ted” Webb and Clara Marie (Ramey) Webb, were both buried in Buttons Chapel Cemetery near their hometown of Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. The cemetery overlooks the small town and is located on a hillside just off KY-7. Loretta visited her parents’ gravesite often in her early years and has said that it was there she discovered her passion for country music when singing to them as a child.

Ted passed away from cancer in 1959, while Clara died from complications due to diabetes five years later. Both are remembered fondly by family members who still visit the cemetery to pay their respects regularly; it provides comfort knowing they will always be close by despite living so far apart today.


The legacy of Loretta Lynn and her childhood home in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky will live on forever. Despite the fact that she hasn’t owned it since 1975, it still remains an important piece of her history as well as a reminder of her humble beginnings. Her story continues to inspire many people around the world and is sure to remain embedded in country music lore for years to come.

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