Who Owns Lund Boats

Lund Boats is owned by Brunswick Corporation, a leading manufacturer of recreational boats, marine parts and accessories. Lund Boats was acquired by Brunswick in 1989 and has been part of their family of brands ever since. Founded in 1948, the company produces a variety of fishing boats including aluminum deep v-hulls, fiberglass multi species and fish ‘n play models as well as pontoon boats.

The brand is best known for its quality craftsmanship combined with innovative features such as G3 hull technology for improved performance on the water. Today Lund Boats are sold around the world through an expansive network of authorized dealerships providing consumers with access to a comprehensive selection of products backed by unparalleled customer service.

Lund Boats has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality fishing boats since 1948. The company is family owned and operated, passing from father to son for three generations before being sold to Brunswick Corporation in 2005. Under the leadership of the founder, Karl Lund, and his sons, the company quickly became known for its innovative designs and durable construction.

Today, Lund Boats continues to provide customers with top-of-the-line craftsmanship along with excellent customer service and warranty programs that ensure years of enjoyment on the water.

A History Of Lund Boats | Full Documentary | Lund Boats

Who Owns Crestliner Boats

Crestliner Boats is a privately owned company based in Minnesota and has been manufacturing boats since 1946. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of aluminum fishing boats, pontoon boats and jon boats, as well as offering an extensive line of accessories for each type of boat. The company is currently owned by Brunswick Corporation, which acquired it in 2003.

What Company Makes Lund Boats?

Lund Boats, founded in 1948 by Otto Lund and based out of New Brighton, Minnesota, is one of the most prominent boat manufacturers in North America. Their boats are known for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. They offer a wide range of models from aluminum fishing boats to fiberglass runabouts and pontoon boats.

All Lund Boats are built with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology that make them some of the safest and most reliable vessels on the water today. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality, customer service, innovation, safety standards, and environmental sustainability practices. In addition to manufacturing high-quality boats for recreational use, they also supply commercial grade vessels for law enforcement agencies coast guard units as well as government entities around the world.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly vessel or an off-shore workhorse – Lund Boat has something that will meet all your needs!

Does Lund Own Mercury?

No, Lund does not own Mercury. Mercury is a brand of the American manufacturer, Brunswick Corporation. The company was founded in 1845 and has been designing and manufacturing recreational boats since then.

They are best known for their aluminum fishing boats which have become iconic over the years. While Lund does produce quality recreational fishing boats similar to those from Mercury, they do not actually own or control the company itself. Instead, all production and sales of such vessels remain solely with Brunswick Corporation.

So while Lund may be an excellent source for purchasing your next boat, you will need to look elsewhere if you’re searching for one with a Mercury logo on it!

When Did Brunswick Buy Lund Boats?

In 1996, Brunswick Corporation acquired Lund Boats and made it a part of their portfolio. Prior to this acquisition, Lund was already one of the leading aluminum fishing boat manufacturers in North America with over 40 years’ experience in building boats specifically designed for anglers. With the new partnership between Brunswick and Lund, they further solidified their dominance within the market by introducing an even wider variety of models and options that would appeal to any type of fisherman or recreational boater.

The combination also allowed them access to more resources which resulted in better quality control as well as increased production capabilities. This enabled them to meet customer demands faster while still maintaining high levels of craftsmanship throughout each model line-up. As such, since its acquisition nearly 25 years ago, Lund has become one of the top aluminum fishing boat brands on the market today thanks largely in part due to its relationship with Brunswick Corporation.

Who is the Founder of Lund Boats?

The founder of Lund boats is Omar K. Lund, a man who has been passionate about fishing and boating from a very young age. Growing up in Minnesota, he was never far from the many lakes and rivers that populated his home state, so it’s no surprise that as an adult he found himself drawn to the water even more than before. After working for several boat manufacturers over the years, he decided to start his own business and founded Lund Boats in 1948 with just one simple goal: To make sure every angler had access to a quality boat at an affordable price.

Through hard work and dedication, Lund was able to achieve this goal by creating some of the best aluminum fishing boats on the market today – all while maintaining competitive prices across their entire product line.


The Lund Boat Company is a leader in the recreational boating industry and has been for over 65 years. Their commitment to their customers, quality craftsmanship, and innovation have made them one of the most respected names in fishing boats. Whether you are an avid fisherman who loves to get out on the water or someone looking for a reliable boat that will last many seasons, Lund Boats is your best bet.

With their solid construction and long-term reliability, you can be sure that your investment will stand up to anything Mother Nature throws at it.

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