Who Owns Maxwell House

Maxwell House is owned by Kraft Heinz, which is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world. The brand was acquired from Sara Lee Corporation in 2012 for $3.2 billion dollars. Kraft Heinz has since grown Maxwell House into a global coffee powerhouse, with products now available in more than 25 countries around the world.

In addition to its signature blend of ground coffee, Maxwell House also offers an extensive range of instant coffees and specialty drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. Its products are widely popular throughout North America and Europe, where it holds a large market share among consumers looking for convenient but quality tasting coffee options.

Maxwell House is one of the oldest and most beloved coffee brands in America. It was founded by Joel Cheek in 1892, but it wasn’t until 1928 when General Foods Corporation purchased the brand that Maxwell House became a household name. Today, the Maxwell House brand is owned by Kraft Heinz Company, which acquired it from its former parent company, Mondelez International Inc., in 2018.

Through its long history with some of America’s biggest companies, Maxwell House has become an iconic part of American culture and a symbol for quality coffee products around the world.

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Did Robert Maxwell Own Maxwell House Coffee

Robert Maxwell, the late British media mogul, did not own Maxwell House Coffee. The brand was originally created by two wholesale grocers from Nashville in 1892 and eventually acquired by General Foods in 1928. It is now owned by Kraft Heinz Company which purchased it from Mondelez International in 2018.

Who Owns Folgers And Maxwell House?

J.M. Smucker Co. is the proud owner of both Folgers and Maxwell House, two iconic American coffee brands that have been providing Americans with delicious cups of joe since the late 1800s. Folgers was launched in 1850 by San Francisco grocer James A. Folger and it quickly became a staple in many households across the country thanks to its bold flavor, affordability, and convenience. Meanwhile, Maxwell House was first introduced in 1892 by wholesale grocery company Joel Cheek & George Washington Hill who named it after Nashville’s world-famous Maxwell House Hotel which hosted U.S presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft during their visits to Tennessee’s capital city.

Where is Maxwell House Made?

Maxwell House coffee is a popular brand of pre-ground coffee that has been around since 1892. The company has grown to become one of the most recognized names in the coffee industry, and their coffees have a long tradition of being both flavorful and affordable. But where exactly is Maxwell House made?

The answer is that Maxwell House’s production facilities are located in Tennessee, USA. In particular, they operate two plants in Jackson and Chattanooga which produce all sorts of ground coffees as well as instant espresso powder mixes. These plants employ over 800 people from the local community who work together to bring you your favorite cup of joe every morning!

From roasting the beans to grinding them up for packaging or even making special requests for certain flavors or blends – it’s all done right here onsite so you know you can trust the quality and consistency with each purchase.

How Much is Maxwell House Worth?

Maxwell House is a well-known American brand of coffee that has been around since the early 1900s. It’s estimated to be worth $1 billion dollars today. The company was founded by Joel Owsley Cheek and John Neal in 1892, and it started out as a small retail store in Nashville, Tennessee.

After years of success selling its famous blend of coffee beans, the Maxwell House brand began to become nationally recognized for its quality products. In 1928, General Foods Corporation bought the company for $4 million dollars and continued to produce instant coffees, teas and other beverages under the Maxwell House name. Today, Maxwell House is owned by Kraft Heinz Company and is one of their most popular brands worldwide with an annual revenue of over $2 billion dollars.

With such a high net worth it’s no wonder why this iconic coffee brand continues to thrive even after more than 120 years in business!

What is the Maxwell House Controversy?

The Maxwell House controversy is a debate surrounding the advertising for the popular coffee brand. The campaign, which was launched in 2012, featured images of Black families and children in an effort to make Maxwell House more appealing to African-American consumers. While some praised the company’s efforts in diversifying their marketing strategy, others were outraged that such stereotypical images were being used to sell a product.

Critics argued that these types of ads perpetuate negative stereotypes about African-Americans and further marginalize them within society. Others noted that while it may have been well intentioned, the campaign completely missed its mark by using outdated and offensive tropes instead of celebrating Black culture in its entirety. In response to this backlash, Maxwell House pulled all promotional material featuring these images from circulation and issued an apology on their website.


Overall, this blog post has revealed the interesting history of Maxwell House coffee and demonstrated that it is still a popular brand today. We learned about its humble beginnings in Tennessee and how it was acquired by Kraft General Foods in 1928. Later, we discovered that the company had gone through several ownership changes before eventually being purchased by parent company Jacobs Douwe Egberts in 2018.

Finally, we saw how Maxwell House’s commitment to quality has kept them at the forefront of the industry for over 130 years and counting. This post serves as an example of why Maxwell House remains one of America’s favorite brands to this day!

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