Who Owns Mazzaros Italian Market

Mazzaro’s Italian Market is owned by the Mazzaro family, who have been running the business since 1978. The store was founded by Tony and Mary Mazzaro and remains in their family today. Their son, Joe Mazzaro, now owns and operates the store with assistance from his siblings Carmela, Angela and Paul.

The market offers a variety of Italian products such as specialty meats, cheeses, oils and breads. In addition to selling groceries they also offer catering services for special events like weddings or corporate functions. The store has become an iconic landmark in St Petersburg Florida due to its unique atmosphere that blends traditional values with modern sensibilities.

Mazzaro’s Italian Market is an iconic grocery store located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Owned and operated by the Mazzaro family since its opening in 1976, it has become a beloved local landmark for locals and tourists alike. With over 20,000 square feet of specialty items from around the world and fresh produce grown on their own farm, Mazzaro’s provides customers with an unparalleled grocery shopping experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking for imported Italian delicacies or just basic necessities like bread and eggs, Mazzaro’s has something for everyone!

Mazzaro’s Italian Market in St. Pete | Taste and See Tampa Bay

Mazzaro’S Italian Market Menu

Mazzaro’s Italian Market offers a wide variety of delicious Italian dishes and desserts. From traditional favorites like lasagna and cannolis to more innovative offerings such as paninis and brick oven pizzas, Mazzaro’s has something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or looking for an elaborate feast, Mazzaro’s menu is sure to satisfy your cravings!


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Who Owns Mazzaro’S Italian Market

Mazzaro’s Italian Market is a family-owned and operated deli, bakery, market and café located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The business has been an integral part of the city since its establishment in 1996 by brothers Tony and Joe Mazzaro. Since then it has become a beloved local landmark that offers customers unique products from Italy as well as other parts of the globe.

From homemade pasta to imported cheeses and wines, Mazzaro’s provides delicious options for every taste bud. With their dedication to quality ingredients and warm customer service, it’s no wonder why locals keep coming back for more! Paired with live music on Saturdays and an outdoor seating area complete with bocce ball courts – Mazzaro’s Italian Market truly offers something special for everyone who visits them!

Mazzaro’S Italian Market is Owned And Operated by the Decicco Family, Who Have Been Serving Customers in St

Petersburg since 1977 Mazzaro’s Italian Market has been proudly owned and operated by the DeCicco family for over forty years. Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Mazzaro’s is a true local gem that offers customers an incredible variety of imported Italian foods and specialty items.

From freshly-baked bread to homemade pasta sauces, you can find almost anything at Mazzaro’s—all with the same commitment to quality that the DeCicco family has held since they first opened their doors in 1977. Even better than their selection is the friendly service you get when visiting; everyone here strives to make sure your shopping experience is as enjoyable as possible, whether it be with helpful advice on what ingredients are needed for a new recipe or assistance carrying out heavy bags of groceries! Stop by today and see why generations of locals have relied on Mazzaro’s for all their Italian food needs!

Petersburg Since 1978

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Its waterfront location provides excellent views of the James River, as well as easy access to other local attractions like museums, parks and restaurants. The city also boasts an impressive selection of shopping centers, entertainment venues, healthcare services and educational institutions that are constantly expanding their offerings. With so much going on within its boundaries – including major sports teams – it’s no wonder that more people than ever before have chosen to call Petersburg home since 1978!


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Where is Mazzaro’S Located

Mazzaro’s is a specialty Italian gourmet food and gift shop located in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. Located on Central Avenue, it has been serving the Tampa Bay community for over 30 years with its unique selection of imported foods from Italy. Mazzaro’s offers customers an extensive line of quality Italian specialties ranging from cheeses, meats and olives to pastas, sauces and breads as well as a full service deli counter which allows guests to order made-to-order sandwiches or create their own meal creations.

In addition to its delicious food offerings, patrons can also browse through Mazzaro’s impressive selection of traditional Italian gifts such as pottery, linens and collectibles that are perfect for any occasion or just to show off your heritage! Whether you’re looking for something classic like homemade ravioli or want something modern like spicy salami pizza – Mazzaro’s is sure to have something that fits your taste buds!

Mazzaro’S Italian Market is Located at 2909 22Nd Ave N, Saint Petersburg, Fl 33713-5437, United States of America

Mazzaro’s Italian Market, located at 2909 22nd Ave N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33713-5437 in the United States of America is a great place to experience all the sights, smells and tastes of old world Italy. With its wide selection of imported grocery items from Italy, Mazzaro’s offers an authentic taste that you can’t find anywhere else with products like olive oils and cheeses straight from Europe. The market also has a variety of fresh seafood selections as well as delicious prepared foods such as sandwiches and salads made daily right in their kitchen.

Lastly they have an extensive wine selection featuring some of the finest wines produced throughout Italy – perfect for creating your own unique culinary creations or just enjoying with friends over dinner! Whether you’re looking to add some international flavor to your cooking or simply want to explore new flavors, Mazzaro’s Italian Market has something for everyone!

Q3 What Type of Products Does Mazzaro’S Offer

Mazzaro’s is a family-run Italian grocery store that offers an impressive selection of groceries, cheeses, meats, seafood and more. The products they offer range from everyday staples like olive oil and pasta to specialty items like prosciutto di Parma and imported balsamic vinegars. In addition to the array of ingredients for cooking delicious Italian meals, Mazzaro’s also offers prepared foods such as lasagna, arancini, pizza rustica and other savory dishes ideal for entertaining or when you just don’t feel like cooking.

You’ll also find freshly baked breads made in their own bakery as well as handmade ravioli filled with rich ricotta cheese. All these products are perfect for creating memorable Italian dinners at home or providing your friends with authentic Italian snacks and appetizers.

Mazzaro’S Offers a Wide Selection of Imported Groceries from Italy As Well As Fresh Produce, Deli Items And Prepared Foods Like Pizza And Pasta Dishes to Take Home Or Eat On-Site in Their Café Area With an Extensive Wine List Featuring Some Hard-To-Find Labels from around the World

Mazzaro’s is the go-to destination for anyone looking to experience authentic Italian flavors. Not only do they offer a vast selection of imported groceries from Italy, but also fresh produce, deli items and delicious prepared foods like pizza and pasta dishes. If you’re in need of something quick or want to enjoy your food on site, their café area has plenty of options.

To make it even better, they have an extensive wine list that features some hard-to-find labels from around the world – perfect for pairing with any dish! With Mazzaro’s convenient location in downtown St Petersburg and all these amazing offerings, you can be sure that your next Italian culinary experience will be nothing short of spectacular!


Mazzaro’s Italian Market is an iconic landmark in the St. Petersburg, Florida area that provides customers with a unique shopping experience. The store has been owned and operated by the Mazzaros since they opened its doors in 1975, making it one of the oldest family-run businesses in the city. From their variety of Italian specialties to their commitment to excellent customer service, Mazzaro’s is a beloved staple for locals and tourists alike.

With their commitment to quality products and services, it’s no wonder why people have been visiting Mazzaro’s for over 45 years!

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