Who Owns Msc Cruise Lines

Msc Cruises is owned by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a global shipping company based in Geneva, Switzerland. MSC was founded in 1970 by Gianluigi Aponte and has become one of the world’s leading container shipping companies. In 1987, it established its cruise line division – Msc Cruises – which operates 15 luxury vessels that sail to more than 180 ports of call around the world.

The fleet offers an array of itineraries for travelers looking for an upscale vacation experience on board luxurious ships with gourmet dining, modern amenities and curated entertainment options. MSC also owns two private island resorts located in the Caribbean— Ocean Cay Marine Reserve and Costa Maya Mahahual—where passengers can enjoy tropical beaches and activities like snorkeling or kayaking while they’re ashore.

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line, owned and operated by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). Founded in Naples, Italy in 1987, MSC Cruises offers guests a luxurious and immersive cruising experience featuring some of the most modern ships available. With destinations ranging from Europe to Africa to South America, MSC Cruises has something for everyone!

MSC Cruises – Our History

Msc Cruises

Msc Cruises is a global cruise company that offers luxurious holidays to exciting destinations around the world. With itineraries ranging from seven-night Mediterranean explorations to longer voyages of discovery, Msc Cruises has something for everyone. Onboard amenities include upscale dining options, spacious accommodations and entertainment tailored to all ages.

Guests can also enjoy onboard activities such as swimming pools, fitness centers and interactive shows while they explore ports of call in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Is Msc Owned by Royal Caribbean?

No, MSC Cruises is not owned by Royal Caribbean. It is an Italian cruise line founded in 1987 by Gianluigi Aponte and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. MSC stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company and the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest passenger shipping lines today with ships operating around the globe from Northern Europe to South America.

The company prides itself on providing a luxurious cruise experience at an affordable price, while also providing excellent customer service and safety standards. In addition to its own fleet of 16 vessels, MSC recently partnered with Costa Cruises making it part of Carnival Corporation & plc as a sister brand.

Who is Msc Cruise Line Owned By?

MSC Cruises is a Swiss-based cruise line, owned by the MSC Group. Founded in 1987 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC operates a fleet of 19 ships cruising to over 200 destinations around the world. Known for its Mediterranean cruises and its commitment to quality service and standards, MSC has been steadily growing as one of the top players in global cruise travel over recent years.

As part of MSC Group’s operations which include ports, shipping lines and other transportation services across Europe, Asia and South America – this brand offers passengers an unbeatable combination of luxury holiday experiences with value for money packages that have made it popular with both families and younger travelers alike.

Which Cruise Company Does Msc Cruises Belong To?

MSC Cruises is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cruise companies. It belongs to the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), a privately owned global shipping company founded in 1970. MSC has grown from its original two offices in Italy and Geneva, Switzerland, to become one of the top ten container liner operators worldwide with over 500 vessels operating on more than 200 routes between 400 ports across five continents.

The cruise arm was launched in 2003 and since then MSC Cruises has expanded rapidly, serving millions of passengers every year with a fleet of 17 ships including several luxury vessels that offer exclusive amenities like private butlers for all cabins, fine dining experiences featuring Michelin-star cuisine, spas offering unique treatments inspired by ancient cultures around the world and much more. As part of their commitment to sustainability they have also reduced their environmental footprint through innovative technology such as waste heat recovery systems, energy efficient hulls and advanced air quality control systems onboard their ships. With an ever-growing portfolio of destinations throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and South America – as well as Caribbean cruises departing from Miami – MSC Cruises offers something for everyone who wants to explore some truly remarkable places aboard luxurious floating resorts that are sure to make your holiday unforgettable!

How Many Cruise Ships Does Msc Own?

MSC Cruises, one of the largest privately-owned cruise lines in the world, is proud to boast a fleet of 17 modern and luxurious ships. With vessels ranging from smaller contemporary vessels to larger family friendly liners, MSC’s impressive fleet has something for everyone. The company operates two major classes of ship: Meraviglia class and Seaside class.

Among them are some of the largest cruise ships ever built including MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina and MSC Bellissima – all part of their Meraviglia Class. Their Seaside Class includes four ships; namely MSC Seaview ,MSc Seaside ,MSC Armonia and MSV Seashore . Depending on your desired itinerary or budget requirements you can choose between these two different types if you wish to sail with MSC Cruises.

All 17 vessels offer unparalleled amenities such as stunning outdoor spaces that include plenty of sun loungers perfect for soaking up some rays whilst cruising along the Mediterranean Sea or Atlantic Ocean. With great onboard entertainment options plus fantastic dining venues offering mouth-watering cuisine prepared by award winning chefs, there is no doubt that an experience with an MCS Cruise will be unforgettable!


It can be concluded that MSC Cruise Lines is owned by Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). The company was founded in 1987, and has grown to become one of the largest cruise lines in the world. With over 500 destinations across the globe, MSC provides its customers with unique experiences and a great value for their money.

Its commitment to customer service excellence makes it an attractive option for travelers looking for a memorable cruising experience.

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