Who Owns Northgate Market

Northgate Market is a family-owned and operated supermarket chain in Southern California. The company was founded by Ramon Fernandez in 1980, who continues to own and operate the business with his sons, Carlos, Armando and Raul. Northgate Market has over 54 locations throughout California that serve Mexican cuisine as well as traditional American products.

They offer fresh produce, deli meats and cheeses, seafood, organic selections along with pre-packaged grocery items. Their mission is to provide customers with quality products at an affordable price while offering exceptional customer service. Northgate Markets are committed to providing their local communities with excellent food options while also supporting local businesses through their supplier network of vendors from all around the world.

Northgate Market is one of the most popular and well-known Hispanic grocery store chains in California. Founded in 1980, Northgate currently has over 80 stores throughout the state. The company is owned by four generations of the González family, who are proud to have grown their small business into a major player in California’s Latino market.

With its commitment to quality products and excellent customer service, Northgate is proud to be part of the Hispanic community for more than four decades.

Northgate Market Customer Spotlight

Miguel Gonzalez Reynoso Net Worth

Miguel Gonzalez Reynoso is a Mexican businessman who has an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion according to Forbes. He made his fortune through Grupo Industrial Protexa, which he founded in 1978 and now owns more than 20 companies in fields such as energy, real estate, retail, and construction. Gonzalez Reynoso has served as the Chairman of the Board since its founding and is considered one of Mexico’s most successful business leaders.

Who is the Owner of Northgate Market?

Northgate Market is a chain of grocery stores located in California, Arizona and Nevada. Founded by the Meza family in 1980, Northgate Market has grown to become one of the largest Hispanic-owned supermarkets in the United States. The company is currently owned and operated by fourth generation members of the Meza family.

Over 40 years ago, Juan Meza opened his first store with a vision to provide fresh produce, quality meats and high value items to his community at affordable prices. Today, Northgate Markets are still rooted in that same commitment while providing an extensive selection of traditional Hispanic products. Each store strives to give customers excellent service and an enjoyable shopping experience within bright clean stores full of friendly faces ready to assist shoppers every step along their journey.

From freshly made tortillas for breakfast burritos or carnitas tacos for dinner parties – there’s something for everyone at Northgate Market!

Who is the Ceo of Northgate?

The CEO of Northgate is Dan Finnegan. He was appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer in March 2019 and has since been leading the firm’s strategic direction, growth and expansion. With over 20 years of executive level experience in the financial services industry, Dan brings an extensive background to the role including his most recent position at JP Morgan Chase & Co., where he served as Managing Director, Global Head of Corporate Banking for 10 years prior to joining Northgate.

During his tenure at JP Morgan Chase, Dan was responsible for managing a team of more than 1,500 professionals and delivering strong returns on investments by executing corporate banking strategies across Europe and Asia Pacific regions. His track record includes key successes such as increasing global transaction volumes by 50%, expanding market share through successful new product launches and driving business profitability with innovative financing solutions. At Northgate he leads a talented team that seeks to create value for customers through technology-enabled solutions while maintaining its focus on service excellence.

How Many Northgate Gonzalez Markets are There?

Northgate Gonzalez Markets is a chain of supermarkets located in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Founded in 1964 by brothers Robert and Richard Gonzalez, Northgate has grown to become one of the largest Hispanic-owned grocery store chains in the United States. Currently there are over 60 Northgate Gonzalez Markets throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada – making it easy to find a convenient location near you!

Each store offers customers a unique shopping experience with an extensive selection of fresh produce and ethnic foods from around the world. From Mexican specialties like tortillas and tamales to Central American favorites like pupusas and plantains – Northgate has something for everyone’s palate. Additionally, each market features full-service pharmacies where customers can fill prescriptions as well as purchase health products or receive medical advice from bilingual pharmacists.

With their commitment to quality products at competitive prices backed by friendly customer service – it’s no wonder why so many people shop at Northgate Gonzalez Markets!

How Did Northgate Market Get Its Name?

Northgate Market is a chain of grocery stores located in California and Mexico. The company has been around since the 1950s, but how did it get its name? It turns out that the store was named after Northgate Avenue in Los Angeles, where one of their first locations opened up.

In fact, back when they started out, they had just two stores on either side of Northgate Avenue! This location proved to be quite successful for them as its proximity to residential areas meant that people could come in and shop conveniently without having to drive too far away from home. As their business grew over time, more locations were added around Southern California and eventually into Mexico as well.

Through hard work and dedication to customer service, Northgate Market became an established part of many neighborhoods throughout the region – all thanks to its humble beginnings on Northgate Avenue!


In conclusion, Northgate Market is a beloved Latino-owned grocery store chain in California and beyond. The company was founded by Arthur Moreno Sr., and has grown to include over 50 locations throughout the state from its original location in Anaheim. While the Moreno family remains deeply involved with the business, their sons have taken on increased leadership roles within the organization.

Northgate’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, offering fresh produce at affordable prices, and running local community events demonstrate what makes this grocery store chain unique and special.

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