Who Owns Paisley Park

Paisley Park is the private estate and production complex of the late musician Prince. It was opened in 1988 and located in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The studio complex was designed by architect Bret Thoeny and built at a cost of $10 million.

Paisley Park Studios is now owned by Bremer Trust, which manages Prince’s estate since his death on April 21, 2016. On January 24th 2017 it has been announced that Graceland Holdings LLC has acquired all rights to operate Paisley Park as a museum dedicated to honoring the life and legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson.

Paisley Park is the iconic recording studio, production complex and home of the late great musician Prince. Officially opened in 1987 by Paisley Park Enterprises, Inc., a company owned by Prince himself, it has since become an integral part of pop culture history. After his death in 2016, ownership of Paisley Park was transferred to Comerica Bank & Trust with trustees overseeing its management on behalf of his estate.

In 2019, however, ownership was officially passed onto The Prince Estate who now manage day-to-day operations at the legendary site.

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How Much is Paisley Park Worth

Paisley Park, the legendary home and private studio of music icon Prince, is estimated to be worth approximately $10 million. Located just outside Minneapolis in Chanhassen, Minnesota, the 65 thousand square foot estate is comprised of a recording complex with multiple sound stages and studios as well as living quarters for Prince himself. Paisley Park was opened to the public in 2016 following Prince’s passing that year and has since become a tourist attraction for fans of his music to visit and learn more about him.

Who Inherited Prince’S Money?

When Prince tragically passed away in April 2016, many people were left wondering who would inherit his wealth. According to reports from the time of his death, Prince’s estimated net worth was around $300 million. While much of that money was tied up in property and music catalogs, a substantial amount of it had been set aside for charities and other beneficiaries.

Upon his death, Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson became the sole heir to her brother’s estate as she is the only full sibling he has remaining. However, per Minnesota law both half-brothers and sisters are allowed to share an inheritance if there are no living parents or children involved — meaning that five half-siblings will also receive a portion of Prince’s money according to their shares laid out by him years ago. Unfortunately due to legal issues with various trusts established before his death, it may take some time before all parties involved can access their inheritance; however they should eventually get what is rightfully theirs once everything passes through probate court.

Was Paisley Park Sold?

Yes, Paisley Park was sold in October 2016. The iconic Minneapolis recording complex and home to the legendary artist Prince has been acquired by Comerica Bank & Trust for an undisclosed amount. The 65,000 square foot facility had long been the site of some of music’s most memorable moments with Prince working there from 1985 until his untimely death in April 2016.

It is said that he had even planned to turn it into a museum before his passing. After a public auction process, Comerica received approval from Carver County Judge Kevin Eide on October 11th to purchase the property and become its new owner. While plans have yet to be revealed what will become of the studio complex fans are hopeful that this change means more access than ever before to one of music’s most beloved artists and their works as well as keeping alive his incredible legacy for years to come!

Who Owns Prince’S Music Rights?

The rights to Prince’s music have been a source of contention since he passed away in 2016. His estate has sought to protect the right of his intellectual property, while fans and others seek access to his works. Ultimately, after a long court battle, it was determined that Universal Music Group owns the majority of Prince’s music rights.

This includes master recordings from 1979-1996 as well as publishing rights for songs written by Prince during his lifetime (1978-2016). While there are several other entities that hold smaller pieces of this puzzle—such as Warner/Chappell Music Inc., who holds some copyrights on post 1996 material—Universal is now responsible for licensing and distributing most of Prince’s catalog.

Who Owned Paisley Park Studios?

Paisley Park Studios was owned by the late icon Prince. Located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, it served as the musician and producer’s primary recording complex from 1985 until his death in 2016. The building was named after the hit song “Paisley Park” which appeared on Prince’s album Around The World In A Day.

It featured a variety of recording studios and production facilities including two large sound stages for live performances along with rehearsal rooms, a massive control room and many smaller editing suites where he could record music alone or with others present. Even after his death, Paisley Park remains an important part of musical history; visitors can tour the facility to learn more about its legacy and see some of the unique artifacts left behind by one of music’s greatest icons.


This blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of the history and ownership of Paisley Park. It is clear that Prince was the mastermind behind this iconic music venue, as he laid out his vision for its design and purpose from the start. Although Prince sadly passed away in 2016, his legacy will live on through Paisley Park—a true musical masterpiece that honors his immense talent.

In addition to being an important music landmark, it serves as an inspiring reminder of how powerful creativity can be when given free rein.

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