Who Owns Sarah Rector Mansion

Sarah Rector Mansion is currently owned by the Sarah Rector Park Foundation. It was founded in 2001 with a mission to preserve, protect and restore Mrs. Rector’s home and legacy as well as provide educational opportunities for the public about African-American history in Oklahoma and Tulsa County. The foundation consists of a board of directors, members and volunteers dedicated to maintaining the historic mansion located in North Tulsa, Oklahoma.

They hold various fundraisers throughout the year such as an annual gala dinner which helps them raise funds for restoration efforts on the property and other initiatives related to their mission statement. In addition, they accept donations from individuals who wish to help support their cause. The Sarah Rector Park Foundation prides itself on being able to keep this important piece of history alive for future generations.

The Sarah Rector Mansion is an iconic landmark in Muskogee, Oklahoma. It was built in 1914 by oil heiress Sarah Rector, who became one of the wealthiest African Americans in the United States at that time. The mansion has since been preserved and designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Today, it is owned by the City of Muskogee and operated as a museum dedicated to educating people about African American history and culture. Visitors can explore the Mansion’s grounds, take tours inside its grand rooms, or simply enjoy its unique architecture from afar.

Chronicles of KC: Sarah Rector, KC’s first Black millionaire

Sarah Rector Descendants Today

Today, descendants of Sarah Rector can be found across the world. In 2014, a group of over 200 descended from her gathered in Oklahoma to celebrate their shared heritage and legacy. Several members have pursued higher education and professional success due to the foundation that was laid by Ms. Rector’s pioneering spirit and incredible work ethic which still lives on through them today.

What Happened to Sarah Rector’S Fortune?

Sarah Rector, the first African-American millionaire, had a remarkable rise and fall. Born in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) in 1902, Sarah was only 10 years old when she became an overnight millionaire. In 1913, the United States Supreme Court awarded her family a settlement of nearly $300,000 after they successfully sued for land taken from them by white settlers.

With that money came instant fame and fortune for Sarah along with a flurry of invitations to high society events. However, despite her newfound wealth and status as one of America’s wealthiest citizens at such a young age, Sarah’s fortune quickly dwindled away due to mismanagement by her guardians—the same guardians who had been appointed to protect it. These trustees invested badly in oil speculation but failed to pay income tax on their profits which led to legal battles over the funds between them and the government resulting in further losses for Sarah’s estate.

Over time these missteps drained away much of what could have been an even larger legacy than it already was leaving behind just enough for a comfortable life until her death in 1967 at just 65 years old – not bad considering most Oklahomans were living far below poverty levels during this time period compared to today’s standards.

How Much Money Did Sarah Rector Have?

Sarah Rector was one of the wealthiest African-Americans in history, and her fortune has been estimated to be between $1 million and $2.5 million at its peak. Sarah Rector was born into a family of sharecroppers in Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma) in 1902, but gained her wealth through an oil boom that began when she was only 12 years old. In 1913, her parents leased their land to several oil companies for drilling rights – the money from this lease sale made Sarah wealthy beyond imagination.

She received monthly royalty checks from these leases that amounted to more than $300 per month by 1920 – an incredibly large sum for the time period! This income put Sarah’s net worth far above most other young people of any race or socio-economic background at the time; it allowed her to live lavishly and invest wisely throughout her life.

How Did Sarah Rector Get Her Money?

Sarah Rector was an African-American girl born in Oklahoma in 1902. She became famous as a child due to her financial success at a young age. This came about when, in 1913, the government granted her family 160 acres of land and oil rights as part of the U.S. Indian Allotment Act of 1887, which divided up tribal lands amongst Native American citizens for private ownership and development.

Soon after this grant, a large oil well was discovered on Sarah’s plot of land, bringing with it immense wealth for the young girl—estimates have placed her total fortune at around $1 million by 1915 (equivalent to over $20 million today). Though she had no control over how much money she received each month or year from these investments since they were managed by an adult guardian appointed by the court until she reached adulthood, Sarah Rector is still remembered today as one of America’s earliest black millionaires during that era when opportunities were few and far between for people like her.

Who was the Black Woman Oil Tycoon?

Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman was an influential black woman oil tycoon in the early 1900s. She began her career working as a cook and laundress for oil rigs in Texas, often learning how to operate the machinery and eventually becoming involved with the business side of things. Eventually, she became a successful independent operator with her own drilling company – one of the first African American women to do so.

Bessie’s success allowed her to invest heavily in oil production, leading to many lucrative deals that made her very wealthy. Her influence didn’t end there though; she also used her wealth and influence to help fund other African-American businesses around Oklahoma City, inspiring many others along their entrepreneurial journey. In addition, Elizabeth Coleman is remembered for being an advocate for civil rights during a time when African Americans were treated unfairly throughout society.


In conclusion, Sarah Rector Mansion has an interesting and compelling history. Although the mansion has changed hands many times over the years, its legacy remains intact as a symbol of African American success in early 20th century Oklahoma. The current owners of Sarah Rector Mansion have taken great care to ensure that it will be preserved for generations to come, allowing future visitors the opportunity to learn more about this unique home’s amazing story.

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