Who Owns Saturn Cars

Saturn Corporation is the manufacturer of Saturn cars, which was founded in 1985 and originally operated as a subsidiary of General Motors (GM). In 2009, GM discontinued the production of all Saturn vehicles and subsequently sold the remaining assets to Penske Automotive Group. As part of this transaction, Penske obtained the right to use certain existing trademarks associated with Saturn vehicles.

This means that while Penske owns various physical assets related to designing, manufacturing and selling Saturn vehicles, General Motors still owns rights to use the brand name and related logos.

Saturn cars are a brand of vehicles that were mainly manufactured by General Motors in the 1990s and 2000s. At its peak, Saturn had a lineup of eight different models from sedan to SUV. Though production ceased in 2009 due to GM’s bankruptcy filing, the iconic American car can still be found on used car lots across the country today.

While it is no longer owned or produced by GM, Saturn continues to hold a special place in many hearts as an affordable and reliable vehicle for everyday drivers.

Here’s how Saturn failed at being a different kind of car company

Why are Saturn Cars So Bad

Saturn cars were once known for their dependability and affordability, however as the years went on, Saturns began to be plagued with problems. Many of them had poor build quality and reliability issues due to cheap parts being used in production. Additionally, the lack of available service centers meant that owners often had difficulty finding places to get repairs done.

The discontinuation of the brand by GM in 2009 also limited availability for replacement parts or even just basic maintenance needs. As such, it is easy to see why many people consider Saturns to be a bad car choice today.

Are Saturn Cars Still Made?

Saturn was a subsidiary of General Motors that made cars from 1985 to 2009. Although the brand is no longer in production, many Saturn vehicles are still on the road today. The company’s focus was on creating fuel-efficient and affordable cars for everyday drivers, such as the S-Series and L-Series models.

Although these vehicles have been discontinued, there is still an entire community of Saturn owners who remain loyal to the brand due to its reliability and low cost of ownership. Many parts are also still available for older model Saturns which helps keep them running efficiently over time. Ultimately, although new Saturn cars may not be produced anymore, those looking for used vehicles will likely find several options when searching online or at local dealerships.

Why Did Saturn Cars Go Out of Business?

Saturn cars were produced by General Motors from 1990 to 2010, and in that time the company helped revolutionize the automotive industry. While popular with consumers for their competitive prices, modern designs, no-haggle sales process and customer service programs, Saturn was ultimately unable to compete on a larger scale with more established brands like Ford or Toyota. The main factors contributing to Saturn’s ultimate demise included an inability to create vehicles that appealed to a wide range of consumers; its fairly limited model lineup which lacked any luxury offerings; an unfavorable economic environment which hindered GM’s ability to fund development of new models; as well as strong competition from other automakers.

Additionally, many Saturn dealerships closed down during this period due to GM’s decision not to renew franchise agreements at some locations. All these factors combined led to diminishing sales numbers and eventually the death knell of the brand in October 2009 when GM announced it would discontinue all remaining production lines associated with Saturn.

Are Saturn Cars Worth Buying?

Saturn cars are an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable car. They offer great value, comfort, and fuel efficiency that other manufacturers can’t match. The vehicles come with the latest technology features like Bluetooth connectivity and power windows.

Saturn also offers an array of safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, traction control and more to protect you in case of an accident. Additionally, most models have great warranties which means your vehicle is covered should anything go wrong down the line. When it comes to resale value, Saturn cars hold up their worth quite well due to their overall quality construction.

And if you do decide to purchase one of these vehicles they are backed by GM’s strong customer service network so you know help is always available should any issues arise during ownership. All in all, Saturn cars are definitely worth buying if you’re looking for a dependable ride at an economical price point!


In conclusion, Saturn cars are a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable car. With their long list of safety features, stylish designs, and competitive pricing, they offer a great value that can’t be beat. While General Motors no longer produces these vehicles, there is still an abundance of used models available on the market to choose from.

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used Saturn vehicle, you’ll find plenty of options out there to fit your needs and budget.

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