Who Owns Sinclair Gas Station

Sinclair Oil Corporation is an American petroleum corporation that owns and operates the Sinclair gas station chain. It was founded in 1916 by Harry F. Sinclair, who had previously been involved in oil exploration and refining. The company’s headquarters are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and its primary business focuses on refining, marketing, and transportation of petroleum products such as gasoline, motor oils, lubricants, additives and other products for automotive use.

As of 2020, the company owned or operated more than 1,400 gas stations across 28 states mostly in the Midwest region of the United States with a few locations outside this area.

Sinclair Oil Corporation is one of the largest privately owned companies in the United States and it owns Sinclair Gas Station. Founded in 1916, this gas station chain has grown to include more than 4,700 locations across the country that offer a wide range of fuels and automotive services. The company also operates refineries throughout Wyoming and Montana, providing quality fuel for its customers at competitive prices.

In addition to gasoline, Sinclair offers various convenience store items such as snacks and drinks at many of its locations. With an extensive network of stations nationwide and a strong commitment to customer service, Sinclair Gas Station is a trusted name when it comes to fueling up your vehicle.

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Is Sinclair Gas Good

Sinclair Gas is a reliable, trusted fuel supplier with over 1,400 locations throughout the United States. The gas station chain provides top-quality fuels and competitive pricing on gasoline and diesel, as well as convenience store items such as snacks and beverages. Sinclair also offers rewards programs for customers that provide discounts on fuel purchases.

Overall, Sinclair Gas is an excellent choice for refueling your vehicle or stocking up on snack items for the road.

Who Bought Out Sinclair?

In 2017, Sinclair Broadcast Group, one of the largest TV station owners in the United States, was acquired by Tribune Media Company. The purchase price totalled a whopping $3.9 billion and included all of Sinclair’s broadcast stations as well as its digital platform assets. The acquisition made Tribune Media the largest independent broadcaster in America with more than 200 television stations in over 100 markets across the country.

It also provided them with access to new markets that were previously unavailable due to ownership restrictions set forth by FCC regulations. With this acquisition came an increased scale for both companies which will allow them to better compete against larger media conglomerates such as Disney and Comcast who are dominating the media landscape today. This merger has had a major impact on how viewers consume content from their local news stations and it also created greater opportunities for advertisers looking to reach larger audiences through these channels.

What Family Owns Sinclair Oil?

The Sinclair Oil Corporation is owned by the family of Canadian businessman and philanthropist J. Howard Pew. The company was founded in 1916 by Harry F. Sinclair, a talented entrepreneur who had already made his fortune in oil exploration through his businesses Mammoth Oil and Producers Oil Company. In its early years, the company sought to expand its operations across North America and began drilling for oil in Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Colorado and California.

Over time it became one of the largest independent producers of petroleum products on the continent with more than 10 thousand employees at its peak production period during World War II. It was also noted as being one of the few major companies that did not engage in price fixing or other anti-competitive practices during this period which earned them respect from regulators around the world.

Who Makes Sinclair Gasoline?

Sinclair Oil Corporation is an American petroleum corporation that produces and distributes gasoline, fuel oil, lubricants, and other products. Founded in 1916 by Harry F. Sinclair as the Sinclair Oil & Refining Corporation, the company has been a subsidiary of the larger multinational energy corporation Koch Industries since 1996. The company’s logo features a green dinosaur named Dino which has become ubiquitous in much of its advertising since 1932.

It operates or markets its products in nearly all 50 U.S. states as well as internationally throughout Canada and parts of Europe including France, Italy, Poland and Hungary among others. Its headquarters are located on Westlake Avenue North in Seattle, Washington though it also has offices located around the world from London to Beijing . As such they have a wide variety of customers ranging from individual consumers to large international companies who purchase their product wholesale for resale or use internally at their own sites.


Is Sinclair Part of Exxon?

No, Sinclair is not part of Exxon. In fact, the two companies have a long and complicated history that dates back to their founding in the early 20th century. The two companies began as separate entities but gradually merged over time.

Initially they had an oil-refining joint venture which eventually became the world’s largest refiner of crude oil by volume. Then in 1972, Sinclair purchased Esso (the original name for Exxon) from its parent company Standard Oil Company and changed its name to Exxon Corporation. However in 1999 it was sold again and today operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Corporation with no relation or connection to ExxonMobil whatsoever.

Did Sinclair Get Bought Out?

Yes, Sinclair Broadcast Group was recently bought out in September of 2019. In a deal worth $10.6 billion dollars, Nexstar Media Group announced the acquisition of Sinclair Broadcast Group and its 191 television stations. This merger made Nexstar America’s largest regional broadcaster with 216 total TV stations across the country including 39 of the top 50 markets reaching nearly 40% of all U.S households.

The sale also included 21 Fox affiliates, 19 ABC affiliates and 15 CW affiliates among other networks giving Nexstar an unprecedented reach into local news coverage throughout the nation; further cementing their place as one of the world’s leading media companies with over 6 million customers nationwide.

When Did Arco Buy Sinclair?

In August 2020, ARCO acquired Sinclair Oil Corporation in an all-cash transaction. The acquisition was part of ARCO’s strategic goal to expand its presence in the US retail fuel industry and marked a major milestone for both companies as they look towards future growth opportunities. It also represented one of the largest transactions of its kind, with ARCO paying $1.7 billion for Sinclair’s assets and operations.

With this acquisition, ARCO now has more than 18,000 branded gasoline locations across the United States – making it one of the largest convenience store networks in America. This move is expected to create economies of scale that will allow both companies to benefit from increased efficiencies while delivering enhanced value to their customers. In addition, it will provide access to new markets and customer segments that each company lacked before the merger took place.


Overall, it is clear that Sinclair Gas Station is owned by the company of the same name. Sinclair Oil Corporation has been operating since 1916 and still remains a major player in the American oil industry today. The company owns nearly 1,500 gas stations across the United States and continues to provide quality fuel for its customers.

With a long history of success and reliable performance, Sinclair Gas Station will likely remain popular among drivers for years to come.

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