Who Owns South Baldwin Regional Medical Center

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is owned by Infirmary Health, a non-profit healthcare system based in Mobile, Alabama. It was previously known as South Baldwin Hospital and has been part of the community since 1958. The facility provides comprehensive medical services to residents of southern Baldwin County such as 24-hour emergency care, general surgery, orthopedics, imaging services and more.

In addition to its main hospital campus in Foley, it also operates two offsite primary care clinics located in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Through Infirmary Health’s network of hospitals and clinics across southwestern Alabama and northwestern Florida, South Baldwin Regional Medical Center provides access to highly specialized patient care services that may not be available at other nearby facilities.

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is owned by the South Baldwin Hospital Authority, a not-for-profit public health care organization. The Hospital Authority oversees the hospital’s operations and works to ensure that it provides quality medical services for its patients. They strive to provide safe and effective healthcare for their community as well as promote economic development in the region.

With a mission of providing accessible, high-quality health care, they are committed to serving their local population with compassion and respect.

$200 million expansion of So. Baldwin Regional Medical Center underway

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center Staff

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center staff consists of a wide range of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, technicians and support personnel. They are dedicated to providing quality care and services to the patients in their community. The entire staff is committed to working together as a team and ensuring that all patients receive the best possible care in a warm and welcoming environment.

Who is the Ceo of South Baldwin Regional Medical Center?

The South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is led by an experienced and dynamic executive team. The current CEO is David Adams, who has been the head of this organization since 2014. He brings more than 25 years of experience in health care to his position as he works to further elevate the quality of patient care and community service provided by the center.

With a strong background in both business administration and healthcare management, Mr. Adams’ leadership style is one that focuses on collaboration with staff members at all levels as well as engaging with local businesses and organizations for maximum impact for those served by South Baldwin Regional Medical Center. His goal has always been to ensure that each patient receives superior quality care while ensuring fiscal responsibility so that services are available now and into the future for our community’s residents.

What Level of Trauma is South Baldwin Regional Medical Center?

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is a Level II Trauma Center, which is the second-highest level of trauma care available. The hospital offers 24-hour emergency services and provides advanced life support to both adults and children. The center has a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to providing quality medical care for all patients in an efficient, caring and compassionate manner.

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center has earned numerous awards and recognitions for its commitment to excellence in patient safety, clinical outcomes, cost effectiveness, service delivery and customer satisfaction. As part of this commitment to excellence, the hospital was recently accredited by the American College of Surgeons as a comprehensive Level II Trauma Center – meaning they provide not only basic trauma care but also specialized treatment options such as neurosurgery or orthopedic surgery when needed. This accreditation ensures that South Baldwin Regional Medical Center maintains the highest standards in providing quality healthcare services while meeting stringent requirements set forth by the American College of Surgeons’ Committee on Trauma program guidelines.

In addition to these high levels of trauma care offered at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center, they also have several other specialty programs such as an OB/GYN department with specialized birthing suites designed specifically for women’s health needs; an ICU equipped with state-of-the-art equipment; a full range of outpatient imaging services including MRI scans; and much more. With their dedication to providing excellent medical services combined with their commitment to keeping up with the latest advancements in technology and treatments available today – it makes sense why so many people choose South Baldwin Regional Medical Center for their healthcare needs!

How Many Beds Does South Baldwin Regional Medical Center Have?

South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility providing quality healthcare services to the community of Foley, Alabama. The hospital is equipped with an impressive array of resources and technologies that enable its staff to provide a wide range of medical treatments and procedures. As part of this commitment to excellence, South Baldwin Regional Medical Center has over 300 beds available for patient care.

This includes both general inpatient rooms as well as specialized units such as intensive care, critical care, maternity ward and behavioral health unit among others. In addition to these beds, there are also operating rooms for surgery and advanced imaging technology for diagnosis. With such high quality facilities at their disposal, it’s no wonder why the South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is one of the leading healthcare providers in the region.

Who is the Director of Cullman Regional Medical Center?

The Cullman Regional Medical Center is under the outstanding leadership of Director Dr. Eric A. Foshee, FACHE. Dr. Foshee has been serving as the Medical Center’s director since 2016 and brings a wealth of experience to his role. He holds a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University and is board certified by the American College of Health Care Executives (FACHE).

His background also includes managing hospitals for more than 15 years including positions at St. Vincent’s Birmingham, Brookwood Baptist Health System and DCH Health Systems in Tuscaloosa. In addition to his professional accomplishments, he has served on several boards and committees related to healthcare administration which demonstrates his commitment to improving health care both locally and nationally.


Based on the information in this blog post, it is clear that South Baldwin Regional Medical Center is owned by Infirmary Health. This ownership structure allows for better coordination of care between providers and hospitals throughout south Alabama. As a result, patients can receive quality healthcare services at an affordable price.

This makes South Baldwin Regional Medical Center a great choice for anyone looking for reliable medical care in the area.

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