Who Owns Tanner Medical Center

Tanner Medical Center is owned by Tanner Health System, a non-profit organization. The health system was founded in 1979 to provide healthcare services to the residents of West Georgia and East Alabama. It currently operates three hospitals – Tanner Medical Center/Villa Rica, Carrollton and Monroe – as well as several physician practices and other healthcare facilities throughout the region.

Tanner Health System is governed by an independent board of trustees consisting of community leaders from across the service area who are committed to providing quality care for those they serve.

Tanner Medical Center is owned by Tanner Health System, a not-for-profit organization that provides healthcare and wellness services to the people of Georgia. With three hospitals, two specialty facilities, over 60 physician practice locations and multiple ambulatory sites across west Georgia and east Alabama, Tanner Health System offers comprehensive care for all ages. As part of their commitment to providing quality care close to home, Tanner Health System also invests in community programs and initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Tanner Health System – A History and Mission of Caring

Tanner Medical Center Trauma Level

Tanner Medical Center is a Level II trauma center located in Carrollton, Georgia. This means that it has the capability to provide comprehensive care for all types of traumatic injuries, from minor to life-threatening emergencies. The medical staff at Tanner Medical Center has the necessary expertise and resources to treat patients with multiple traumas or severe injuries that require specialized treatment.

These include orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, critical care medicine, emergency medicine and plastic surgery. With its advanced technology and highly trained staff, Tanner Medical Center can quickly diagnose and treat even the most serious cases of injury or illness.

Who is the Ceo of Tanner Health System?

The CEO of Tanner Health System is Mr. Loy Howard. Mr. Howard has served as the CEO since October 2016 and brings a wealth of experience to his role, having previously held executive positions in both healthcare and business organizations throughout the United States. He holds an MBA from Harvard University, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University.

Under his leadership, Tanner Health System has grown significantly over the past few years through its commitment to providing quality care for all patients by focusing on patient-centered initiatives such as evidence-based practice models, innovative technology solutions and increased access points for services across multiple counties in Georgia.

Who is the Ceo of Tanner Medical Center Carrollton?

The CEO of Tanner Medical Center Carrollton is Mr. David Edwards. He has served in this position since June 2016 and has been instrumental in the growth and development of the medical center’s services, staff, and facilities. Prior to taking on his role as CEO at Tanner Medical Center Carrollton, Mr. Edwards held a variety of executive positions within other healthcare systems across the country including serving as Chief Operating Officer for Tower Health System in Pennsylvania and Vice President of Operations at Ascension Providence Hospital in Michigan.

During his tenure he has been able to leverage his expertise to ensure that Tanner Medical Center Carrollton maintains its commitment to providing quality care with compassion while also focusing on expanding access through innovative programs such as telemedicine visits and remote monitoring technologies for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension. In addition, under Mr. Edward’s leadership Tanner Medical Center Carrollton was recently awarded Level 3 recognition from The Joint Commission for Patient-Centered Care based upon their commitment to patient safety initiatives such as evidence-based practice protocols, patient education materials development, medication reconciliation processes and more – all with an eye toward continually improving outcomes for those they serve.

Is Tanner Health System Nonprofit?

Tanner Health System is a not-for-profit health care organization with four hospitals, three nursing homes and more than fifty physician practices. Founded in 1970 as the Egleston Hospital for Children, Tanner Health System has grown to become one of the largest regional health systems in Georgia. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Tanner Health System works to provide quality healthcare services to communities throughout west Georgia.

The system’s mission is focused on delivering compassionate care that meets individual needs at every stage of life while advancing medical knowledge through research and education programs. Through its commitment to excellence in patient care and service, Tanner Health System strives to improve the lives of those it serves by providing access to world class medical services close to home.

How Many Employees Does Tanner Health System Have?

Tanner Health System is a regional healthcare system that provides services to residents in West Georgia and East Alabama. The Tanner Health System has an impressive network of hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient centers and other health care organizations with over 8500 dedicated employees. This includes physicians and advanced practice providers offering expertise in more than 50 specialties as well as support staff members including nurses, pharmacists, therapists and many others who are committed to providing the best possible care for their patients.

With such a large team of talented professionals working together under one roof, it’s no wonder why the Tanner Health Systems consistently receives high marks from its peers and patients alike.

What is the History of Tanner Medical Center?

Since it was founded in 1950, Tanner Medical Center has been dedicated to providing quality healthcare and compassionate care to the people of Carrollton and West Georgia. The medical center has grown from its humble beginnings as a 25-bed hospital with just five physicians into one of the largest healthcare systems in Georgia. Today, Tanner Medical Center includes two hospitals – Carrollton Regional Medical Center and Tanner Hospital for Women & Children – as well as multiple specialty clinics located throughout the region.

In addition, they provide outpatient services through their ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, physical therapy facilities and other specialized programs such as home health care. Throughout its long history of service to the community, Tanner Medical Center has remained committed to being an innovative leader in patient care while maintaining high standards for safety and quality. With a commitment to continuous improvement through research, education and technology advancement; they strive every day to meet or exceed expectations by providing exceptional healthcare that is accessible when needed most.

What is the Annual Revenue of the Tanner Health System?

The Tanner Health System is a major healthcare provider in the United States, providing quality care to patients throughout the region. As such, it generates significant revenue annually. According to its 2020 financial report, Tanner Health System reported total operating revenue of $1.2 billion for fiscal year 2020; this represents an increase of 6 percent over 2019’s operating revenue.

Additionally, net patient service revenue was approximately $1 billion for 2020 and represented 82% of total operating revenues for the year. Overall, this impressive annual revenue serves as evidence that Tanner Health System continues to grow and thrive despite challenging economic conditions facing many industries today.


In conclusion, Tanner Medical Center is an important medical center in the city of Atlanta and it has a long history. It is owned by WellStar Health System, which is a non-profit health system that provides comprehensive healthcare services to its patients. The hospital has many state-of-the-art facilities, along with experienced staff members who are dedicated to providing quality care.

With its modern equipment and knowledgeable professionals, Tanner Medical Center offers excellent healthcare options for those living in the area.

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