Who Owns the Asher House

The Asher House is owned by the descendants of James and Elizabeth Asher, who built it in 1848. The current owner is a great-great-grandson of the original owners, John David Asher. He has been restoring and maintaining the house since he inherited it from his father in 1978.

The property includes about seven acres of land on a hill overlooking downtown Nashville, Tennessee. It features three stories with eleven rooms including six bedrooms and one bathroom. It also offers an outdoor pool and other amenities for visitors to enjoy during their stay at the house.

The property is open for public tours several days out of the year as well as private rentals when available.

The Asher House, located in the historic district of San Antonio, Texas, is owned by a family whose lineage dates back to the early days of Spanish settlement. The house was built in 1859 by William Asher and his wife Mary Ann on land that had been granted to them by Spain. It has remained in the family for over 150 years and is now owned by their descendants who continue its preservation for future generations to enjoy.

Although there have been some restorations of the exterior and interior throughout the years, much of it remains as it was when it was originally constructed over a century ago.

What Is The Asher House?

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Who is the Man behind Asher House?

The man behind Asher House is an enigmatic figure. His name is John Asher, and he has a passion for helping others in need. He founded the organization to provide housing and resources to those who have fallen on hard times, or are facing financial difficulties due to unexpected circumstances.

With his vision of creating a safe haven for those struggling with life’s struggles, John Asher opened the doors of his home and welcomed many people into it over the years. His dedication to providing comfort and support led him to become known as “the father of modern philanthropy.” Throughout his career, he worked tirelessly towards making sure that everyone had access to basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing.

He also took steps towards changing policies that affected vulnerable populations such as disabled persons or impoverished families. The impact of John’s work can still be felt today through organizations like Asher House which continues his mission by offering assistance in various ways including housing placement services, job training programs, educational opportunities and more. We are forever grateful for all that John has done for our society – thank you Mr.Asher!

Who is Lee Asher Father?

Lee Asher is the son of professional skateboarder and actor Tony Hawk. His father began his career as a professional skateboarder in 1982, when he was just 14 years old. He went on to become one of the most successful skateboarders ever, winning multiple X Games medals and appearing in movies such as “Lords Of Dogtown”.

Lee’s mother is Cindy Hawk, who works as an accountant for her family’s business. It was through Tony that Lee inherited his love for sports and high-energy activities; he has become well known for his own trick skating skills and performances at events around the world. He also draws inspiration from his father’s entrepreneurial spirit; having started several businesses himself including a clothing line called “Asher Clothing”.

With parents like these it’s no wonder that Lee has grown up to be quite an impressive young man!

How Many Acres is The Asher House Sanctuary?

The Asher House Sanctuary is an incredible place for people to come and relax, with its peaceful atmosphere and stunning landscaping. It covers a total of 1,000 acres of land in the Hill Country region of Texas. The sanctuary offers hiking trails winding through canyons, meadows, and creeks that are filled with wildlife.

There are also numerous open areas perfect for picnics or camping out under the stars. Additionally, the grounds host many events throughout the year such as music festivals, art shows and more all while providing visitors a chance to enjoy nature’s beauty at its finest. Whether you are looking for some peace of mind away from city life or just want to take in some breathtaking views while exploring different habitats; The Asher House Sanctuary has something for everyone!

How is Asher House Sanctuary Funded?

Asher House Sanctuary is funded through the generous donations of individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations. We are also supported by grants from local, state and federal government sources. These funds allow us to provide sanctuary for abused and neglected animals in our care.

Our funding helps cover veterinary costs, food expenses, housing costs and other basic needs for the animals we serve. Additionally, Asher House Sanctuary has recently begun accepting cryptocurrency donations as a way to make giving easier for those that would like to support our mission but don’t necessarily have access to traditional forms of payment or donation options. The cryptocurrency donations enable us to receive money from all over the world with no fees taken out so every penny goes towards helping the animals in need at Asher House Sanctuary!


The Asher House is an important piece of history that symbolizes the strength and resilience of African Americans. It has served as a refuge for generations and stands today as a reminder to never forget our past. Its current owners, the Asher Family, are dedicated to preserving the house’s history and honoring its legacy.

Their dedication ensures that future generations will be able to experience this powerful piece of American History in all its glory.

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