Who Owns the Breakers Mansion

The Breakers Mansion is owned by the Preservation Society of Newport County, Rhode Island. The mansion was originally built in 1895 and served as the summer cottage for Cornelius Vanderbilt II, the grandson of Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt who founded the family’s fortune. Since 1972, it has been designated a National Historic Landmark and is open to visitors year-round.

The Preservation Society owns 11 other historic properties in Newport County including Chateau-sur-Mer and Kingscote which are also open to visitors from April through October. All proceeds from ticket sales are used to maintain these properties as well as promote education about their history.

The Breakers Mansion is one of the most iconic and luxurious properties in Newport, Rhode Island. Built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1895, it has been owned by the Vanderbilt family since its construction. Today, it is managed by the Preservation Society of Newport County, which was founded to protect and maintain historic buildings such as The Breakers for future generations to enjoy.

It stands as a testament to America’s Gilded Age and serves as a reminder of our nation’s rich history and cultural heritage.

What Happened to the Largest Mansion in Newport? (The Breakers)

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Do Vanderbilts Live at The Breakers?

No, the Vanderbilts do not live at The Breakers. The Breakers is a palatial estate built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1895 located in Newport, Rhode Island. It was once the summer home of the famous Vanderbilt family and has since become a popular tourist attraction due to its impressive architecture and grounds.

Although it is widely known as the “Vanderbilt Mansion,” no member of that illustrious family ever actually lived there for any length of time; instead, it served as a luxurious retreat where they could escape during their summers or on holiday breaks from New York City. Furthermore, after Cornelius’s death in 1899 his widow Alice continued to use it until she sold it shortly before her own passing in 1934; hence making it impossible for anyone from the Vanderbilt family to currently inhabit The Breakers today.

Who Still Lives in The Breakers?

The Breakers, located in Newport, Rhode Island, is a National Historic Landmark that was once home to Cornelius Vanderbilt II and his family. Today, the mansion still stands as a monument to the Vanderbilts’ legacy. Although no members of the Vanderbilt family still live at The Breakers today, it remains open for public tours year-round.

The staff that maintains this historic building and its grounds are comprised of dedicated volunteers from all around the world who help ensure that visitors get an up-close look into what life was like for one of America’s richest families in the late 19th century. During your visit to The Breakers you will have an opportunity to learn about the history of this grand estate and explore its 70+ rooms filled with exquisite antiques and remarkable works of art collected by generations of Vanderbilts. You’ll also be able to take advantage of special events such as concerts on the terrace or exclusive exhibits in select galleries throughout the property.

From guided tours featuring costumed interpreters telling stories from within these walls to showing off newly opened spaces such as Cornelius Vanderbilt’s personal office – there is something here for everyone!

How Much Would The Breakers Mansion Be Worth Today?

The Breakers Mansion, built by the Vanderbilt family in 1895, is one of the most iconic and recognizable estates in the United States. It was originally constructed as a summer cottage for Cornelius Vanderbilt II but has since become an enduring symbol of America’s Gilded Age. The Newport estate stands today as a magnificent monument to wealth, power and luxury during this period of American history.

So how much would it be worth if sold today? Estimates vary widely but some experts suggest that the price tag could reach anywhere from $100 million to over $200 million. This figure takes into account its historical significance, architectural grandeur and exceptional craftsmanship throughout its 70 rooms, 10 acres of grounds and 440-foot stretch of beachfront property on Rhode Island’s coast.

While it is hard to accurately assess what such a unique property might fetch at auction, there can be no doubt that The Breakers remains one of America’s greatest treasures with an estimated value that reflects its grandiosity and rarity even more than 100 years after it was first built.


Overall, the Breakers Mansion is a remarkable example of Gilded Age architecture and history. It was built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1895 as a summer home for his family, and it has been preserved over the years thanks to the efforts of The Preservation Society of Newport County. Today, it stands as a reminder of America’s past and its impressive wealth.

Visitors from all around come to admire this magnificent home that reflects so much about American culture during the Gilded Age.

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