Who Owns the Del Coronado Hotel

The Del Coronado Hotel is owned by the Blackstone Group, a leading global investment firm. The hotel was purchased in 2006 for $500 million dollars and is now managed by Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Blackstone acquired the property through its real estate assets platform, which currently owns and operates more than 150 properties around the world.

Since taking ownership of the historic landmark, Blackstone has invested more than $100 million into renovations to improve guest experience and keep up with modern standards of hospitality. The iconic red-shingled beachfront resort provides guests with luxurious accommodations and amenities such as seven restaurants, two outdoor pools, a spa facility, golf course access, fitness center and meeting rooms.

The Del Coronado Hotel is a historical landmark in San Diego, California and has been owned by various organizations since its opening in 1888. The hotel was originally built for the millionaire Elisha Babcock and his business partner, Hampton L. Story; however it eventually changed hands to the U.S Navy who used it as an officers’ club during World War II. In 1948, the ownership of the hotel was transferred back to civilian control under The Del Coronado Corporation which then became part of KSL Resorts in 2007.

Today, KSL Resorts owns and operates the iconic property with pride while preserving its timeless charm and historic grandeur that has made the Del Coronado famous worldwide.

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Hotel Del Coronado Ownership History

The iconic Hotel Del Coronado has a long and rich history of ownership. Originally built in 1888, the hotel was purchased two years later by real estate magnate Elisha Babcock Jr., who ran it as an exclusive seaside resort for the next decade. In 1898, John D. Spreckels bought the property, remodeling and expanding it before eventually selling it to San Diego’s first mayor, William H. Carlson in 1927.

The Carlson family held onto their stake of the hotel until 1978 when they sold it to MCR Development LLC who still owns and operates the historic property today.

Do the Chinese Own the Hotel Del Coronado?

No, the Chinese do not own the famous Hotel del Coronado in California. The hotel is owned by a private company based out of San Diego called KSL Capital Partners. It was originally built in 1888 and has since been featured in numerous films such as Some Like it Hot and Blue Crush.

The iconic Victorian-style resort overlooks the Pacific Ocean and offers guests a wide variety of amenities including two championship golf courses, full spa services, multiple restaurants, an expansive pool complex with children’s area, beach front cabanas and much more! While the ownership may have changed over time, this beloved destination continues to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience for generations to come.

How Much Did Hilton Buy the Hotel Del For?

In 2015, Hilton bought the iconic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego for a whopping $6.5 billion dollars. This marked one of the largest hospitality deals of that year and only further bolstered Hilton’s expansive portfolio. The hotel had been owned by Blackstone Group since 2006, having purchased it from KSL Resorts which acquired it from its original owners back in 2003.

As part of this deal, Hilton committed to preserving the classic Victorian architecture and design elements of the hotel as well as continuing many of its popular traditions such as Thanksgiving Day dinners and holiday decorations throughout the property each season. The purchase also included a nearby shopping center called Tent City which was added to boost revenue opportunities for both Hilton and local businesses alike.

Who was the Original Owner of the Hotel Del Coronado?

The historic Hotel del Coronado was first opened in 1888 and is located on an idyllic beachfront along the coast of San Diego. The original owner of this grand hotel was a man by the name of Elisha S. Babcock Jr., who had purchased the property for $110,000 from two brothers, John and Charles Foster. In 1885, Babcock had met with a group of investors to discuss how they could develop the existing site into something special that would bring people to Coronado Island; this led to his decision to build what would become one of America’s most iconic hotels.

He worked closely with architect Harrison Albright and contractor Thomas Blount to make sure that every detail was perfect – no expense was spared in creating something truly luxurious for guests. Over time, he added additional features such as a lagoon-style pool (the world’s largest at that time) and breathtaking gardens designed by renowned landscape architect Samuel Parsons Jr.; these additions helped make it one of California’s premier resorts.

To this day, visitors can still get a taste of luxury when staying at Hotel del Coronado thanks in part to its original owner Mr. Babcock’s vision over 130 years ago!

Who are the Owners of Coronado?

The owners of Coronado are a family-run business located in San Diego, California. They have been in the hospitality industry since 1995 and specialize in creating unique experiences for their guests. The team is led by Lisa and Sean O’Toole who both bring years of experience to the table with backgrounds that span from hotel management to marketing.

With an emphasis on quality service, they strive to provide exceptional customer care along with luxurious accommodations and amenities. As part of the Coronado experience, they also offer exclusive access to some of the area’s best beaches, sailing trips around San Diego Bay, shopping excursions at local boutiques and much more. The O’Tooles take great pride in making sure every guest has a memorable stay at their resort as it is important for them to ensure each visitor feels like part of the family when visiting Coronado.


The Del Coronado Hotel is one of the most iconic and treasured hotels in San Diego, California. It has been owned by a variety of different people, ranging from the US Navy to private individuals. Today, it is owned by Blackstone Group LP, who purchased the hotel for $570 million back in 2006.

The Del Coronado Hotel has an incredible history that can be seen through its architecture and features which have made it stand out over time as one of San Diego’s most beloved landmarks. With its luxurious amenities and inviting atmosphere, this hotel continues to captivate visitors worldwide for generations to come.

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