Who Owns the Guest House at Graceland

Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley and now a tourist attraction in Memphis, Tennessee, is owned by Lisa Marie Presley. She inherited it from her father after his death in 1977. The Guest House at Graceland was part of the original property that belonged to Elvis and is included in the estate bequeathed to his daughter.

It serves as an extension of Graceland and offers luxury accommodations for visitors wishing to stay onsite. Guests who stay there have access to many amenities such as a 24-hour fitness center, outdoor pool with sundeck and cabana bar, spa services, event space for meetings or events, fine dining experiences and more. Since 2014 it has been managed by Marriott International under its Autograph Collection brand name.

The Guest House at Graceland is owned by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., a company founded in 1972 to manage the estate of legendary musician and actor Elvis Presley. The Guest House was built in 2016 as part of a major expansion project for the iconic Memphis landmark that included a resort hotel complex with 450 rooms, shops, entertainment venues, restaurants and more. It features luxury suites inspired by Elvis’ music career and his incredible style; its design elements reflect the King’s eclectic tastes while providing modern amenities like flat-screen TVs and complimentary Wi-Fi access.

With its world-class service and stunning views of the stately mansion itself, it makes sense why so many people choose The Guest House at Graceland as their destination when visiting this timeless piece of American culture.

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How Far is the Guest House at Graceland from Graceland

The Guest House at Graceland is conveniently located just a few steps away from the iconic Graceland mansion, making it easy for visitors to stay close to all of the attractions and activities that take place on the estate. The hotel is situated about 300 yards away from Elvis Presley’s home, so you won’t have to worry about having to travel far when visiting this legendary destination.

Who Owns the Graceland Guesthouse?

The Graceland Guesthouse is owned by the Jones family, who have been running it since its opening in 1982. The family has always taken great pride in providing their guests with a warm and welcoming atmosphere while they stay at their guesthouse. Over the years, they have continued to upgrade, renovate and add amenities to ensure that each guest enjoys a comfortable stay.

They offer spacious rooms with private bathrooms, complimentary breakfast every morning, free Wi-Fi access throughout the property and much more. Whether you’re looking for a cozy place to rest after exploring all of Memphis or need somewhere special for an upcoming business trip, the Graceland Guesthouse is sure to meet all your needs!

Does Lisa Marie Own The Guest House at Graceland?

No, Lisa Marie Presley does not own The Guest House at Graceland. The hotel is owned and managed by Promenade Hotel & Suites and operated under a licensing agreement with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., of which Lisa Marie is the sole owner and chairman. Opened in 2016, The Guest House at Graceland features 450 guest rooms and suites.

It was built to honor her father’s legacy while providing an extraordinary experience for guests visiting Memphis who want to be close to all the action on Elvis Presley Boulevard. With its many amenities like two restaurants, bar/lounge area, meeting spaces, fitness center , outdoor pool , gift shop , spa services as well as live entertainment every night – there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re here on business or leisure travel – this luxurious property has it all!

How Much Did The Guest House at Graceland Cost?

The Guest House at Graceland, Elvis Presley’s iconic estate in Memphis, Tennessee, cost a whopping $92 million when it opened its doors to the public in October 2016. It was the most expensive hotel project ever undertaken by developer RLJ Lodging Trust and is owned and operated by Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). The Guest House spans 450,000 square feet across an ambitious 18-acre property that includes more than 500 guest rooms, suites and villas as well as over 20 event spaces for conferences and weddings.

Rooms start at around $159 per night with luxury suites going up to nearly $900 per night. Additionally, guests have access to amenities such as a fitness center, pool area surrounded by palm trees with views of the mansion’s iconic gates; a 464-seat theater featuring live musical performances; two full service restaurants; several bars offering signature cocktails inspired by Elvis himself; an outdoor concert venue for music events throughout the year; shops selling exclusive merchandise from EPE’s archives along with other souvenirs related to Elvis’ life and legacy; meeting space designed specifically for corporate events and team building activities; a rooftop bar that overlooks both downtown Memphis skyline on one side and Graceland Mansion grounds on another side. All of these features combine together making The Guest House at Graceland one of most luxurious hotels in Memphis – if not all of America – thanks largely to its hefty price tag!

Who Built The Guest House at Graceland?

The Guest House at Graceland was built in 1982 by Elvis Presley himself. He wanted a place where family, friends and business associates could stay while visiting his famous estate, and he spared no expense in making it one of the most luxurious properties in Memphis. Elvis had the idea for The Guest House from the very beginning of transforming his home into an entertainment complex, but didn’t begin construction until 1982 when renovations were completed on Graceland itself.

With over 10 acres of land surrounding the property, Elvis brought together some of the best architects and interior designers to bring this dream guesthouse to life. From its grand foyer entrance with 30-foot ceilings adorned with crystal chandeliers to its 26 suites decorated with antiques furniture fit for royalty—each room pays homage to Mr. Presley’s style and taste that helped make him one of pop music’s most iconic figures.


Overall, this blog post has explored the fascinating history of Graceland’s guest house. From Elvis Presley’s original purchase in 1957 to its current role as a museum and hotel for fans of The King, the story of the property is unique and worthwhile to explore. While owning a piece of rock n’ roll history may be out of reach for most people, taking a tour or staying at Graceland’s guest house allows anyone to experience just a bit of it firsthand.

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