Who Owns the United Center

The United Center is an arena located in Chicago, Illinois and home to the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks. The arena opened in 1994 and was originally owned by United Airlines. In 1995, it was sold to a joint venture between Jerry Reinsdorf (owner of the Bulls) and Bill Wirtz (former owner of the Blackhawks).

Today, the two sports teams own 50% each of the stadium while majority owner Rocky Wirtz owns a small stake. The rest is held by other investors such as Levy Restaurants, who provide food services at all events hosted there.

The United Center, located in Chicago, Illinois, is the home of both the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks. It is owned by a joint venture between two of the city’s most iconic sports franchises: The Bulls and Blackhawks Sports & Entertainment LLC. The organization also owns several other properties around the area including Allstate Arena, Wintrust Arena, and UIC Pavilion.

With seating for over 20 thousand fans, this state-of-the-art arena provides an incredible experience to all who attend events there.

The United Center Celebrates 25 Years!

United Center Joint Venture

The United Center Joint Venture is a partnership between the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks organizations to manage and operate the United Center, an arena located in Chicago, Illinois. The two teams share ownership of the facility with equal rights to use it for their respective sports events, concerts and other entertainment activities. Both teams have contributed resources to build, maintain and improve the facility over its years of existence.

The joint venture has been successful in bringing quality entertainment experiences to fans across Chicagoland area through hosting both professional basketball games as well as hockey matches on a regular basis.

Does United Own the United Center?

The United Center, located in Chicago, Illinois and home to the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and NHL’s Blackhawks, is owned by a joint venture between Rocky Wirtz (owner of the Blackhawks) and Jerry Reinsdorf (owner of the Bulls). The original name for the arena was “Chicago Stadium”, however it was changed to “United Center” when McDonald’s purchased its naming rights in 1994. Despite its name being associated with United Airlines, they do not actually own or operate the venue; that responsibility belongs solely to Rocky Wirtz and Jerry Reinsdorf.

The two were able to successfully negotiate an agreement where McDonald’s pays all expenses related to running and operating the center while also taking care of any renovations or maintenance work needed. This arrangement has allowed both teams’ owners to maintain control over their respective franchises while still having a place they can call home.

Does Jerry Reinsdorf Own the United Center?

The answer to the question of whether Jerry Reinsdorf owns the United Center is yes. He is part of an ownership group comprised of Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz, and local investors including Michael Jordan. The trio purchased the arena from its original owners in 1994 for $85 million and has been running it since then as a joint venture between them.

The main purpose of this purchase was to keep pro sports in Chicago while also providing a venue for concerts, family events, conventions and other activities that generate revenue year-round. As part of their bid to acquire the stadium they agreed to provide more than $200 million in updates over ten years with half coming from public funds and half coming from private sources. This arrangement has allowed both teams continued success on-field as well as financial returns off-field through shared access to facilities like dining areas and luxury suites among others which were not available before their acquisition.

Who Paid for United Center?

The United Center, located in Chicago, Illinois and home to the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks, was opened in 1994. The arena cost an estimated $175 million dollars to construct. The majority of this cost was covered by private investors led by Jerry Reinsdorf, owner of both teams at the time.

Additional funding came from public sources such as government bonds and a local tax increment financing plan that allowed for some of the savings from reduced infrastructure costs due to the construction on city-owned land could be used towards paying for part of the project. While it may have been costly to build initially, over its 26 years in operation it has proven to be a great success with millions upon millions spent on renovations and upgrades making it one of America’s premier sports venues.

Who is the Ceo of United Center?

The CEO of the United Center is Michael Alter. Mr. Alter has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer since 2010, and his leadership has helped to propel the venue into one of the world’s premier sports and entertainment centers. Since taking on this role, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience every time they visit.

Along with overseeing all operations of the facility, he also works closely with local government officials and civic leaders in order to bring new events and programming to Chicago’s West Side neighborhoods surrounding the stadium. Under Mr. Alter’s guidance, The United Center continues to thrive as a major destination for music concerts, sporting events, family shows and other special attractions year-round – making it one of the most sought after locations in Chicago for both locals and visitors alike!


In conclusion, the United Center has been an iconic landmark in Chicago for over two decades. It is owned by a joint venture between Jerry Reinsdorf and Bill Wirtz, two of the most influential figures in Chicago sports history. The arena has seen many memorable moments from Bulls and Blackhawks games, to special events like concerts and conventions.

Even though it’s ownership may have changed hands, one thing remains constant: the United Center will remain a symbol of pride for all fans of Chicago sports teams for years to come.

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