Who Owns the Watcher House Now

The Watcher House in Westfield, New Jersey is a historic property that was once owned by the notorious couple John and Marci Colabella. The house has been vacant since 1986 when it was acquired by the Union County Sheriff’s Office after being abandoned. Currently, the house is owned by an investment group called Northfield Property Group LLC.

They purchased the home in 2014 for $1 million with plans to restore it and turn it into a single-family residence. As of now, however, no restoration work or occupancy has taken place at the location due to zoning issues and ongoing legal disputes between local residents who object to any changes made on this historically significant site.

The Watcher House, located in Westfield, New Jersey, has a long and mysterious history. Built in the late 1800s by John and Julia Woodhull, the house was sold to several owners throughout its life before being purchased by the infamous “Watcher” family in 1986. The bizarre story of their time there has captivated fans of true crime stories ever since.

Today, the Watcher House is still standing but it’s unclear who owns it now—adding even more intrigue to this strange tale.

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Does the Same Family Still Live in the Watcher House?

The Watcher House has long been a source of mystery and intrigue, but no one knows for sure who currently lives there. Rumors have circulated that the same family has lived in the house since it was built many years ago. However, no one can seem to confirm or deny this.

Some say that there is an old man living in the house who never leaves and others claim to have seen members of a large family coming and going from time to time. The truth about who resides at the Watcher House remains a mystery, despite frequent attempts by curious onlookers to try and gain entry into it’s premises. Even though we may never know for certain if the same family still calls The Watcher House home, its reputation as an enigmatic landmark will continue to fascinate us all alike.

What Happened to the Family Who Bought Watcher House?

The Watcher house in Westfield, New Jersey was purchased by the Broaddus family in 2014. However, what seemed like an exciting life-changing purchase soon turned into a nightmare for the family when they started receiving anonymous letters from someone known as “The Watcher.” The messages were incredibly creepy and suggested that whoever sent them had been watching the home since it was built and wanted to know when new occupants moved in.

The Broaddus family quickly realized they were dealing with something sinister and decided to move out of their dream home shortly after buying it. They filed a lawsuit against the previous owners alleging that they had knowledge of “The Watcher” but failed to disclose this information before selling them the property. Although this case is still ongoing, it has been widely reported that both parties have reached an undisclosed settlement agreement which allowed the Broaddus family to finally end their nightmare experience at the Watcher House.

Does the Watcher House Still Get Letters?

Yes, the Watcher House still gets letters! It’s a fascinating phenomenon that has been happening for years. Every day, hundreds of letters arrive at this mysterious house in England from all over the world.

The contents are as varied as the senders, ranging from heartfelt expressions of gratitude to desperate pleas for help and advice. Some of these letters contain incredibly personal stories – some so heartbreakingly honest that it is hard not to be moved by them. What’s even more remarkable is that most are answered within 24 hours – with detailed answers written by an unknown source who seems to know just what each letter-writer needs to hear.

So while many mysteries surround the Watcher House and its enigmatic inhabitant, one thing is certain – people all across the globe continue to write their deepest thoughts and feelings into this place, held safe in its stone walls until they can be heard and responded to with thoughtful care.

Did the House from The Watcher Ever Sell?

Yes, the house from The Watcher did sell! After receiving several offers and being on the market for over a year, the infamous New Jersey home which served as backdrop to one of the most talked-about murder mysteries in recent memory finally sold. The five bedroom colonial was listed at $1.25 million in June 2016 and went through many changes before it eventually found a buyer.

It underwent remodeling, price adjustments and various other marketing strategies throughout its time on the market but ultimately sold this past April for $959,000 – nearly 25% lower than its original asking price. Though there were many theories surrounding what happened to former resident John Ritter at his home in Westfield that fateful day back in 1994 , no definitive answer has ever been determined by authorities. Despite this fact however, curiosity seekers from all across America remain drawn to this now ordinary looking suburban home with an extraordinary history .


In conclusion, the Watcher House has had a long and complicated history. It is no longer owned by the original builder or his family, but instead is now owned by an anonymous buyer who purchased it in 2016. Despite the mysteriousness of its current owner, we can still appreciate its rich past and unique architecture that has captivated generations of people for over 150 years.

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