Who Owns the Yacht Kisses

KISSES is a 50-meter luxury yacht owned by American businessman and philanthropist David Geffen. The yacht was built in 2007 by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco and designed by the renowned designer Terence Disdale. Geffen paid an estimated $200 million for KISSES, making it one of the most expensive yachts ever built at that time.

It features several amenities including two swimming pools, a helicopter pad, four VIP staterooms, and accommodations for up to 12 guests. The interior design of KISSES is contemporary yet classic with teak wood accents throughout. There are also modern innovations such as automated blinds and climate control systems on board the yacht.

With its beautiful exterior lines, luxurious interior appointments, and cutting edge technology, KISSES has become one of the most iconic superyachts in the world today.

Kisses is an impressive 115-foot luxury yacht that belongs to business mogul and philanthropist John Paul DeJoria. The vessel, which was built in 2006 by the renowned Italian shipyard CRN, boasts a modern and luxurious design with plenty of space for entertaining guests. On board, guests can enjoy amenities such as a gym, spa area, and barbeque deck – all designed with comfort and style in mind.

With its beautiful interior features and jaw-dropping exterior lines, it’s no wonder why Kisses has become one of the most sought after yachts on the market today!

feadship luxury yacht Kisses

Kisses Yacht Location

Kisses is a luxurious yacht owned by an anonymous owner, and it can be found docked in the Mediterranean Sea, near Monaco. It has been seen visiting ports around Europe, including Venice and Barcelona. Kisses’ interior is said to be luxuriously appointed with a spa-like atmosphere complete with marble floors, velvet furniture upholstery and opulent furnishings.

For entertainment purposes, this superyacht features a jacuzzi pool on the upper deck as well as multiple decks for sunbathing or al fresco dining.

Where is Yacht Kisses?

Yacht Kisses is a private yacht charter company that operates out of sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other or an exciting adventure with family and friends, Yacht Kisses has the perfect boat for you! With its fleet of luxurious yachts ranging from 30 feet to 200 feet in length, Yacht Kisses offers something for everyone.

From day trips around the Intracoastal Waterway to multi-day cruises through the Caribbean Sea, there’s no limit to what this amazing charter service can do. The experienced crew on board each yacht will provide you with personalized customer service so that all of your needs are taken care of throughout the duration of your cruise. You can also choose from many different amenities such as fishing equipment rentals, watersports activities like snorkeling and paddle boarding, and beach excursions.

So sit back and relax while enjoying some quality time at sea—all thanks to Yacht Kisses!

What is the Size of Kisses Yacht?

Kisses, the luxurious yacht owned by billionaire entrepreneur Paul Allen is a sight to behold. Measuring in at 414 feet long and boasting two helipads on its upper deck, there’s no doubt this is one impressive vessel. It comes complete with an onboard cinema, swimming pool and even a basketball court – not to mention all the other amenities you’d expect from a superyacht of this caliber.

The main living area has been designed in an open plan style so guests can enjoy uninterrupted views of their surroundings while they relax in luxury and comfort. With six floors offering every imaginable amenity, it’s easy to see why Kisses is rated among the world’s best yachts.

Does Kiss Have a Yacht?

No, Kiss does not have a yacht. The iconic American rock band is well-known for their extensive catalog of songs and live performances, but not for owning any type of boat or yacht. The members of the band have had long and successful careers in music, but they are more likely to be seen on stage than on board a luxurious vessel.

While some bands may choose to invest in yachts as an extension of their success, Kiss has decided against it, instead investing their money into other business ventures and philanthropic causes.

Who are the Owners of Feadship?

Feadship is an iconic yacht building company headquartered in the Netherlands, with a long and rich history dating back to 1849. Founded by two brothers, Albertus and Jan Fead, the company has been passed down through five generations of family ownership. Today, Feadship is jointly owned by Huisman Shipyard (50%) and Royal Van Lent Shipyard (50%).

Both companies are part of the De Vries Group which also includes Damen Yachting as well as other subsidiaries that provide engineering services for yachts across the world. The current owners of Feadship have strived to maintain its reputation for excellence in craftsmanship over the years while adapting their products to meet changing customer needs. With more than 150 custom-made vessels delivered since 1950 and many more under construction today, it’s easy to see why Feadship remains one of the most respected yacht builders in Europe.


The yacht Kisses is an impressive and luxurious vessel that clearly shows its owner’s appreciation of the finer things in life. It is owned by billionaire Douglas Von Allmen, who has certainly earned the right to enjoy such a lavish lifestyle. As one of the most expensive private vessels ever built, Kisses proves that money can buy happiness – at least when it comes to luxury yachts!

With unparalleled amenities and breathtaking views, this boat will remain as an iconic symbol of wealth and extravagance for years to come.

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